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  • Coach: Matt Drew
  • Assistant Coaches: Michael Kanizay, Mark Schickerling
  • Team Manager: Denzil Flood 0405 730 225

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Team Manager’s Match Reports

29 June 2014 Round 9

The Coaches came with the joy of committed fools, the Team Manager came reluctantly, the Players came with jumpers over their jumpers and the Parents came with the car heaters on full blast.

Our first time at the rather large Sir Herbert Olney Oval, named after a well-liked Melbourne philanthropist whose favourite maxim was ‘It can be done’.  With that in mind the Team captains Rohan McKenzie (#3) and Finn O’Reardon (#5) willed the coin toss to favour them and it did so as if it Sir Bert had willed it himself.

The first quarter began with a surge from the Heidelberg Tigers that promised a tight match but within minutes the ball was in the hands of our backmen and quickly it was Flynn (#6) combining with Christian (#22) to on-baller Tyler (#11) whose clearing kick was marked well by Max (#19) our go to man at CHF.  A scrum in the goal square resulted in ball up that saw Jack (#23) cleverly tap it to an unmarked Daniel (#16) whose quick snap got us a minor score to start the day.  The ball moved out but it was Rory (#14) beautifully balanced on the turn that kicked the ball to Rohan (#3) who put the first major in the bank.  It was to be Rohan’s (#3) day in the pocket and his seven goal haul was impressive but his efforts in bringing others into the game as befits a Captain were more so.  Our other Captain Finn O (#5) showed the boys the right stuff by getting the ultimate ‘hard get’ when surrounded by seven Tigers (that’s right not 3 not 4 but 7!), it was he that got the ball out and clear.  To finish the quarter it was the familiar sight of Paddy (#9) at full stretch gloriously marking over his head in the depths of the backline.

The second quarter had Finn C (#13) continuing his good form from last week. Max (#19) ripping through the opposition like he’d ripped through the wrapping on his birthday presents (Happy Birthday Max!) delivered the ball to Finn C (#13) who took a diving mark and goaled perfectly from a hard angle. Riley (#8) dominated the centre clearances, laying tackles, taking marks and after kicking a point promptly self-corrected by marking the kick-out and kicking it back for a goal. Rueben (#21) dashed down the wing and added to the goal bank that with Rohan’s (#3) goal from a diving mark on the edge of the square now looked like it would never be overdrawn!

Half time saw the Team Manager crippled by the cold and convinced it was the right name but the wrong place for surely he belonged at other place named after Sir Herbert Olney, the Olney Geriatric Ward at the Mount Royal Hospital but frozen hands failed to activate google maps and he remained a pained shuffling figure on the boundary.

As the third quarter commenced it was apparent to all that ‘Scott of Antarctica’ had died in similar conditions and our thoughts turned to who would be first to eat the dogs if things got worse. As the rain fell, the highlight reel ran riot as we saw; Dan King (#16) on his third of three great quarters on the ball driving us forward; Flynn (#6) chest marking a ball more slippery than an eel; Rory (#14) again off half forward marking strongly and turning it into the goal square, Dom (#18) providing a shepherd that gave Lachy(#10)  the time to make another of his clearing runs; Oscar (#24) now on the wing taking everything that came his way as did Ned (#4) who, on a day when backline opportunities were few, still had the great discipline to shepherd others when he could have so easily gone for the ball himself; Jhy (#1) and Matty (#7), who had been denied by the footy gods all day, getting some key touches that rewarded their persistence and kept the juggernaut rolling; but the highlight of the quarter was Pat’s (#20) first goal which split the uprights and sent a roar of approval across the ground.

At the start of the last quarter the backmen demanded photos to remind them of what the ball looked like but they remembered quickly enough and it was Sam (#15) who kicked cleanly away as the Tiger forwards try to shut him down. Tai who’s quiet day in the backline had not been enliven by an even more quieter time as a guest Heidelberg forward in the second quarter shrugged off the tackles of two Tigers and got the ball forward to Matty (#7) who kicked it straight to the chest of Rohan (#3) who finished off another fine team goal. In the hot pocket Tyler (#11), stretching skyward one handed like the Statue of Liberty, controlled the mark and goaled from the tightest of angles and Jack (#23) bustling the Tigers aside picked up a major too. At the siren the Team Manager busied himself with a WorkSafe claim from our overworked master statistician Damian Carr who’s hand had badly cramped from the day’s effort.  Kudos too to Tai (#2), Flynn (#6), Tyler (#11) and Pat (#20) whose sportsmanship in donning Tiger jumpers on the day was much appreciated by all.

At the end, as befitted a Sunday morning, it was possibly more a case of ‘thy will be done’ rather than ‘it can be done’ and the Roys graced the parkland with a stirring version of the club song on their way to the warming embrace of the parental units lining the boundary.  The roars of approval from the crowd throughout the game well befitted a game played by true Lions and Tigers.

22 June 14 Round 8

The Coaches came one down, the Team Manager came with a balaclava, the Players came with an enthusiasm that was just annoying and the fact that the Parents came at all was surprising given the early start.

Last week the ground had more girth than a prize bull, this week we were playing the bulls themselves – Bundoora Bulls.   Bundoora won the toss but as we were informed by our Co-Captain Christian (#22) post-game, they chose to kick the wrong way.  Co- Captain Jhy (#1) moved to the forward line and with fine yell to stir the blood we were away.

The forward line was where you needed to be if you were going to see a lot of the footy but it was the backs that started a play that saw Pat (#20) flashing down the wing to send the ball to newbie full forward, Tyler (#11), who marked and converted for his first major in the big time.  Max (#19) and Finn O (#5) both saw a chance inside the forward 50 but Max’s reach got him the mark and a major to reward his efforts from the centre clearances. Matty (#7) ran, marked and bested all the opposition could throw at him to start a match that saw him dominate at half forward and deliver his best game so far.  One chance for the Bulls before the quarter ended was promptly snuffed out on half back as Charlie (#12) and Rueben (#21) kept the Bulls at bay while Riley (#8) kicked the ball into space for Daniel (#16) to gather and push the ball forward again. Lachy (#10) on his knees marking, Christian (#22) clearing from the line, could it get better? Lordy Lordy it could indeed.

The second quarter was better because the boys realised that though they were the stronger team, they still had to work together to get the result and the result was the best quarter of the season to date.  Rueben (#21), Rohan (#3) and Tai’s (#2) on ball efforts enabled them to move the ball quickly into our forward 50 where Lachy (#10) and Leo (#17) lurked like Labradors outside a butcher’s shop window and snagged themselves 4 marks between them for the quarter and a goal to boot. Once you’d helped your mates in the forward line to look good surely there was no harm in looking good yourself and so the on-ballers Rueben (#21), Rohan (#3) and Tai (#2) had scoring shots too. Jack (#23) stood tall, bombed it into the goal square where Rohan (#3) turned his opponents inside out before turning left himself to snap one truly over his shoulder for his second of the quarter. Not to be outdone, Matty (#7) chanced his new found speed, turned and screwed the ball back across his body for goal that’s a good chance for goal of the year  – a boy’s cheery grin when he gets it right warms the heart but it’s the proud grin and roar of approval from his teammates that will warm your soul.

Half time saw a very cheery bunch of Roys receive the collective wisdom of the coaching staff and for the second week running coaches praised the boys for keeping the goal square clear and for staying firm in defense.

The third quarter saw Finn O (#5) and Finn C (#13) hold beautiful marks with a wet ball that stung the fingers.  Dom (#18) applied a tackle that not only spilled the ball but in the best tradition of second efforts scooped up the ball and with Bulls dragging on his jumper still passed it off to Paddy (#9) who’s heels may not have been clean but were pointing the right way as he headed downtown.  Jhy (#1) heeding the early advice from the coach about captains leading by example put his body in and dragged the ball out from under to feed it out to the other forwards.  Finn C (#13) in a standout run across and down the ground joined the fray in time to collect the loose ball and finish off with his first goal for the year.  Oscar (#24) who had rucked so strongly in the first quarter came back to continue the effort and sweet it was to see him get the tap out to Paddy (#9) and then follow up by shepherding him out of the centre.  Sam Willee (#15) with a one handed marking attempt in the backline was rock steady at full back, Ned (#4) in another disciplined team first game scooped up a loose ball and went looking for Rory (#14) in the centre who found a way to Daniel (#16) who was roaming the forward line and with his soft handed marking style picked up another major to send us into the last quarter well pleased.

At the start of the last quarter it was a real question as to whether Bundoora were the bulls or the fatted calves waiting for the ceremony to begin.  But the Bulls had spirit and knew better than all of us just how good it feels to be seven years old and kicking a ball for the sheer joy of it.  The back line was allowed some liberties; Riley (#8) on what were effectively fresh legs went on the ball and took a solid contested mark in the square and goaled from the angle but Christian (#22) was content to be disciplined as befits a captain and remain back lest we get caught out at the very end. Another couple of majors to Tyler (#11) and Leo (#17) – a tidy day for both indeed. It was also a quarter for motherly advice with Cass Quilty screaming for Paddy (#9) to get into the gaol square while the coach was screaming for him to get out, what was a boy to do?  Mindful of the problems that befell Oedipus he listened to the coach and stayed the hell out.

Another game, another song well sung and best of all, opponents who had the heart to make it a contest worth being at.

15 June  2014 Round 7

The Coaches came with beard envy, the Team Manager came with a snappy new clipboard, the Players came with very little meat on their bones and the Parents came with a lot of well-meaning but extremely soft advice about catching a nasty cold.

Colder than a Tax Commissioner’s heart, the day saw us at the home of the North Brunswick Giants, Allard Oval, a ground with more girth than a prize bull.   Captains Lachy (#10) and Daniel (#16) won the toss and chose to kick to the western end which was so far away the forwards kissed their parents goodbye and promised to write.

The start was everything the boys wanted with Christian (#22) and Ned (#4) combining to send the ball forward and with North Brunswick failing to pick up their opponents it was left to Oscar (#24) to open the bill with the sort of easy goals full forwards dream about.  When the ball moved into the backline it was Dom (#18) and Max (#19) who used their height to knock the ball down to the likes of Riley (#8) and Rory (#14) who made clearing kicks to advantage that moved the coaches to tears. The quarter progressed and with Daniel (#16) and Finn O (#5) looking more composed than a Chopin nocturne, Rohan was fed the ball to give us our third major of the quarter.

The second quarter saw all the hallmarks of winter footy writ glorious in the mud, the ball was slippery, the ground was soggy, the centre square muddy and it was harder to get away from the opposition than the washing-up at a family Xmas lunch. Still, Matty (#7) and Tyler (#11) took fine marks and their kicks into the heart of the forward line helped Tai (#2) keep the goals coming. Unable to convince the rest of the team that white shorts had to have matching white socks Oscar in a fit of fashion pique goaled to keep us ahead at the long break.

Half time provided some respite as the soft ground was already making legs heavy but the coaches praised the boys for keeping the goal square clear and for staying firm in defense.

The second half saw the Giants come back with intensity and a hard physical game that allowed them to score and monetarily sideline a few of our players including Dom (#18), Rory (#14), Tyler (#11) and apply a big bump on Daniel (#16) but as befits a Captain he got up, spat out the mud and continued on.  Two quick goals to the Giants had our Coach screaming so hard and loud to ‘pick up a man’ that even a few of the Roy mothers on the sidelines tried to chat up perfect strangers.  Late in the third quarter the Roys recovered and the backs under Generalissimos Rueben (#21) and Finn C (#13) held firm and continued to do so allowing the Giants only a solitary point for the rest of the match. The Coach had stressed that tackling would be needed and Paddy (#9), Flynn (#6) and Matty (#7) had inspired the others over 3 quarters with honest tackles that kept the Giants from getting closer.

In the last quarter, fuelled up on the specially enriched O’Reardon family oranges (ASADA stay away from our doors!), the Roys got some running game back in the contest and it was Leo (#17) yet again running between half forward and half back that kept the ball forward and the Roys started to take shots at goal.  The shots were plentiful (special mention to Peter Lay for some dazzling flag work) but the accuracy was hard to achieve as we kicked a point after point so that it looked like the boys had decided to win by instalments.  The backline had little to do but Pat (#20) quickly snuffed out a Giants move down the boundary and combined with Jack (#23) to switch the ball to attack.  The highlight of team play for the match was Jhy (#1) unselfishly centring a lovely kick when he could have blazed away himself.  In the dying moments it was Lachy standing firm who marked at maximum range, sold the candy to the man on the mark but was denied the 6 pointer by the timekeeper’s siren.

The boys, with their arms draped around each other in that now familiar style, walked from the ground singing loud and proud, a harder game this time but perhaps a taste of things to come in the older divisions.  Well done Roys, well done Giants.

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