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The Fitzroy Colts are aiming to get three teams up for season 2014, we have enough for this (just) but we need more players and we need them now. Contact the Colts Coordinator for details on how to get involved.


  • Colts ‘Squad’ Coordinator: Craig Mitchell – 0409 581 674
  • Colts 1 Coach: Bernie Dinneen – 0402 452 924
  • Colts 2 Coach: Douglas (Monty) Stuart – 0406 897 411
  • Colts 3 Coach: TBA
  • Assistant Coaches: TBA

buttonWhy Fitzroy Colts?

The 2013 campaign for the Colts at Fitzroy JFC was a very successful , we had 3 Colts teams in Div 1, 3 & 4, and over 80 registered players. It was caped of by the 1st team taking home the big prize in the YJFL, the 2013 Div 1 Premiership.

A number of players were represented in the Northern Knights squad as well as in the YJFL awards for the season with the FJFC Colts proudly boasting the winners of the Captain of the Year, Coach of the Year, League Best & Fairest as well as three players making the YJFL team of the year, no small achievement and was reward for everyone involved with the Colts squad in 2013. The above demonstrates  the strength and dedication that you’ll find within the Colts squad and at Fitzroy JFC as a whole.

We are again looking at a similar set up of around 70 to 80 players and 3 teams in 2014.The premierships and accolades are a little harder to predict!

Colts is a very exciting year for everyone involved in it, and comes with a few mixed emotions for many. Its a year for the older agers to celebrate and enjoy the pinnacle of their junior football experience before moving onto from Junior footy for good. Its also a great year for the younger age boys to develop and start to test out their abilities against the bigger bodies of the older ages.

Three teams enables all players to be involved at a level they are comfortable with and also gives depth s they can strive to achieve higher levels and goals as the season progresses.

80+ Colts players takes a mammoth collective effort, its difficult to put so many players on the field each week, and it takes many people behind the scenes each week  to properly conduct 2 trainings sessions, as well as game day, social nights, team & squad management duties etc etc. The commitment from the players is also paramount as many are doing VCE and have part time jobs, it takes a strong committed community and good communication to make this all happen, this is exactly what you will find at the Fitzroy JFC.

buttonCommunication Portals:

So we can keep you well informed during the pre & main season we have set up the following:

The FJFC Colts 2014 Facebook page; this is a closed community of parents and players and is the main point of contact for late changes to training and the like. If you are not already on this page please contact the Colts Squad Coordinator.

Group Email: This is done by the Colts Squad Coordinator and will be taken on by the individual team managers once the season progresses. Make sure your email client doesn’t ‘junk’ our email address: fitzroycolts2014@gmail.com

Please keep us updated with any email address changes you may incur through the season.

Web Page: Bingo, you’ve found it! This will be the place to find photo’s, articles on fitness and training as well as updates on coaches and teams as we draw closer to the season proper.

COLTS TEAM SELECTION: We will soon release a document that will (hopefully) explain all you need to know about team selection, this is a complicated and difficult process at the best of times and we ask that you ensure you read it carefully

button Pre-Season Training

Tuesdays and Fridays from 4.30pm

Sir Herbert Onley Oval – Yarra Bend Rd, Yarra Bend


Check FJFC Colts 2014 Facebook page for updates or contact the Squad Coordinator via email: fitzroycolts2014@gmail.com

button Season Registration 

Club Registration Arrangements for 2014

The FJFC will be registering current players on-line for the 2014 football season.

Here is how it will work:

YOU MUST SEND AN EMAIL TO: registration@fitzroyjuniorfc.com.au

The fee for 2014 will be $205 per player.

Players wishing to receive a subsidy should contact the club via our web site email address, or ring one of the Committee members as listed on our site.

Registration Fees do not include Shorts or Socks, these may be purchased from Northcote Sportsmart.

buttonInformation Archive:

X-MAS BREAK Training Program

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