U10 – 1 – 2012

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  • Coach – John Ramshaw (0409 133 432) – johnr@thomsonpartners.com.au
  • Team Manager – Ian Campbell (0418 387 248) – cambro14@hotmail.com
  • Assistants – Gray Barton (0419 163 044) – gbarton@williamsross.com

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Congratulations on another great year, team!

You can all hold your heads very high!

Good luck in 2013 to all players!


1    Finn C                                14  Max
2    Ben                                     15  Rupert
3    Harry                                 16  Matthew
4    Sam D                                17  Toby
5    Angus                                 18  Jai
6    Naish                                 19  Josh
7    Heath                                 20  Cedric
8    James                                21  Finn H
9    Louis                                  22  Sam A/E
10  Ned                                    23  Rory
11  Cristian                              24  Connor
12  Ellie                                    25  Luke
13  Kit                                       54  Oscar


Round 1 vs St Mary’s (at Alfred Cres)
Welcome back folks to another season of spine tingling thrills & spills from the Roys Under 10 team. After their breakout season in 2011 in which they took home the chocolates & the Flag, the Roys have been catapulted up into the under 10 Gold Division. Led by the dynamic duo of Coaches Ramshaw and Barton and the smooth behind the scenes management of Monsieur Campbell, the team was well prepared for their 1st match of the season, which saw the Roys pitted against St. Mary’s at their home den in Alfred Crescent. The team was captained in their 1st match by the irrepressible Connor and the quiet achiever Ben.
In warm conditions played in front of a large crowd, the Roys came out pumped determined to get the season away to a fine start and that enthusiasm quickly converted into a goal by the lively Angus .  That was quickly followed by another goal by James and despite many near misses in which the Roys were unable to convert their many opportunities, it was clear from the outset that the Roys had come ready to play! St. Mary’s provided some fine individual performances by some of their players and it would appear that as they start to get use to the speed of under 10’s football, that they could become a team to be reckoned with!
The Roys had many fine performances spread throughout the entire team and with the risk of leaving some of those players out, it should be noted that Coach Ramshaw paid special mention to the 3 new players for the Roys in 2012. They included Ned and Naish who both showed excellent endeavor and also a real sense of team unity by looking out for their teammates with passes and handballs. Kit was also thanked as being the 1st player to generously accept the role of “rostered off” player & Kit helped out Coach Ramshaw with special comments in the coaches box. The Roys players also got a lift when they saw their 2011 teammates, Patch & Sadie play in the next match and Max Hughes turn up with Father Hughes in tow to cheer on the Roys as well!
St. Mary’s presented their award as the player that caused them most trouble and that was Heath. The Roys nominated players were James and Toby , who were our major goal kickers and also diligently followed out the coach’s instructions to the letter. The goals were scored by James (3), Toby (2) and singles by Angus, Jai, Heath, Ellie, Harry and
Finn H.
Final Scores – Fitzroy 11.10.76 def St Mary’s 1.1.7

Round 2 vs Ashburton (at Ashburton)
The Roys took on the Ashy Redbacks at their home ground in Burwood Reserve on a beautiful sunny Autumn day….all we needed was the birds chirping in the background to set off the mood perfectly. Several key Roys players were out of the side and they included Josh, Oscar, Finn C & Sam D. Fitzroy’s brains trust also had to alter their team plan as the Redbacks had only 17 players so the Roys generously played with the same number thereby eliminating any advantage. Kicking into a fierce wind in the opening term, the Roys attacked the ball with their now trademark vigour and intensity and had many scoring opportunities but managed to score only one goal by James. The second term saw the Roys take full advantage of the wind continually propelling the ball into their forward half and Toby managed to kick 2 and Luke also nailed 1 goal. The defence was as miserly as usual and kept the Redbacks scoreless in the 1st half.
The 2nd half continued on in the same vein for the Roys with the defense repelling the Redbacks forays and providing many scoring opportunities which were only resulting in points until Heath scored a major. The last term saw a big finish with 4 goals kicked by the Roys and the Redbacks were ultimately  held scoreless for the entire match!! The goalkickers included Toby & Finn H 2 apiece and singles to James, Luke, Heath, Sam A/E and Rory.
Suffice to say it was an impressive effort by the whole team…..let’s just hope they haven’t done a Collingwood a la 2011 and peaked too early!!
Final Scores: Fitzroy 9.14.68 vs Ashburton 0.0.0

Round 3 vs Ivanhoe (at Alfred Cres)
Round 3 saw the Roys take on Ivanhoe at the Lions Den in Alfred Crescent. The team was proudly led by the 2 lucky Lions: Louis & Luke and they were simply lion hearted in their efforts to lead the team…Ok, enough of the L’s.
Early in, it looked like the fine form shown in the previous 2 matches had continued on into this match with an impressive opening term by the Roys kicking with the wind and managing to retain the ball in their forward half for the majority of the quarter. Despite the scoreline showing otherwise, the young Ivanhoe were very competitive and showed considerable endeavour against the experienced Roys team for the majority of the match.
In one of the strengths of the team, Coach Ramshaw was able to try different players in different roles and in so doing, ensure that many players continue to improve in their own personal development. A clear example of that was Oscar who played his best game so far this year with 3 goals from his quarter in the ruck.  Rory & Harry were presented with a set of cards for their efforts and work around the ruck & midfield and listening to the coach’s instructions. The opposition coach also generously acknowledged the efforts of Christian and presented him with a medal for his performance.
The goalkickers were spread far & wide: Toby, Oscar & Harry 3 apiece, Jai & Naish 2 apiece and singles to Ellie, Finn H & Rory.
Final Scores: Fitzroy 16.17.113 def Ivanhoe 0.0.0

Round 4 vs Glen Iris (at Glen Iris)
In round 4, the Roys ventured deep into the leafy suburbs of High Street, Glen iris to take on of course.. the Glen Iris Gladiators. The Roys were proudly led by the 2 co-captains of the day in Max D & Harry and early signs looked good when they won the toss & chose well. There were a few nervous unknowns among the large Fitzroy contingent from this encounter, namely that the Roys had several notable absentees including Jai, James and Christian and the big question was whether the Roys recent good form would continue without the support of these 3 young terriers!
In the 1st half,the gladiators lived up to their name & defended like their lives depended on it and kept the marauding Roys to a low score. At the long interval, the Roys found themselves in unchartered waters by being genuinely pushed and were just 2 goals ahead. Coach Ramshaw let his young charges know that he was not impressed and expected a much more team oriented performance in the 2nd half. To the Roys credit, the team delivered in spades and managed to lift a gear and play a much better half of football after the long break.
Overall, it resulted in an entertaining and closely fought game of football and full credit must be given to the Gladiators who played the game right out in their 1st season of Under 10’s after playing tackers in 2011….they will clearly be a team to be reckoned with in the latter half of the season!
The Roys goalkickers were Harry (3), Ben (2) and singles apiece to Oscar and Rory. At the conclusion of the match, the Glen Iris coach made a fine speech in congratulating the Roys for their terrific performance and he was pleased that his team was able to get as close as they did and he awarded their medal for best player to Harry. In the rooms after the match, Coach Ramshaw made special mention and presented the footy cards memento to 2 new players for the Roys in 2011: Kit for showing a strong team ethos by laying a shepherd to one of his teammates and the other award to Naish for his endeavour and willingness to always listen and follow the coach’s instructions.
Final scores: Roys: 7.15. 57 defeated Glen Iris 2.1.13

Round 5 vs Camberwell (at Camberwell)
The undefeated Roys took on the undefeated Camberwell Sharks in round 5 out in Lynden Park, Camberwell. Both teams started the match at full throttle determined to show their opponents that they had indeed turned up ready to play. In the 1st term, the Roys had the advantage of a strong wind and also what appeared to be a downhill slope also favouring the end that they kicked towards. Despite that advantage, they were only able to kick the solitary goal by the Roys very own speedster, Cristian. The Sharks certainly were taking it right up to the Roys and they were a tough unit giving out as good as they received in a hard but fair contest.
In the 2nd quarter, the Roys managed to lift a gear and despite kicking against the wind, they kicked 4 goals including one beauty from Oscar that looked right out of the playbook of Josh Kennedy (Eagles). In the 2nd half, the Roys continued on with their fine form and managed to slot home 5 goals in the 2nd half including the now trademark left foot banana kick from Harry! Ned continued to impress with his tenacity and ability to win the contested footy, Heath again featured in the highlights of goals of the round with his run’n’carry goal in the last term. James was back to his usual “Don’t Argue” style of football after last week being out  injured and such was his performance that the Sharks coach recognised his efforts with a medal at the end of the match!
Coach Ramshaw made special mention of the efforts of Max D and Louis for their efforts and willingness to listen and apply the coach’s instructions and gave each player a prize of footy cards! The goalkickers were Harry (4) and singles to Christian, Rory, Oscar, Ben, Toby and Heath.
Final scores: Roys 10.8.68 defeated Camberwell 1.2.8

Round 6 vs Hawthorn Citizens (at Alfred Cres)
Tough day at the office for the Roys in a gripping contest at the Lions Den vs Hawthorn Citizens. In the 1st half, the Hawks proved far too strong for the Roys & managed to keep the Roys to nil goals before the long interval whilst the Hawks themselves slotted home two goals. The Roys found themselves in unfamiliar territory down at half time facing a spirited opposition who were taking it right up to the Roys. The conditions were wet and cold and the young Hawks team was showing the ladder leaders how to play wet weather footy! The whispers were going around amongst the Roys fans that maybe the Roys unbeaten run could be coming to an end!
Coach Ramshaw had other ideas though and led off with a spirited address at half time that reminded the Roys of how he wanted them to play and how they had already played this season so far! It seemed to do the trick as the Roys came out in the 3rd term with renewed vigour and some excellent examples of leadership by Josh, Christian & Heath. The Roys gradually started to pull themselves back into the match. The scores were very close at ¾ time with Roys just having their noses in front. The Hawks started the last term at full speed and kept the football in their forward half for the 1st part of the last term. Tough no frills defence led by Jai, Connor, Luke & Angus prevented many scoring opportunities being converted into goals!
Finally, the ball finished up in the Roys forward half and the newcomer, Kit, was rewarded for a tough tackle and passed unselfishly to Heath who calmly kicked truly to put the Roys in front.  Another goal by Harry before the final siren meant that the Roys unbeaten run would continue on until next week. The team was co-captained with great pride on this day by Finn and Angus. Angus was also presented with a set of footy cards by Coach Ramshaw for his fine defensive efforts, particularly in the 2nd half. Angus really personifies the saying that “it is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog that matters”.  Heath was also awarded a set of footy cards for his efforts in the last half, which had come after a night of little sleep and an upset tummy! Goalkickers were Heath (2) and singles to Josh & Harry.
Final score: Fitzroy 4.6. 30 defeated Hawthorn Citizens 2.5.17

Round 7 vs Kew Rovers (at Kew)
In an exciting initiative from our Club, Fitztroy Junior Football Club, the Roys have decided to use the same date as the AFL initiative and declare this our indigenous round. Special Indigenous medals were struck and were to be awarded for players judged best afield for both teams.
The Roys and their half asleep parents had to get to the ground by 745am for an 830am kick off! Fortunately it was only in Kew as we were against Kew Rovers …I’d hate to think how we would have all handled it if it was further out!!
It looked on paper that this would be a tough contest as Kew had only lost the one match the previous week against the undefeated Beverley Hills! And it certainly proved to be just that . It was a low scoring arm wrestle of a match & the Roys could never quite break free. The match had everything even including an old fashioned mud pit in the middle, which some of our boys loved diving through!
Kew showed in the last quarter what they could be capable if given enough time & space. They dominated most of the last quarter but fortunately for the Roys, they were unable to slot home the goals with enough accuracy, meaning that the Roys were able to continue on with their unbeaten run.
The Roys were co-captained on this day by Jai and Ellie  . Ellie was awarded the FJFC inaugural indigenous medal for her fine performance. Coach Ramshaw awarded the footy cards to Sam & Sam for their efforts as well. The goalkickers were Heath (2) & Matthew (1).
Final scores were Roys: 3.6.24 defeated Kew Rovers 1.5.11.

Round 8 vs St Mary’s (at Greensborough)
For those who can recall, today’s encounter vs St Mary’s brings us back to the scene of the Roys U10 1st ever win over St Mary’s at Whatmough Park! And in a couple of spooky coincidences, we also had the same stand-in team manager (yours truly) & boundary umpire (Sean) who took over the duties last year in controversial circumstances after Umpy Hughes was asked to vacate his role.
Since that match last year, the Roys have certainly continued to improve each week and are now barely recognisable to the team that lost many of their early season games last year. Today’s performance was again an impressive effort against a spirited opposition in St Mary’s.
The 1st quarter saw Jai kick truly and Sammy Doyle open his account with his 1st ever goal in a real forward-like “mark-and-goal” play. St Mary’s also managed to kick a goal in this quarter. The 2nd term saw the Roys continue to attack their forward line and those attacks resulted in 3 goals kicked by Sam A-E, Ned and Louis whilst keeping their opponents scoreless.
The 2nd half was a dour, tough contest with neither side giving an inch! Fortunately for the Roys their backline held firm and continually repelled their opponents forward thrusts. Special mention must be made of Finn Hall’s defensive efforts as he must now have a severe case of leather poisoning after his many marks and kicks in the 2nd half. St Mary’s were held scoreless after quarter time which was great tribute to the hard working Roys defensive unit.
The Roys kicked one more goal in the last quarter by the indefatigable Heath. Also observed a couple of big self-improvement efforts by both Josh and Harry with their kicking on their opposite feet.
At the end of the match, the St Mary’s coach acknowledged the fine efforts and teamwork displayed by the Roys and duly awarded their best player medal to Ellie…who is now building her own trophy cabinet to display all the medals she has won.
Coach Ramshaw paid special mention of these player’s matches and awarded of course the much anticipated footy cards to both Finn H. and Oscar. The team was proudly co-captained by Finn Corr and Matthew Henry.
Finals scores were the Roys: 6.5.41 defeated St. Mary’s 1.0.6.

Round 9 vs Ashburton (at Alfred Cres)
Round 9 was the last game before the Bye round and it saw the Roys pitted against Ashburton at the Lions Den. James was still missing from the line up but he did manage to turn up to support his team & he told his teammates that he reckons he will be back playing again this season in about 6 weeks , which the Roys will be rapt about. Sam A-E was also out as a late withdrawal so in stepped Angus to the rescue at the last moment.
The Roys certainly had plenty of the ball in the 1st Half  BUT their accuracy for goal was not good at all, missing many shots so they may need to prepare themselves for some after dark goal kicking practice !! In one of the highlights of the round, Naish took an absolute screamer which really got the crowd to their feet…such was his effort that the opposition coach even mentioned that highlight in a gracious after match speech
The team was proudly co-captained on this day by Cedric & Naish, who both obviously relished the opportunity to be Captains as their performances were excellent. The goals were scored by Josh, Louis, Ned, Heath and Oscar and Coach Ramshaw gave out the footy card prizes to Ben & Jai , who both used the ball exceptionally well. The final score was Roys: 5.15.45 defeated Ashburton : 1.2.8
Next week is the Bye, giving the Mums & Dads a bit of a Sunday lie-in and then the week after sees the undefeated Roys taking on the other undefeated team in this competition: Beverley Hills at their home ground. So rest up and we look forward to our next encounter in 2 week’s time.

Round 10 vs Beverley Hills (at Doncaster Reserve)
Well, we all knew it would happen one day but it still hurts…I am talking about our Roys losing a match and today it actually happened against the undefeated Beverley Hills out on their home turf at Doncaster Reserve! I had to go and dust off my old match reports all the way back to July 3, 2011 to find out when the Roys lost their last match – so today’s loss registers their winning streak to be 16 YJFL matches in a row since that loss back last year. That achievement needs to be acknowledged as one mighty effort whilst also giving full credit to our opposition today in Beverley Hills.
Today’s match was a tough but fair contest with players from both sides going in to contests with wild abandon! The Roys had many scoring opportunities throughout the match and they were able to get the ball into their forward half as many times as their opponents however it looked like they had not put on their kicking boots today as several kickable goals were just missed. As Coach Ramshaw said after the match , the effort displayed by all the players was pleasing and they never gave in at any stage. Because of the high pressure applied by both teams, the game became a low scoring encounter in the style that would have brought a smile to Fremantle’s dour coach: Ross Lyon. The final score was Beverley Hills: 5.2.32 defeated the Roys 3.3.21 and the goalkickers were Rory, Oscar and Ned.
The Hills coach presented their best player medal to our 1st year rookie: Ned. Coach Ramshaw presented the footy cards to the inimitable Elle who played the wing today like Robbie Flower in full flight and the other set of cards went to Rupert for a determined full match effort as he continues to improve each week.

Round 11 vs Glen Iris (at Alfred Cres)
It was the Roys home match & every player would have arrived to be greeted by Alfred Crescent in the type of muddy condition that was normally only reserved for the Saints home games at Moorabbin in the early 1980’s! As a result, the match was a dour arm wrestle from the opening bounce to the end. There were many tight contests and numerous stoppages throughout the whole match and it certainly was not the free flowing easy running style of football that this team can sometimes turn on.
The Roys would certainly look back on this match and say it wasn’t one of their finest performances however they were still able to take home the chocolates….and in the style of the Queen of the Turf (Black Caviar) over at Royal Ascot recently, a win is a win is win irrespective of how far. To the opponents credit, the Glen Iris Gladiators showed how much improvement their team has made since last we played them and their ball handling and marking was impressive by a number of their players.
The Roys had many solid performers throughout the match with Ned, Sam, Max, Ben, Josh, Cristian and Cedric all playing well from the start. Glen Iris awarded their medal for best player to Josh who played the role of the crash through centre half forward with style. Coach Ramshaw also awarded the footy cards to Josh and Cristian for their efforts too.
The goalkickers were Sam 2, Rory 1 and Ben 1. The final score was Fitzroy : 4.6.30 defeated Glen Iris: 1.1.7

Round 12 vs Camberwell (at Alfred Cres)
Well folks, excuse the clichés but the Roys certainly came out to play today against the Camberwell Sharks! Knowing that this match against the Sharks could well determine what position the Roys finished on the ladder at the end of the season added that little bit of extra spice to a keenly contested match!
Despite the wet and cold conditions, the Roys turned up the heat and showed the type of form that we all knew they were capable of but had not been displaying in recent matches! With Rory kicking one of the goals of the year in the opening quarter with a sharp snap over his shoulder, the Roys did not look back from that moment. The Roys had a team of determined and committed players ready to back each other up at every opportunity. The usual suspects of Sam, Heath, Cristian, Ned, Harry and Rory in the middle were again at the forefront at propelling the ball forward from the many stoppages. In the back line they were well led by Jai and the Rock of Gibraltar (aka Connor) who had marshalled their supporting posse of defenders in Naish, Cedric, Luke, Angus and Matthew to repel the forward thrusts by the Sharks.
The forward line worked overtime in trying to convert the opportunities they were presented. Louis bobbed up with several telling marks in the forward half and made sure that his teammates were on the receiving end of his well-directed passes.  Toby again proved how adept he has become in his role as the small forward bobbing up for 2 goals. Sam and Rory also contributed 2 goals each and Josh, Ned and Heath contributed singles apiece. The coach of Camberwell awarded their medal of best player to Heath, who now has a nice collection of these medals. Coach Ramshaw awarded the footy cards prizes to Cedric who came off in the 3rd term with a bit of claret streaming from his noggin after getting cleaned up with a fair bump and then said …”c’mon, let me back on”.. The other award went to Connor who time and again stood as the last line of defence for the Roys and yet still managed to clear the ball away from the danger zone. The final score was the Roys: 9.7.61 defeated Camberwell: 3.4.22

Round 13 vs Hawthorn Citizens (at Victoria Rd Reserve)
Apologies in advance to our young footballers in their blossoming youth as many of them would have been greeted this morning by the somewhat shabby demeanours of their parents who were out on the tiles the night before celebrating the Roys Annual Trivia Dance Party night at the Northcote Town Hall. Votes were being tallied for the best players from the trivia night and we are still awaiting final confirmation of the winners however there were a couple of standout performances from many of our parents who would have to be up there but shall remain nameless for the time being. And just to correct any misconceptions out there, yours truly did get pulled up by the umpy for one slightly faulty boundary throw-in which was the fault of a slippery ball and had nothing at all to do with how many drinks were consumed the night before!
Now over to the footy…Firstly, the great news: the Roys welcomed back one of their favourite sons today in James who played his first game of football for about 3 months after a serious injury. With the added inspiration of the captaincy James, accompanied by the ever reliable Oscar, was back into all the action. And in what should be no surprise to any of us who have watched James play his footy, he played against the Hawks with his normal tenacity and “take-no-prisoners” style of football.
The Roys played against Hawthorn Citizens at the Hawks home ground and the Roys were keen to start well after their last encounter in which the Hawks had the Roys on the ropes at half-time. This time, the Roys started the match with all guns blazing and they were able to push the footy into their forward half for much of the 1st term. After the 1st term, the Hawks did rebound well and showed that they have many fine players across their line up with a real strength in their overhead marking.
The Roys again displayed a willingness to support each other, run hard and generally play fine team oriented football. One such incident illustrated this well in the last quarter. Ned had received a well-deserved free kick on the wing after again putting his head over the footy, Luke spotted Ellie on her own so he yelled at Ned to quickly kick the ball across to Ellie which he did with pinpoint precision. Ellie took a classic overhead mark and then quickly passed the ball across to Heath.  Heath ignored the glory goal and unselfishly passed the footy across to no 8, James, who marked the ball directly in front of goal about 15 metres out. I should now stop as the perfect finish would be that James calmly slotted it home for a great team goal however, given he has been out for over 3 months, he was a bit rusty and the ball went through for a minor.
The Roys goalkickers were Heath 3 and singles apiece to Kit, Ellie, Toby and Harry. The Hawks awarded their medal for best player to Ellie who was back to her silky best today. Coach Ramshaw was pleased with his troops efforts today and congratulated the team on their strong team work throughout the whole match. He presented the awards of footy cards to Finn Corr who was instrumental in several important pieces of play, Toby for his consistent goalkicking efforts and one also for the team’s great clubman: Luke who is always doing the “one-percenters” to help the team and his teammates.
And one last note…just to prove how talented our U10 Gold team is: we have 2 players from this team representing their school in the State Cross Country Championships this coming Tuesday at Bundoora Park and those Roys are Sam A-E and Cedric so good luck from all of us…
Final scores: Roys 7.11.53 defeated Hawthorn Citizens 2.0.12

Round 14 vs Kew Rovers (at Alfred Cres)
The Roys played the form team of this division, Kew Rovers, at their home ground in Alfred Crescent. The Rovers certainly proved why there are the current form team with a scintillating 1st quarter in which they clearly dominated play with fast attacking football punctuated with several strong overhead marks. However, at the quarter time break, Coach Ramshaw effectively re-grouped his chargers by reminding the team of all they have achieved over the past 18 months and to not be overawed by their opposition and to start playing the type of football that we knew they were capable. Slowly but surely, the Roys started to play themselves back into the game. At the ¾ time break, the Roys found themselves still behind the Rovers but they were finishing with all the momentum. Being well led by the front were the teams newly appointed Co-Captains: Sam & Ned and the teams vice-captains , Cristian & Luke, each Roys player was inspired to give their all and more in the last quarter.
The Roys attacking play resulted in the ball landing in their forward half on many occasions. Once such forward thrust resulted in a towering pack mark by Josh, who continues to get better each week and Josh calmly went back and kicked the goal to put the Roys behind by only a couple of points. As the time clock counted down to the final siren, Toby, Sam and Rory all had their own set shot opportunities to do a Karmichael Hunt and kick the goal to put the Roys in the lead however it was not to be with each shot just missing the big sticks. As the final siren sounded to signify the end of a classic contest, Kew Rovers held on gallantly to record a well-deserved victory by 2 points. The final scores were Kew Rovers; 4.6.30 defeated the Roys: 3.10.28. The Roys goalkickers were Rory, Heath and Josh. Kew Rovers presented their medal to the player they felt was the Roys best player and it went to the tireless Sam A-E.
In the after match presentation, Coach Ramshaw paid a special tribute to Ben who was able to provide an attacking avenue on the wing whilst also effectively nullifying his opponent. And now the Roys can look forward to some fun on Wednesday night at Don Bosco’s before they face St Mary’s at home in their next match.

Round 16 vs Ashburton (at Burwood Reserve)
Today’s match saw the Roys play Ashburton on Ashy’s home turf. The Roys came out hard with a big wind behind their back in the 1st quarter and posted 4 goals in the 1st quarter. After quarter time however, Ashburton came out with renewed intensity and really lifted their game. Gradually, they started to eradicate the Roys lead and play themselves back into the game. At ¾ time, Ashburton found themselves only 4 points behind and in the last quarter, they had the advantage of a 3 goal breeze blowing their way. The Roys fought hard and defended well but as the final quarter ebbed its way towards the final siren, Ashburton were able to score a goal which put them in front & then this was quickly followed by the sealer in the dying minutes of the match. The final score was Ashburton 6.3.39 defeated Fitzroy 4.6.30. The Roys goalkickers were Harry 2, Rory 1, Sam A-E 1 and Ashburton awarded their best player medal to the Roys own Heath.

2nd Semi-Final vs Beverley Hills (at Macleod)
Can you believe it….
If it was the Olympics our Roys U10 team would all be getting drug tested after their indifferent form in the last home & away game compared to the way they ALL played in the 2nd semi-final in today’s match v Beverley Hills!! It goes without saying that they turned up ready to play & started the game with manic intensity. Louis set the tone early on with a tough contested mark followed by a handy goal to get the Roys scoreboard started. Four more goals followed this one Louis in the opening term whilst keeping their opponents scoreless.
It looked like every Roys player was determined to play their role and contribute to their team’s overall performance. And this time, with Coach Ramshaw’s instructions ringing in their ears, the Roys played the whole match out and did not go walkabouts at any stage in the match, allowing just one solitary point in for their opponents in the last stanza. The Roys had multiple goalkickers and they included: Heath 4, Harry 3, Louis 2, Josh 2, Toby 2, Rory 1 and Sam A-E 1. The final scores were Roys : 15.12.102 defeated Beverley Hills: 0.1.1.
At the end of the match, the Beverley Hills coach was gracious in his after match speech congratulating our team and coaches for their effort and the spirit in which they played their game. They presented their best player medal to the tireless Sam A-E.

Grand Final vs Kew Rovers (at Richmond)
What a year of footy!!
What a privilege it was to be at Citizens Reserve on Sunday, August 26 to watch two teams of 9 and 10 year olds try their absolute hearts out in a nail biting Grand Final. In the final wrap up, Kew Rovers held firm against the fast finishing Roys to win this pulsating match by the cruelest of margins: one solitary point. The final score was Kew Rovers 6.3.39 defeated the Roys 4.14.38. The Roys goal kickers were Josh 2, Oscar 1 and Heath 1.
But to me, this game was bigger than the result. This match reminded me how fortunate that myself and my family are to be part of this team and great club. A team where the adults genuinely care for the other children that are part of this team and try their hardest to lead with the right examples. A team where there is often a lengthy queue of volunteers ready to help out in any task asked by Ian, our trusty Team Manager.
And this was exemplified by the way the Roys played in the Grand Final ….the way Connor gallantly stood one out in defence with the Kew forwards rushing him from every angle and yet he somehow defied many attempts at kicking goals, time and again. And “little” Benny putting his body right in the path of a much bigger Kew Opponent to lay an effective shepherd and Ned running with the flight of the footy and plucking out a courageous mark! And Oscar and Rory stepping into the void left by Sam’s absence and manfully trying their hardest to win every ruck contest. And Josh who unfortunately got himself injured & only played a token role in last year’s Grand Final but this year has been the team’s revelation with his dominant play at Centre Half Forward. And Angus who took a couple of crucial marks in the last line of defence against boys almost twice his size! And Cristian and James getting cleaned up in bone crushing tackles yet despite their bruises and sore bodies, they played the game out with their same 100% endeavour. I know I have left out many players who each played the roles that they were asked by Coach Ramshaw and did so with unquestioning commitment to the cause. And this commitment is from 9 and 10 year old children!!! (Wished they had the same commitment to keeping their rooms clean hey??)
And who among us will ever forget Coach Ramshaw’s spirited ¾ time address in which he reminded all the players that they were not on their own but they had the support and love of all their many supporters. Not sure if the desired effect was to leave the parents in tears but such was the raw emotion of that address , that indeed the parent fraternity  all needed their own group hug after that address.
Now we find ourselves at the end of another season and next year, as in life, there will be changes. Players will come and go and with the players we will also sadly lose their families and for that, I already mourn that our group of families will be broken up. So I want to thank the great effort , passion and commitment shown from our own Coach Ramshaw who has nurtured this team and made all this possible. Let’s all admit that this can be a tough gig with up to 26 children and their families that each have their own opinions on the game and where their child should be playing. However, we should also acknowledge that John genuinely cares for each of our children and tries his hardest to balance the team’s needs and also the individual preferences from each family. But let’s face it, that balancing act is almost impossible.  The assistance of Gray and Ian as unsung heroes also has been invaluable and makes me feel blessed that my son, Harry, has been so well led by such generous souls as John, Gray and Ian.
So with that, I will pack away my match reports for 2012 and look forward to seeing as many families as possible in our quest for 2013 redemption.



Round 1 (vs St Mary’s)
Welcome back roys to another exciting and thrilling season for Fitzroy gold under tens football club. On Sunday Fitzroy had their first YJFL football game against St. Mary’s at Alfred Crescent. With fantastic coaching staff and everyone playing at their best the roys managed to win by a thrashing of 69 points. The goals were kicked by James, Toby, Angus, Heath, Ellie, Finn H., Harry and Jai. Inspiring Coach John Ramshaw awarded two of the best players on field with a packet of football cards and they were James and Toby who also scored the most goals. As well as the excitement of the win there was something else very important which was the three new players entering the team. They were Naish, Ned and Kit. Naish and Ned amazed everyone with their skills and number of disposals and Kit assisted John for the day. As captain I was very proud with my team and hope that we can work hard  for the rest of the season and win against Ashburton.
By Connor Irwin

Round 2 (vs Ashburton)
We won easily because of great team effort – everybody had a good game.
Sam tried a specky and nearly had mark of the century.
We were in the ruck and forward and there were lots of tremendous goals.
PS the hotdogs were good too.
Cristian and Rory.

Round 3 vs (Ivanhoe)
We had a good game against Ivanhoe on Sunday – a great team effort.  The
wall worked well to block the other team from getting the ball into their
50m area.  Cristian was given the Ivanhoe medal for having a good game and
lots of possessions and clearances.  The wind was tricky but we did well
kicking into it during the second quarter.
PS I like the dim sims more than the hot dogs

I was excited hoping that our team would win because it would mean it is the
first time winning as a captain for me. On the day Fitzroy won the toss. I
felt the team did a fantastic job and couldn’t have done a better job than
how they performed on the day. We won by 113 points. Our subs were Sam A and
Ned two good players lost on the day . And congratulation to Cristian
winning a medal from the opposition.

Round 4 vs (Glen Iris)
On Sunday the 29th of April Fitzroy U/10 Gold played Glen Iris. Harry and I were captains for the day. Before the game, we did crisscross handball and we ran around the centre square. Harry and I did the toss and they flipped it and we guessed heads. We won the toss and chose to kick with the wind, but facing the sun. We got the first couple of clearances and got the first couple of goals and points. Then Glen Iris got a goal. We probably did not play as well as we normally play. You could tell that our coach John thought we were not playing that well. He said that we did not man up after we had scored a point. He said we must run harder and faster and we had to beat them to the ball. We went much better in the last quarter because we worked hard and did those two things. When the game was over Harry got the medal and Naish and Kit got the footy cards for their great efforts.
After I found out that I was chosen to be Captain, I felt really nervous. I wanted to play well as Captain but I also wanted to be a good team player. Max and I walked out onto the ground with the umpire and the ground was huge!
Glen Iris flipped the coin, we called Heads and we decided to kick to the Riley St end. By the end of the 1st quarter, it was 28-0. During the 1st half, Glen Iris showed that they were good tacklers. At half time, our coach had told us to build the wall and our midfield were also told to build the wall!
Josh was great at run and carry and Sam was great at half-back, repelling and repelling. Ben took strong marks on the wing. In the 4th quarter, there was lots of great play from our midfield, with Rory in the ruck and Heath as ruck rover. It resulted in many goals and a win over Glen Iris. It wasreally fun being Captain.

Round 5 vs (Camberwell)
We wanted to start well and we did well not letting them score in the first quarter.
They put pressure on us with good tackling for most of the game but we broke away in the last quarter.

This was our hardest opponents so far. They tackled quite hard. We talked a lot more inthis game and held our structure. We focussed on the ball and not their tackling.
It was a good win.

Round 6 (vs Hawthorn Citizens)
We started at not the best of our abilities because by quarter time we were down by 11 with the scores 3 to 14. Then in the second quarter they were scoreless but they kept us scoreless too. Then in the third quarter they didn’t get any points while we got to 17. Then when the siren went off to start the fourth quarter, booo they have scored three points it was all tense but we brought it home with 2 goals and a point. Oh yeah Heath and Angus got the footy cards.
Finn Hall – go Fitzroy Under Tens Gold.

Fitzroy didn’t have one of our good 1st half. We were down 3 to 14. We were playing in the rain and the wind which made it tougher than normal. Hawthorn Citizens were a tall team and had some strong players. In the 2nd half we got stronger and started to score some goals. Hawthorns Citizens started to get tired and were getting stressed out. It was defiantly our hardest game we’ve played so far, we won by 13 points.    

Round 8 (vs St Mary’s)
On the 27th of May John [our coach] told us we had a very big game coming up against St. Marys. We had played our first match against them and won. In the rooms John revved us up and told the midfielders to make a wall. He said that he thought we would win. But I didn’t think so. I called tails, lost the toss and we ended up going into the wind. We had a pretty good first quarter, it was cold and lots of goals were scored. With them kicking their first goal we were pretty determined to not let them score again. Sam Doyle kicked his first goal that quarter. In the second quarter we kicked more goals and didn’t let any goals get scored against us. Our midfielders were making a wall and we were tackling well. At half time, John told us it was a whole new game and we had to try our hardest. We dropped off a bit in the third quarter. We didn’t make the walls so we didn’t score many goals. Still no more goals scored against us. John said we needed to turn on. And sure enough we did. We scored lots of goals and made a wall and tackled well. The total scores were 41-6 our way. We won and sang the song loud with our true hearts.
On Sunday Fitzroy versed St Marys in a good game.
We started really well in the first quarter with Sam D’s mark and goal and a goal to Jai.
We dominated the possessions and it was in our forward line for most of the time.
The second quarter was good as well with Louis, Sam A and Ned’s goals.
St Mary’s ruckman was rough but Sam and Oscar did a great job against him.
In the third quarter we only had a point from Heath but St Mary’s had nothing.
In the fourth quarter Heath kicked a ripper goal and our backline was too good for St Mary’s keeping them scoreless for 3 quarters.
All up the Roys won by 35 points.
By Finn Corr

Round 9 (vs Ashburton)
We did well to keep Ashburton scoreless in the 1st half. They took strong marks while we managed to scavenge the dropped balls and keep the ball in our forward line. Our midfield was great, we got lots of clearances. A great win because of a good team effort.

Round 11 (vs Glen Iris)
The opposition pushed players back to defense, which made it hard to score.
We could have improved by talking more and taking our kicks faster.
It was not so good that we seemed a bit flat and didn’t always use our free kicks to our advantage. We did win, we did do a pretty good job listening to John, we didn’t break down (we kept our structure).



Round 1 vs St Mary’s
Round 2 vs Ashburton
Round 3 vs Ivanhoe
Round 4 vs Glen Iris
Round 5 vs Camberwell
Round 6 vs Hawthorn Citizens
Round 6 vs Hawthorn Citizens
Round 7 vs Kew Rovers
Round 8 vs St Mary’s
Round 9 vs Ashburton
Round 11 vs Glen Iris
Round 12 vs Camberwell
Round 14 vs Kew Rovers
Round 15 vs St Mary’s
Round 16 vs Ashburton
Semi-Final vs Beverley Hills
Grand Final vs Kew Rovers



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