Colts 2 – 2012


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button  Grand final

Sunday 26 August
Fitzroy 2 (14.15.99)
def. Kew Colts 2  (5.14.44)

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button  1st Semi final

Sunday 12 August
Fitzroy 2 (9.7.61)
def. St Marys 3 (5.9.39)

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button  Round 15

Sunday 29 July
Fitzroy 2 (13.7.85)
def. Kew Colts 2 (6.10.46)

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button  Round 14

Sunday 22 July
Fitzroy 2 (24.9.153)
def. St Damians R (4.6.30)

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button  Round 13

Sunday July 15
Fitzroy 2 (6.15.51)
def. Doncaster (5.6.36)

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button  Round 12

Sunday 1 July
Fitzroy 2 (5.7.37)
def. St Marys 3 (1.10.16)

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button  Round 11

Sunday 24 June
Fitzroy 2 (5.0.30)
def. Macleod G (0.0.0)

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button  Round 10

Sunday 17 June
Whitehorse Colts  (4.6.30)
def. by Fitzroy 2 (14.14.98)

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button  Round 9


button  Round 8

Sunday 27 May
Kew Colts 2 (4.9.33)
def. by Fitzroy 2 (4.13.37)

The boys headed out to Kew to take on the Kew colts at Stratbroke park which has one of the best surfaces in the league except for the centre square with was a quagmire after  heavy rain late last week. This turned the game into a hard slog, the ball became heavy and greasy and goals were hard to come by. In the 1st quarter Kew were playing with more intensity than the higher placed Fitzroy. Scores Kew 4pts Fitzroy 3pts. The 2nd quarter saw more commitment by the Roys and hard work by all resulted in 2 goals. Scores at half time Kew 1.5 .11 to Fitzroy 2.3 .15.

No-one could question the boys commitment after half time. We were peppering the goals but couldn’t get a major until finally a great snap from the pocket went through the middle. The backline were working well together and were repelling many of Kew’s moves forward. The bench was dwindling with two talls out for the game. The coach called for one more big effort in the last quarter. A goal half way through the quarter saw Fitzroy extend their lead to 11 points. Kew hit back with a late goal and Fitzroy now only three points up. Not much time left and Kew got the centre clearance and with a flying shot at goal could’ve hit the lead. The kick drifted across the face of goals and went out on the full. Playing smart football around the boundary, Fitzroy managed to move the ball forward and keep possession in the dying seconds. A very exciting match and a gutsy win.

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button  Round 7

Sunday 20 May
St Damiens R (0.0.0)
def. by Fitzroy 2 (16.20.116)

On a lovely sunny autumn day, the big question was – had the boys come to
play or did they think this game was going to be a walk in the Binnak park?
Monty and Phil both emphasized this and the boys were far from complacent. A
good first quarter, 4 goals 5 with the back line repelling every attack. St
Damians no score. However the 2nd quarter saw team work go out the window.
With lots of blazing for goal resulting in only 2 goals 7. Monty’s talk at
half time was stern and measured. “Take more time in kicking, look out for
each other and the rest will follow”. The boys took the coaches advice and
played beautiful team orientated football, kicking 6 goals 4. The back line
as strong as ever, still not letting St Damians score. The 4th quarter was
accurate again with good team work and the back line holding strong. A
solid performance from every player.

Congratulations to Darcy Power for playing 100 games and special thanks to
Phil Davis who has been the main driver in the Indigenous grass roots round.
Phil gave a very heartfelt speech with players and supporters listening
intently. The Indigenous round medal was awarded to one player from each
team who showed Endurance, Tenacity, Courage, Loyalty and Pride. Riley
Terrens was a worthy winner for Fitzroy. Congratulations Riley.

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button  Round 6

Sunday 13 May
Doncaster  (4.2.26)
def. by Fitzroy 2 (8.11.59)

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button  Round 5

Sunday 6 May
St Marys 3 (6.6.42)
def. by Fitzroy 2 (8.9.57)

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button  Round 4

Sunday 29 April
Fitzroy 2 (8.5.53)
def. by Park Orchards G (10.8.68)

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button  Round 3

Sunday 22 April
Whitehorse Colts (4.4.28)
def. by Fitzroy 2 (16.16.112)

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button  Round 2

Sunday 15 April
St Damians R (2.2.14)
def. by Fitzroy 2 (16.19.115)

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