2013 – U11 Red

Welcome to the Under-11 Red team page for 2013. Go Roys!

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  • Our team’s next match will be in 2014. See you there!
  • View our YJFL fixture and results here.

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  • The boys gave it their all in a highly competitive preliminary finals match on Sunday, August 18. What a gutsy little team they are! It was disappointing not to make it over the line – but their performance certainly bodes well for next season.
  • The final score was 7.5-47 (Kew Rovers) to 4.7-31 (Fitzroy).
  • Tony will be in touch regarding the presentation day and other end-of-season team activities.

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Some pics from the preliminary finals match:

Pics: Craig Ross/Rachel Power

Click here to view our photos in flickr.

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  • Our training day is Tuesdays 4.00-5.30pm at Alfred Cres, North Fitzroy.

button Match day duties parent roster

On August 18, could the parents of the following players please fulfill these roles:
Coach (and voter of Best on Ground): Rhys Seakins (Ken)
Assistant coach: Griffin Nairn (Alistair)
Runner: Cameron Ross (Craig)
First aid/Trainer: Mackenzie Crameri (Sally)
Water carrier: Anthony Johnson (Stephen)
Boundary umpire: –
Goal umpire: James Connelly (Stephen)
Scoreboard: Jack Loftus (Simon)
Umpire escort: Sam Doyle (Sheryl)
Timekeeper: Ben Fosbrooke (Neil)
Oranges and lolly snakes: Ky Gisbourne (Donna)
Emergency official: Archie Skinner (Rowan)
If you are unable to help in any of the roles please contact Tony as soon as possible.

button Our Club Song

We are the boys of old Fitzroy
We wear the colours maroon and blue
We will always fight for victory
And we’ll always see it through
Win or lose, we do or die
In defeat we’ll always try
Fitzroy, Fitzroy
The Club we hold so dear
Premiers we’ll be this year
We are the boys of old Fitzroy
Go Roys!

button Our Players

#1 Alexander Salzer
#2 Sam Doyle
#3 Anthony Johnson
#4 Cameron Ross
#5 Rex Richardson
#6 Thomas Noonan
#7 Marcus Viney
#8 Archibald Skinner
#9 Lachlan McAlpine
#10 Ben Fosbrooke
#11 Dimitri Syrbopoulos
#12 John (Jack) Loftus

#13 James Connelly
#14 Griffin Nairn
#15 Ky Gisbourne
#16 Flynn Crews Ferguson
#17 Rhys Seakins
#19 Fred Wild
#20 Maxwell Creaser
#21 John Allen
#22 Mackenzie Crameri
#23 Griffin Simpson-Tuckey
#25 Rinchen Dorjee

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