2013 – U10 Red

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  • Coach:  Ryan Mistry (mob. 0498 001 102)
  • Team Manager:  Tracey Mistry (mob. 0419 999 006)
  • Assistant Coach:  Craig Tate (mob.  0419 873 171)

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Final Update for Season 2013

Wow still pondering over how our first season as a team has gone past so quickly.  Then you look at the team stats and realised since round four you little guns, as a team, have had 925 kicks, 332 handballs, 176 marks, 336 taps and a staggering 886 tackles…INCREDIBLE!

The goal first and foremost at the beginning of the season was to instil the fun of footy in all of you.  Let’s face it you could win as many games as you like but if you are not having fun what is the point.   Each and every week we saw that fun across all of your faces.  The enthusiasm never waivered and you were all there at every training session and every game full of energy and raring to go.  And when you are having fun doing something, guess what happens?  You get better and better at it!  You guys certainly proved that philosophy this season having seen so much improvement in your skills, your understanding of the game and best of all you created a team spirit that was next to none!

When my little brother was just nine (a long time ago!) he played his first season of football.  Week after week they lost and at least one player every week would leave the field crying…yep crying…all because they lost another game.  My brother would say they were passionate…hmmm I would say cry babies.  Jokes aside (you shouldn’t call people cry babies) that is the biggest thing I take out of this season.  Not once did one of you come off after a game crying because you hadn’t won, in fact you didn’t even have a hint of upset on any of your faces.  You came off that field every week with the same spring in your step that you bounded on there with.  That is something you should all be incredibly proud of and truly reflects the real score from this season 2013.

It is sad to say that many of you will be moving up to under eleven’s next year.  We are sure you will continue to improve and have fun next year.  For those remaining we look forward to not being the new kids in town anymore.

A reminder that several of our North Fitzroy junior teams are playing finals footy so if you get a chance check out the fixtures on the yarra junior league website and see if you can catch a game.  I know that any of our junior sides would appreciate your support!

Cant wait to see you all Saturday to celebrate our season.

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