2013 – Colts Div1

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Game Day Photo’s
Andy Roberts (Chas’s Dad) has taken some shots of the fella’s in full flight. If you’re interested in a hi-res copy you can email him at rar@netspace.net.au

Ashburton vs Fitzroy Round 12, 14 July

Fitzroy vs St Mary’s Round 13, 21 July

Greythorn vs Fitzroy Round 14, 28 July

Ivanhoe vs Fitzroy Round 15, 4 August

Second Semi Final vs Ashburton, 11 August

Grand Final vs Ashburton, 24 August

Grand Final

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fitzroy 9.10-64 def. Ashburton 9.6-60 at Bulleen Park

Grand Finals are a great achievement to get to and play in and generally they are tough and unrelenting; and so it proved yesterday.

After a thumping win by the Roy Boys over Ashburton in the Second Semi two weeks earlier and with the benefit of a week’s rest, our boys were fit and raring to go, but against an opposition that had comfortably won the minor premiership, it was always going to be a very different opposition from their previous meeting.

And so the game began, in perfect conditions at league headquarters and in front of a huge turnout of supporters for both teams.

The first quarter was fast and furious with the Roys putting on a complete clinic and seizing all the initiative. With some brilliant team play and unrelenting pressure around the ball, Fitzroy piled on the goals kicking 5.3 while holding Ashburton to only 1.1 for the quarter. It was a withering burst and would prove to be decisive by game’s end.

The second quarter saw Ashburton get back into the game as you’d expect a good team to do, but Fitzroy steadied and the quarter was fairly even with only a late flurry from Ashburton edging a little closer by the half time break and Fitzroy holding a 3 goal buffer. Scores:-7.3 to 4.3.

The 3rd quarter was again very even with both teams digging in however, the Roys had the ascendancy for most of the quarter and could have scored a couple more goals to take an even larger advantage into the last quarter finishing 9.6 to 6.4.

Taking a 20 point advantage into the last quarter and with a determined opponent, our boysknew that they would have to compete at every contest as the quality Ashburton team was always going to fight to the end and so it proved to be.

As hard as the Roys tried to put the result beyond the reach of a fast finishing Ashburton, the goals wouldn’t come and slowly but surely, the goals came for the opposition. As the clock ticked down to the last minute, Ashburton had fought to within 4 points and with the ball deep in their forward area and under extreme pressure, our boys held up as we managed to regain the ball as the final siren sounded finally winning 9.10 to 9.6.

Overall, it was a tough, unrelenting and brilliant game with both teams giving their all with a fantastic result for a great team effort and just rewards for an outstanding year by our Fitzroy Colts 1 players, coach and his wonderful support team for winning the ultimate.

Best Players: The whole team

Goal Kickers:- Daniel 5, one each to Ben Cap, Ben Mac, Michael and Zac

Second Semi-Final

Sunday, August 11, 2013
Fitzroy 12.8.80 def Ashburton 1.11.17 at Bulleen Park

Fitzroy have earned the week’s rest and progress straight to the Yarra Junior Football League Grand Final with a big victory  over their nemesis, Ashburton.

Three times this season the Redbacks were too good for the Lions, but when it counted this week Fitzroy flexed some serious muscle and sent a shudder through the rest of the competition with their fourth crushing win in a month.

But the game was no cakewalk. Ashburton are a very good football team. They won the early exchanges, and Fitzroy was forced to dig deep to wrest the advantage late in the second quarter.

Fitzroy struggled with the high pressure cauldron of finals football, and the windy conditions, as Ashburton dominated the first quarter. Fitzroy’s intent was evident as always, but uncertain ball-handling and poor disposal meant Ashburton had six points on the board before the ball crossed the Roys half-forward line.

Local pundits valued the wind at 5-goals, but for Ashburton who won the toss and had first crack with the gale at their back, it was only 5 points. One goal nine behinds was poor reward for their powerful quarter of football.

Some relentless football was played in the second. After Fitzroy kicked two goals the scoring stalled on 15 points apiece, and the scoreboard attendant was left sitting on his cold hands through ten long minutes of hard, brave football. The two juggernauts of the competition threw everything at each other. It was Fitzroy who refused to buckle, taking a 13 point advantage to the long break. Ominously for Ashy, they could not score for the quarter.

The third quarter was Fitzroy’s most important quarter of footy for the season. It was a quarter of desperate smothers, tackles, bumps and spoils: the kind of footy the purists love. On the few occasions the ball slipped out the back, Fitzroy’s half-back line overpowered their opponents and drilled it forward again with precision.

The arm wrestle was over by the last break and Ashburton was powerless to score, stuck on 1.9 to Fitzroy’s 5.7.  Fitzroy exploded in the last quarter and showed all their tricks to the adoring fans, kicking seven goals to none.

Coach Monty Stuart put the win down to his team’s ability to play disciplined, defensive footy for the full four quarters. “The pressure and the run out of the backline was the difference today,” he said.

Captain Max Davie said the team would enjoy the week off. “The boys will soak up the atmosphere of grand final week and make sure we are cherry ripe for the big game”, he said.

Sunday,  April 21, 2013

Fitzroy 17.12.114 def Bulleen Templestowe 1.7.13 at Bulleen Park East.

A great autumn day for football, with a reasonable breeze favouring the southern end.  The Roys were slow to start allowing Bulleen to score first with a behind at the favoured end.  However, they switched on around 10 minutes into the quarter scoring 4 .2 into the wind to Bulleen’s 3 behinds. Strong defence, pressure, and quick ball made for a solid finish to the quarter.

A quick goal from a centre clearance set the scene for the second.  Six goals three to a scoreless Bulleen pretty much put the game out of reach for Bulleen.

In the third Fitzroy started off slow like they did in the first. Bulleen peppered the goals for the first 5 minutes and were unlucky to only register 3 behinds.   Fitzroy settled, solid defence combine with a return to the game plan of quick ball into an open forward line resulted in four goals and a couple of behinds for the quarter.

With game pretty much over Monty urge the team to keep the pressure on in the final term.  Bulleen registered their first goal, whilst The Roy’s finished with 3.5.

Goal Kickers   – Gus, Conner, Ben Mc and Daniel    – 3 a piece,  Michael – 2,   and one each to Wiz,  Max and Lewis.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

 Fitzroy 1. 9.12.66 def Banyule 1. 10.3.63 at WT Peterson Oval.

After the first 2 rounds of relatively easy victories, Banyule offered up our boys a great challenge resulting in a tight contest and an exciting result.

On a perfect day for footy, the first quarter was dominated by the Roys however, we couldn’t capitalise on the scoreboard; scoring 2.6 to 2.0. The second quarter proved to be better as we piled on 4 more goals and led by over 4 goals by half time.

The third quarter was a real arm wrestle, and again, attacking constantly, we couldn’t put the opposition away and whilst the points kept on coming for us, Banyule just didn’t miss. By the end of the third though, the Roys had enough of a buffer leading 9.11 to 7.2.

If the third quarter was tight, then the last quarter was a real nail bitter. The opposition attacked constantly and with the aid of accurate kicking for goals, edged closer and closer. Our boys however, refused to give in and whilst we only scored a point for the quarter, our boys held on for a well-deserved win against a fast finishing quality opponent.

A great result and a real reward for hard work and well done to a great team effort by all players.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

 Ashburton R . 13.6.84 def Fitzroy 1. 8.7.55  at Ferndale Park.

If last’s week game was a tough encounter, this week’s proved an even tougher assignment for our boys.

A fierce rival at full strength on their own home ground with our team going into the game a little light on for numbers on the bench.

However, the game was tight from the opening bounce and the Roys took it right up to the Ashburton boys for three quarters, with little separating the teams until mid-way through the last quarter. Ultimately, the opposition’s superior numbers on the bench told as they were able to get more numbers around the ball which enabled them to skip away to a final margin that wasn’t a true reflection of such a tough, tight and gruelling game.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

 Fitzroy 1.  9.14.68 def Ivanhoe W. 9.6.60  at WT Peterson Oval

One thing’s certain, at this level; all the games are tough and fierce. It proved to be another tight tussle on Mother’s Day.

For the second week in a row, the Roys went into a game, well down on rotations against a full strength side. That being said, the 1st quarter was dominant by our boys with Ivanhoe restricted to only 1 point for the quarter however, we had many chances to post a bigger score but only managed a wasteful 2.5 for the term.

As mentioned earlier, at this level, all the teams are so evenly matched that the second quarter belonged to Ivanhoe who took advantage of what appeared to be the scoring end and with straighter kicking took 4.4 to our 2.7 into the half time break.

The 3rd term was tight and unrelenting with scores tied up at 41 points apiece and set up a great final term.

With our boys refusing to give in and the lead changing a few times in the final quarter, we eventually took the lead in the final few minutes and ran out 8 point winners in one of the gutsiest efforts by our boys who were out on their feet by the final siren.

A great team effort by all the boys with everyone contributing to a great win.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

 Fitzroy 1.  14.19.103 def Banule  4.3.27  at Beverly Par.

Fitzroy crushed Banyule by 76 points at in the Colts 1 clash at Beverly Park on Sunday in a match that was expected to be a tough encounter. From the opening bounce it was clear Fitzroy was switched on as they won more contested ball and pressed forward with intent.

Banyule stayed in touch in the first quarter with clinical finishing from limited opportunities, kicking 3.1 to the Lions 3.5.

Banyule did not kick another goal until deep in the final quarter, and Fitzroy asserted their dominance on scoreboard from the middle of the second. “Hard at the ball. That’s what brought about the result today,” said assistant coach, Phil Davis. “The game was in dispute in the first half but after half time the boys came out and really made the game their own.”

This Fitzroy team boasts quality footballers on every line, and the victory was sparked through hard work and head over the ball grunt in the engine room. The key defenders destroyed the confidence of the Banyule forwards with disciplined spoiling and pressure, and the intelligent running backmen set up repeated attacking forays on the rebound.

Coach Monty Stuart was pleased with the way his team set up victory with hard running and utilising numerous avenues to goal. “The boys were prepared to look at their options and switch out of defence. We generated excellent run and spread from the stoppages,” he said after the game.

In attack the small forwards created havoc from their opportunities. They fought hard to lock the ball in the forward line and profited from the dominance of the tall Fitzroy targets.

After the 14.19.103 to 4.3.27 victory, captain Max Davie noted that the team had already turned  its attention to next week’s big Friday night clash under lights at Victoria Park. “Yeah nah it’s a credit to the boys today,” he said.

Friday , May 24, 2013

Fitzroy 14.9.93 def Greythorn 8.4.52, Victoria Park,

Fitzroy won every quarter to record an impressive win over Greythorn in the celebration of indigenous footballers at Victoria Park under lights on Friday night. A vocal crowd of more than 200 enjoyed the celebration as Fitzroy kicked 14.9. 93 to Greythorn’s 8.4.52.

A blistering 11-minute burst at the start of the second quarter yielded six goals straight as Fitzroy swept forward in waves from the mid-field and broke the game open.

Greythorn coach Rod Nancarrow thanked Fitzroy Junior Football Club for initiating the Indigenous game and acknowledged the value of the event in honouring indigenous footballers at all clubs and all levels.

Most of the boys who played in this game are able to take for granted the high number of talented indigenous Australian players in the game at the top level. But their parents remember when it was much harder for aboriginal players to establish themselves due to prevalent abuse and lack of support from clubs. Nicky Winmar’s statement of his identity in the face of sustained racist abuse happened at the same venue 20 years and 4 days before Friday night’s game. Winmar lifted up his St Kilda jersey and pointed to his chest in a famous “I’m black and I’m proud” gesture.

After the game Fitzroy coach Monty Stuart said it was his team’s hard work and willingness to run, keep running and then run some more that gave them the win. The harder the team worked the more their confidence grew. Some of the field kicking and clean, one-touch ball handling was a delight to behold in the dewy conditions.

Lewis Pavlich won the Indigenous Medal for Fitzroy’s best, with his blend of aggression, strength and superb ball skills.

Fitzroy captain Max Davie said the team was not getting carried away with its good start to the season. “There’s no danger of that at all. The boys are just taking it one week at a time”, he said.

Sunday, 2nd June, 2013

St Mary’s 10.06.66 def Fitzroy 8.10.58, Whatmough Park.

On a surprising good ground given the heavy rain on Friday night the Reds took on the rated St Mary’s on their home ground. St Mary’s shocked a pumped up Fitzroy with a 4 goal blitz in the opening 10 minutes before the reds put their first major on the board. The home side convincingly beat the visitors with a 31 to 13 point quarter.

Fitzroy re-grouped and played solid and hard at the ball footy in the second quarter to stay in touch kicking 2.4 to St Mary’s 2.1.

As was the case in the opening term St Mary’s played an entertaining direct brand of footy to extend their lead kicking 3.3 to the Roy’s 4 points. The reds worked hard but over use of the ball and some indirect kicking forward showed up on the score board. Fitzroy went into the last huddle with a 31 point deficit to claw back from a confident St Mary’s

And claw it back they did! The Roys came back with a very solid last term kicking 4.1 to the home team’s 2 points. With only minutes to go the Reds continued to carry the ball forward but with most of the St Mary’s team flooding the forward line, it was a step too late and too far to close the remaining 8 points.

Whilst it was a disappointing loss, and credit where credit is due, St Mary’s played some excellent football to take home the win, the Roys walked off the ground with some pride in the knowledge that with 4 good quarters the result may well have been quite different.

Back in the visitors, Monty reminded the team to communicate better, there were too many Fitzroy jumpers flying up for the contested mark, and that they needed to switch on for all four quarters in order to beat good sides like St Mary’s.

Goal Kickers: Zac Hancock 5 and Ben Caplikas 3.

Sunday 16 June 2013, Peterson Oval

Ivanhoe 8.6.54 def Fitzroy 5.8.38.

The conditions were cold and overcast but the rain stayed away.  The oval however was quite muddy in spots. From the first bounce Ivanhoe showed good form strongly attacking the ball and accurately kicking to strong leading forwards. Whist the Reds got a bit of the ball they were not able to trouble the scoreboard. Ivanhoe finish with 3 goals to our behind.

The second quarter saw a much better effort from our lads, and proved to be quite an arm wrestle. The Roys again got plenty of the ball, their run out of the centre and good tackling started to pay dividends resulting in a 2.4 to 1.2 quarter keeping the home side in striking distance of the visitors.

The third quarter started as did the second, it was pretty much played between the flanks, however Ivanhoe eventually came out on top with a 3-goal blitz and looked like running away with the game. The Roys fought back with a couple of goals but they would need to play at their best in the final term to get the four points on this outing.  Ivanhoe kicked 3.3. to 2.0.

The Roys would have dominated the possession count in the last, but with the visitors flooding the forward line, it was pretty difficult to find a way to score amongst the traffic.  A 1.3 to 1.0. quarter was not enough, and Ivanhoe came away with a good win.

The bottom line – over use of the ball, at times not manning up when the opposition ran the ball out of our forward line, and an inability to find a lead in attack was the difference between the sides. However the home side won more than its fair share of the leather and this should show on the scoreboard as the game plan develops in the ensuing weeks.

Goal kickers –  James, Tom and Daniel managed one a piece, with Zac chalking up a couple.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ashburton R . 11.6.72 def Fitzroy 8.9.57 at Peterson Oval

For most of the match against Ashburton at Peterson Oval on Sunday, the Fitzroy boys looked in control. They led at every change, by 8 points at quarter time, 14 points at half time, then 8 points again at the final change.

But Fitzroy conceded the last five goals of the game and was held goal-less in the final quarter, Ashburton getting home by 15 points.

Fitzroy’s strong early position was built on a brave and composed midfield and plenty of energy from the small forwards. As usual Fitzroy’s backs took every chance to attack and distributed the ball thoughtfully as they emerged from defence.

Some of the Roys’ kicking out from the goal square was magnificent to watch. Low, bullet-like passes several times found Lion targets well inside the centre square.

Periods of dominance in the second and third quarters kept the Roys on top, but couldn’t extinguish the Ashburton challenge. Fitzroy looked the better side for the best part of three quarters of football, but after Ashburton dominated the final 30 minutes, Fitzroy walked away empty-handed for the second week in a row.

Fitzroy players became frustrated late in the game and the umpires punished them, free kicks for high tackles robbing the Roys of critical momentum.

After the game coach Monty Stuart lamented the drop in concentration, but was upbeat about his team’s prospects. “If we stay focussed, keep running, and attack the ball like we have for most of the season, we’ll win these games,” he said.

Lions skipper Max Davie was philosophical. “The boys are disappointed today. But the great thing about footy is we have next week to come out and redeem ourselves.”

Goal kickers: Daniel Costanzo 2; Will Zaghis 2; Zac Hancock 2; Max Maynard; Aidan Lambert.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fitzroy 1. 11.8-74 def Banyule 1. 11.6-72 at WT Peterson Oval.

On a perfect day for football, our boys went out to face another tough opponent (and at this level, all the teams in Colts 1 are very close in ability and anyone can win on any given day regardless of ladder position) with a strong commitment to return to the winners list after 3 consecutive losses.

From the outset, and all throughout the game, both teams played tough and unrelenting football with Banyule edging ahead at the first break by 3 points kicking 2.4 to our 2.1.

The second quarter was just as tough with neither team giving an inch and heading into half time with scores locked at 5.5 to Banyule to our 5.3.

Heading into the 3rd quarter, Banyule seized control by playing better team football and despite all our boy’s effort, Banyule skipped away to a handy 13 point margin by the last break; 9.6 to our 7.5.

The last quarter picked up where the 3rd finished with Banyule scoring the first 2 goals and looking as though they had done enough to run out winners; but with half the quarter left to play, our boys dug in and with relentless pressure on the opposition fought back scoring 3 goals in 6 minutes to edge within 4 points. With only a minute left on the clock and after some terrific team play on our half forward line, managed to pump the ball forward to score our 4th  for the quarter and hold on for an inspiring come from behind win by 2 points.

A great game and certainly, a fantastic result for never giving up.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fitzroy 1. 12.14.86 def St. Mary’s 4.6.30 at WT Peterson Oval.

Two things were etched firmly in the memory after Fitzroy’s big 56-point win over St Mary’s at Peterson Oval on Sunday: the cruel icy blast of Melbourne’s coldest July weekend for 13 years (four days after our warmest July day ever!); and the unstoppable six goal to nil final quarter onslaught unleashed by the Roys against the old enemy, turning the tables after their 9 point loss against the ‘Borough earlier in the season.

On that occasion too the Roys kicked a swag of goals in the fourth, but that was in a doomed comeback which fell just short.

The first three quarters this time around were again tough, hard-fought footy and the great fighting spirit this team always exhibits saw them keep their noses in front at every change.

At three quarter time coach Monty Stuart asked them for just one more quarter of effort. As they had for the past month, the Lions provided the effort their coach asked for, but unlike the previous few games, things started to go right.

After Fitzroy kicked the first two quick goals their confidence soared. The marks started sticking, the ruck taps found the rovers, the wind took the well-judged set shots just the right side of the posts. St Mary’s fought it out; they’re too good a side to let a game go without a scrap, but Fitzroy was unstoppable. It was the sort of footy we saw from the Lions on the firm grounds back in April.

St Mary’s suffered a couple of heavy knocks in the final quarter, which did not help their cause, with the brave players taken straight from the ground hardly knowing where they were.

As the lead ballooned beyond five goals the crowd started to relax and enjoy themselves as they were treated to some spectacular marks and goals, and some delightful sure ball-handling. The tenors and baritones were in powerful voice as the strains of La Marseillaise rang out across Brunswick St for the last time in 2013.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fitzroy 8.10.58 def Ivanhoe 4.1.25 at Ivanhoe Park

Fitzroy’s third big win in succession saw them leap-frog St Mary’s into second place on the ladder entering the finals. The Roys will play Ashburton, who finished first, in a semi final next week. The winner of that game earns a week off and progresses straight through to the grand final on August 25, and the loser will play the survivor of the elimination match on the 18th.

It was Ashburton who inflicted Fitzroy’s last defeat, by just 7 points back in mid-July at the leafy surrounds of Ferndale Park, where the slope is worth more than a 3-goal breeze.  But Fitzroy has completed the home and away season with three big wins – average winning margin 53 points – and they enter the finals confident they can overcome the top team at the neutral venue.

The Lions’ 35-point win on a swampy surface at Ivanhoe Park continued their golden vein of form over the last month.

If anything the margin flattered Ivanhoe. Eighteen scoring shots to five was possibly a more accurate indication of how the match panned out, particularly after half time.

The first half was tight and hard. It was one goal each at quarter time and three apiece at the long break. The signs were good for Fitzroy though, as they piled on six scoring shots to two.

There are some very sticky hands in this side, particularly across half back and in the forward line, and several contested marks with the heavy slippery ball were worth the price of admission on their own. Some disciplined spoiling and fierce attacksa on the footy saw Fitzroy strike in the third quarter with two goals to none.

At three-quarter time head coach and tactician Monty Stuart instructed his team to keep their composure, play in front, and the match was theirs for the taking. A big pack mark and goal from the Ivanhoe focal point to start the last quarter did not deter the Lions who slotted home the next three goals to seal victory.

Within minutes of reaching the rooms the news was out: a St Mary’s loss against bottom side Banyule meant the Lions were in second place, and escape a sudden death playoff in week one of the finals.

“A whole new season starts now”, Fitzroy captain Max Davie said after the game. “But the boys will treat it like any other game”, he said.

Second Semi-Final

Sunday, August 11, 2013
Fitzroy 12.8.80 def Ashburton 1.11.17 at Bulleen Park
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Grand Final
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