U10 – 4 – 2012

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  • Coach – Phil Murdoch (0412-569-896)
  • Team Manager – Jodie Munro (0413-650-958)
  • Assistants – Greg Taylor & Chris Pekin

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  • Wednesday 4.00-5.45pm – Alfred Crescent Oval

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Our Last 3 rounds are below.
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  • Rd 14 – Sunday 22 July, 10.00am v Glen Iris, Righetti Oval
  • Rd 15 – Sunday 29 July, 11.30am v Richmond, Citizens Park
  • Rd 16 – Sunday 5 August, 10.00am v St.Damian’s, HOME (Alfred Cres)

button Our Team

#1 Jack S             #13 Dante
#2 Darcy T          #14 Tom
#3 Hemi              #15 Ben
#4 Louis              #16 Jonah
#5 Zach                #17 Liam
#6 William          #18 Harrison
#7 Joel                 #19 Jack B
#8 Archie            #20 Fergus
#9 Jack P             #21 Finn
#10 Jude              #22 Luke
#11 Hamish         #23 Luca
#12 Darcy M        #24 Billy

button Season so Far….

Round 1 v Richmond
An excellent initiation into the real game of football
If you are a believer of the glass half full principle, then the game against Richmond is a good game to have played as the team’s first game of the season. Now the boys know what serious opposition looks like!
A more experienced Richmond (this is the second year some of the Richmond team were competing in the under 10’s) were better on the day, but it was great to see the boys regroup, focus and come together as a team determined to finish the game playing a serious level of football.
Great effort to the boys and the goal scorers who fought a steely opposition and were still able to put together a committed effort and develop what already looks to be a strong team culture.

Round 2 v St Damian’s
There’s a saying about looking at life with the cup half full and the last game against St Damian’s offered one of those moments. This game allowed the team to further understand the impor­tance and purpose of every position in the team. It also offered great examples of how one kick or handball can change everything and how taking a moment to consider what to do and remember the coach’s words can create some wonderful plays. This was a fantastic effort by the boys to take their footy to that next level of playing together as a team!
A solid effort from the boys, however this year is a work in progress with lots to be learnt.
Most of the boys are used to chasing the ball around the playground/back yard with little regard for the consequences and ac­countability when the ball is turned over. They found that out in the third quarter when the opposition ran in and kicked 5 goals. The aim is to teach them about matching up on an opponent and the de­fensive and accountability side of the game.
At this early stage the boys just want to chase the footy around – The result is too many boys gathering around the ball like “Bees to the Honey Pot”. The aim is to teach them read the play so that when the ball is released from a contest they are in space to receive the ball.

Round 3 v Brunswick
The boys are developing their understanding about how the game works along. They are also developing more composure when they have the ball in their possession.
The stats this week show that they bettered 50% every quarter looking for a target. As the year progresses they will continue to learn how to play the positions on the field and understand how to play defensively.
The easy part is playing offensively getting the ball forward. The difficult part is when the ball goes backward. They find themselves them caught behind and not accountable for their opponent.
A heart-warming sign is the bond developing between boys who wouldn’t have known each other if it weren’t for this team.

Round 4 v Bundoora
Watching the team I first coached (now playing Under 13’s) I am witnessing how far they’ve come. In their first year they finished bottom and the next year second.
I believe our team is showing glimpses of being as good or even better than that team. Our second quarter effort to limit Bundoora to one goal was fabulous.
Our tackling has been a highlight. We will do a lot of chasing this year so this critical aspect of their development is very encouraging.
The boys continue to look for each other…they just need to look more into space. The team we played had many more runners than ours so we were always going to get run over, we have to learn to play defensively. When the ball goes backward our boys need to run back, find and be accountable for their opponent.

Round 5 v Park Orchards
This week our emphasis was on defensive accountability. With the exception of the first half of the third quarter our boys had a better defensive awareness and our midfielders got back into the backline. We will continue to focus and develop this. I also detected the boys starting to run in numbers together and support each other. The boys are also developing a confidence to take the game on.

Round 6 BYE
This week we had a chance to catch our breath with a bye. Some team members went to watch U10 Gold play to see what a second year U10 team looks like. Well worth the look….even in the pouring rain.

Round 7 v Glen Iris
Playing the top side our goal this week was to limit their go scoring to 12 goals in the game. Not only did they do this, they limited them to 3 goals in the last half. Tackling again was a highlight. We amassed 18 solid tackles which was recognised by the opposition coach at the end of the game. Also very pleasing to see the stats showing that the boys are looking for each other more often than not. The boys continue to develop a confidence to take the game on.

Round 8 v Richmond
Some games are more about that rite of passage moment, when a young player realises that they are finally playing footy – for real!
This week’s game against Richmond should remain in the memories of the FJFC Under 10-4 Reds as one where they played one of the best hardest fought games they have ever played in their young careers. It was a tough match in wet conditions and the skill set that the team put on show was a great display of likely future successes. Even though this time round Richmond were the victors, the FJFC Under 10-4 Reds are each week just getting better and better!

Round 9 v St Damian’s
WOW – that oval was BIG!!! (and the coaching team did get lonely all by themselves on the other side of the ground).
The plan was to play on at all times (and yes, even bounce the ball) to try and make use of the big oval. Because there was so much space we needed to be able to read the play better and put ourselves a kick away rather than just chase the ball around.
Our tackling was again a feature, however we need to start focusing on getting to the ball FIRST. We need to focus on our kicking out which has been too short and resulted in costly turnovers. Particularly important is that the boys developing their skills and game sense.

Round 10 v Brunswick
Its a cliché but these experiences will stand them in good stead for the years to come. As they begin to read the play better and develop poise they will achieve success. The boys skills are developing very well. I am noticing boys becoming more focussed at training as they see and take pride in their own improvements.

Round 11 v Kew Rovers
The good, the bad & the ugly – nothing more!

Round 12 v Park Orchards
At the end of the game the opposition coach Michael came up to me. He had heard that we had “quite a few Tackers players (Under 9’s)” and asked how many. When I told him all but one were, he was amazed and in his post-match address to the boys he highlighted the point.
The game that was on before us was a Tackers game and for those of you observing you would notice the difference. The fact that we will go into next season with a year of Under 10 experience behind us give me great excitement and anticipation.

Round 13 v BYE (well timed being the last Sunday of school holidays!)

Round 14 v Glen Iris




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