2013 – U10 Blue


button Team Contacts
Coach – Phil Murdoch
Assistant Coach – Greg Taylor
Team Manager – Jodie Munro

button Training Session
Training is held Wednesday’s from 4.00-5.30pm at Alfred Cres Oval. Now that it’s dark early please ensure you arrive no later than 5.30pm to collect your child.

button NEXT ROUND – Sunday 4 August – 10.00AM
Away Game:   Park Orchard B -v- Fitzroy
Venue:  Domeney Reserve, Park Orchards

button U10 Blue Roy Boys
#1 Jai                     #13 Dante
#2 Darcy T            #14 Tom
#3 Hemi                #15 Ben
#4 Louis                #16 Pasqual
#5 Zach                  #17 Liam
#6 William            #18 Harrison
#7 Joel                   #19 Jack B
#8 Archie              #20 Fergus
#9 Jack P              #21 Ethan
#10 Jude               #22 Luke
#11 Hamish          #23 Luca
#12 Darcy M         #24 Billy

button Round 13 – Dirty Deeds, Donnie done dirt cheap!
Interesting that at training the boys consensus was that they were over confident and expecting an easy win. A similar attitude I think to the Warrandyte game that we lost…Therefore it is a valuable learning experience not to underestimate your opposition. Certainly when the game was there to be lost our boys dug deep and played hard desperate footy. Taking nothing away from Doncaster who were there to play – we played dumb footy. We continued to kick the ball down the line to a contest rather than kicking to a player in space. The problem not so much that we weren’t looking but that we had no one positioning and presenting into space. As we enter finals switching and kicking into space will be critical to move the ball forward along with our defensive response to a turnover.

button Round 12 – Citizens Kaned
My message to take into the game was A CHAMPION TEAM is better than a team of champions. The boys played very well with the wet conditions under foot. They ran in numbers to support each other. This win was a terrific win for their belief that they can be A CHAMPION TEAM. The win all but secured our spot in the top two for finals. The structure of the team heading towards finals is looking settled and now our focus will be on fine tuning the boys skills and maintaining their aggression at the ball.

button Round 11 –  Well, well, well done against Camberwell
Well, well, well…what a pleasure to see the boys looking, playing, running for and delivering to each other. They are beginning to instinctively look for each which in itself is a huge developmental leap. My concern remains our defensive accountability when a turnover results from a better opposition. This needs to become instinctive. With some tough games coming up we also need to focus on our hard ball gets.

button Round 10 –  No kerbside parking against Parkside
The Good News: with only five home and away games we will make finals. However, where we finish and how we perform in the finals will largely depend on how the boys improve as a team and individually. Parkside showed us how much they have improved by turning around their 52pt loss in Round 1 into a 23 point loss in Round 10. We need to keep improving at the same rate as our opponents or better if we are to be successful come finals time. Parents: Given that they only train for an hour and a half each week you can help by taking your boy for a kick of the footy and/or bringing them down for a kick with me on Friday afternoons. We were better at keeping an open forward line this week. We need to show poise with the ball rather than bombing it forward. My concern is our defensive accountability when a turnover results from a better opposition.

button Round 9 –  The stats were buried in the mud
Our previous stats’ KPIs were buried in the mud against Canterbury. Statsman Mike reveals how we bettered our previous ‘Kicked Looked For and ‘Handball on the Move’ benchmarks. It is so good to see the boys knitting together and linking play. Our focus over the last two training sessions was to have stronger bodies in the contest and be harder at the ball. They stepped up and took on the challenge marvelously. We are still clogging up the forward line and need to work on that, particularly the boys chasing kicks and goals in the forward line. My concern is the loss of structure and defensive accountability when a turnover results from a better opposition.

button Round 8 –  Soft ground, hard bodies
A hard fought contest where those that wanted the ball the most and were hardest in the conditions prevailed on the day. We lost the game in the first quarter where Warrandyte steeled themselves to win the game. They were first to and hard at the ball. It was reminiscent of our play last year where we spent a lot of time chasing and tackling. Certainly after half time we matched their intensity and had the ball forward of centre for 70% of the time. It’s hard to score though in those wet heavy conditions. A good learning game of how to play and what is required in those conditions.

button Round 7 –  The iceberg was no match for the Titanic
Another dominating performance by the boys. The strength of our centre and half back walls were almost impenetrable. This strength of our back line has led to only 108 points being scored against us and with the highest percentage in the competition of 412.04%. We had many forays into our forward line which was far too congested for scoring. We need to stop all chasing the ball into the forward line and leave it open. I also noticed the boys falling over in contests too much – so we need to focus at staying on our feet.

button Round 6 –  The Orchards came to play in the park, we picked the apples!
We certainly were the dominant team and the boys are thriving on their new found dominance. To borrow a wellknown phrase, ‘they have tasted blood and now they want more’!
Most pleasing for me is to see their confidence building. Boys who are having a go at the contest where they otherwise might not have. Too many points were scored so we need to open up the forward line and kick to a presenting player in the hot spot rather than blaze for the goals. With this new confidence comes responsibility to follow the team rules. So when any of the boys stray they will be reminded that they are playing for the team and not themselves.

button Round 5 –  Mother’s Day Round
At training tonight I talked about the fine line between a win, loss or a draw. I asked them if they could each remember a mistake they made on the day and pointed out that those mistakes can be the difference. So at training that need to be working each week to improve their individual game and as a result minimise mistakes that can make the difference. Listening (or not) to the Coach’s instructions. This was important on the day in the first quarter (with the wind) and second quarter (against the wind) where they did not follow instructions as to where to play the ground. Had they done so we would have scored better and restricted their score. They had a better focus in the third quarter and looked by far the better team. In the last quarter they stood strong under pressure. It was a tough hard fought game.

button Round 4 –  Sharing the spoils of success
I genuinely believe that the boys are beginning to enjoy the sense of achievement when they look and deliver to each other. With that has come success and so they are ‘Sharing the Spoils of Success’. Indeed we have now had 20 individual (YES TWENTY) goal kickers in the past four games.
However, I am at pains to point out that it is not so much the kicking of a goal that is important but rather that the goal is the result of all of the team work that preceded it.
They are playing much more as a team rather than a group of individuals.

button Round 3 – ANZAC Round
Both teams were evenly match and we proved that we are competitive. Two areas that we were exposed under pressure:
1. With more intensity and less time to dispose of the ball led us to bombing and blazing with the ball. Ultimately this leads to turnovers. Turnovers can be costly in a game and in Under 10 footy where skills are developing there are plenty. Our goal is to limit these by looking for a team mate rather than hoping to find one.
2. With turnovers come defensive accountability. When the ball is rebounded into their forward line the boys didn’t run back quickly enough and pick up an opponent. Instinctively it is easy to run forward with the ball, however, it requires more concentration to run back hard.

button Round 2 – One sunny morning it was raining GOALS
It was wonderful to see so many goals with 5 first time goal kickers. Indeed we have kicked more goals (22) in the first two games than we did in the whole of last season (20). However it must be remembered that a goal is the ultimate reward for team work that has preceded it. One of the main differences this year is how the boys work as a team, hold their structures rather than just chasing the ball around. Of course kicking 14 goals is also testament to the boys improved kicking technique which is a continuing focus at training.
Their skills and disposals even this early in the season have developed well. Next game we play the other undefeated team Hawthorn Citizens where we will find out how we perform under pressure.

button Round 1 – Resplendant Roys
Our focus this year is to combine and play as a TEAM. I have talked at training with the boys about the saying that a champion team will always beat a team of champions.
We talk about what makes a champion TEAM:
· Support for each other
· Respect for each other
· Encouragement for each other.
How priceless was it when the boys sang the victory song that they had the 3 new boys, Jai, Pasqual & Ethan, in the middle.

These aspects get played out on the field in some of the following ways:
· Shepherding
· Talking
· Celebrating
· Backing up after disposing of the ball
· Looking for each other.

It was so pleasing to see the boys genuinely looking to share and look for a team mate rather than blazing. Their skills and disposals even this early in the season have developed well.

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