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  • Coach: Duncan McKenzie
  • Assistant Coaches: Dave Scowen
  • Team Manager:Cathy Lester

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Wednesday 4-5.30pm, Alfred Cresent Fitzroy

We are back at Alfred Cresent as of July 9!!!!

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Sunday 10th August Away vs St Mary’s W, Greensborough Park of Main St Greensborough 11.30am, Players to arrive by 10.45 am White Shorts

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Fitzroy Under 11 Red V Bulleen Templestowe

Sunday August 3

Footy.  We love you footy.  We love you when you are played on a crisp morning, under a cobalt sky in Bulleen.  We love you in white shorts, we love you in blue, we love you when we can’t think of anything to rhyme with blue…it’s true..Oh, Look!

Down at the wide, long and sort of hilly ground at Bulleen we really didn’t give the BT’s a sniff.  They tried hard but they couldn’t crack our stunning defence.

But let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start.  Luca streamed out of the centre from the first bounce and sent us deep into the forward line, a lovely start to a beautiful day.  He continually gets the ball under pressure and gets us going.  Great work Luca!

We’d like to tip our hat to Amos, who, although putting in gamely in the last few weeks after his operation, this week played one of the halves of the season.  He was brilliant and bold and beautiful to watch in the first half.  Well done Amos on sticking with it and getting back to your old form.  Terrific stuff.

If Amos was good then Charlie was his equal.  What a game!  He shepherded, attacked the ball, racked up the possessions and showed the skill we know he possesses all day long.  A very fine game indeed.

Aidan also showed this quarter that he is warming to his task, getting better every week and using his body strength to good advantage.  Keep it up Aidan!

Cath Lester has been trying to insinuate herself into the footy reports from day one.  When she yelled in my ear that the boys had ‘COMPOSURE’ for about the twentieth time, I knew it was time to give in.  She was absolutely right too.  Manny’s composure in this game was a stand out, playing one of his best games too for a few weeks, he rebounded off half back and attacked the ball with purpose.  Wonderful.

Sam’s persistence and brilliant marking was a great sign from the get go.  His efforts to find the right position and impose himself in the contest showed confidence and courage.  His great talk out on the field is invaluable too.

It was fantastic to see Michael put his body in and win a free kick in front of goal and a pity his kick just scraped the post, but his consistent effort is inspiring.  Go Michael!

We have to mention the brilliant teamwork of Manny, Luca and Jaafar who combined to work the ball out and forward.  This is the kind of stuff that makes us more competitive every week.

Skipper Joseph had a terrific match and this quarter his work with Alexander on the wing to get the ball going our way was excellent, skilful stuff by both boys.

Josh took a brilliant, courageous and perfectly judged mark, showing again his smart reading of the play and we ended the quarter full of run and belief.

There were so many fine efforts in the second and third quarters that my pen almost ran out of ink.  Let’s give a shout out to Soren who continues to impress with his four-quarter efforts.  There are times he seems to be everywhere! He’s committed and courageous in the contest. Good work Soren.  Ander was terrific too, on the wing in this quarter he had three BT’s bearing down on him and managed to hold them all off and get the ball out to a teammate.  Great effort Ander!

We liked Maxie’s work in the pocket, a will ‘o the wisp looking for any opportunity to score and throwing himself into the contest more every week.  Nice one sonny.  His forward line compadre Albert locked the ball inside attacking 50, frustrating the BT’s defence and giving himself, and his teammates, plenty of chances to score. Great forward defensive work Albert.

While all the boys were terrific there were three things that stood out this quarter.  The Jaafar and Connor tackling show was something to behold, hard, tough, persistent and then winning the footy numerous times and doing good things with it.  Brilliant.

The forward line’s persistence in scrambling our first goal, keeping it in there, putting on the pressure to allow Joseph’s clever toe poke for our first major!  Lovely stuff.

Number three, take a bow Jack, not only did you save a goal you decided to stop your forward by throwing your head on his body and you didn’t even get a free!  Great, desperate work Jack!

Speaking of goal saving efforts, stand tall Lach the Rock!  Not once but twice Lachie took towering marks on the last line of defence.  I love watching Lach’s determination to let no one pass; it’s what the game’s all about.

Quarter three is often the Lewis premiership quarter and this week was no exception.  He dominates his position every week and sweeps off halfback with elegance and toughness in equal measure.  That’s a footballer right there.

Alexander again put the body in this quarter, he consistently holds his position and provides structure.  Ander’s lone effort to stop the hordes again a highlight.  Lucas continues to attack the ball with enthusiasm, this quarter meeting the Sherrin head on several times, with fine gathering and kicking to advantage.

If we hadn’t mentioned Everett yet, its not because we don’t love him, because we do.  His forward line work is always outstanding and tough in the clinches and he worked hard all day.  He rewarded himself and the team with a well-deserved goal in the last to give us the buffer we needed.

Ethan’s last quarter work often seems to be his best.  How can you not love that beautiful long kicking style, sending us forward and keeping us strong down back, his efforts crucial in restricting the BT’s scoring.

Jaafar & Connor.  Connor & Jaafar.  What can we say?  How many times did you boys get the ball?  How many times did you get us out of trouble with marking or smooth moving or clever positioning?  Plenty. Very good work boys, and ably assisted by each and every one of your teammates.

And so, we end where we began, in sunny Greensborough with every chance of ending the season on a high note.  Bring coffee, bring hope, bring white shorts.  We love you footy.  Go Roys!

Fitzroy Under 11 Red v Glen Iris


Fitzroy Under 11 Red v Bulleen Tigers

There are many things that you can say about football, but the main one is this: ‘People who are slack should not be entrusted to write footy reports.’

Apologies for missing a round or two in the roundup, I think I got lost somewhere between Port Douglas and the rest of my life.

Those intervening games though, were of course crackers.  The first was over against the Masterchefs at their home ground, a lovely building site with a portable for a canteen, an excellent surface and the sort of annoying, persistent rain that means a correspondent can’t read the bubbled paper she wrote notes on about four weeks ago.

I’m pretty sure we didn’t score a goal that day, not surprising though as although the boys tried hard, as ever, it was a wet cold and miserable day.  Some of us didn’t even get a dim sim at the end of it.

The following week we were back home on our lovely Alfred Crescent against the Bulleen Tigers.  This was some kind of game and we battled all day but dropped away towards the end.  Let’s give it up for our goal kickers though; some beauties were put through the big sticks.

Well done to Connor, who kicked two and handballed to his brother Mitchell who dobbed a beauty.  Go the Lesters!! Well done Mitch, all the boys were very excited for you, it was terrific to see you step in and play for us and you did a great job.   Great stuff Sam Taneski who also kicked a ripper in this game after taking a fine mark.

Well done all Roys!

Fitzroy Under 11 Red V Hawthorn Citizens

Sunday July 20

So we come to the little matter of a game played against those lovely Citizens of Hawthorn.

What a day!  We were onto it from the first bounce.  Jaafar came out of the centre with skill and poise.  Up back Aidan racked up four(!!) superb defensive efforts, one where the team play of Jack helped get the ball out.   Ander was quickly into the game taking his opponent on and reading the play very well, a skill he is developing every week.  Amos was running himself into some terrific form out of the centre.

It was this work – this run and back up and persistence that benefitted teammates on the forward line.  Sam, Lewis and Lucas all had a significant hand in getting the ball down to our tall timber and Everett, doing hard, clever work on the forward line, kicked our first goal of the term.  Great stuff Ev!

If we thought the boys would be happy with their efforts, we were pleasantly mistaken.  We slammed on two more for the quarter before the parents had even managed to utter, ‘What have you done with my children?’

A great goal to Maxie with a bit of trademark duck and weave, his kick just sailing over the defenders fingertips and when Albert burst through and banged one home, he just about brought the house down.  Great stuff Albert!

We went into the second quarter brimming with confidence.  We had run, we had structure, we had team work….we had GOALS ON THE BOARD!!!

To Hawthorn’s credit, they picked themselves up and hit our defence hard.  The backline was under siege, but just like peak hour at the choc top counter of the Rivoli on a Saturday night, the Citizens couldn’t get through.

Take a bow Ethan and Sam, brilliant repeat efforts held Hawthorn up.  Connor was everywhere, marking everything, being an option forward and back and Alexander bobbed up to provide excellent support, his terrific shepherding a highlight.

Again it was this hard work upfield that saw the ball eventually come to our forwards and Jaafar got reward for his consistently fine efforts by booting our fourth goal. Michael’s shepherding on the goal line was brilliant and timely.

Connor got us moving forward again and this time the run of Amos saw him gather and kick a wonderful goal.  Did Michael get a toe poke on the line?  It was hard to see from a distance but what a great team goal from Amos and Michael.

At half time there was the smell of something brewing,  and it wasn’t a soy chai frappacino…it smelt a little like victory…or dim sims…whatever, it was a heady aroma and coaches Duncan & Dave made sure the boys didn’t get too far ahead of themselves.  There was a whole half to play.  Knuckle down fellas, crack on!

Crack on they did, they didn’t give the Citizens a sniff.  Zeke tackled and ran, making space and creating options and when Jack and Lachie linked up and passed the ball so beautifully out of the backline, you couldn’t help thinking, ‘Hang on!  These blokes look like footballers!’

Josh, as Josh so often does, did some marvellous one percenters, getting the ball moving and Soren and Ander seemed to have the ball on a string in this second half.  Theirs were both outstanding games of excellent positioning and deft skill.  Soren’s run crucial this quarter.

Charlie had a great third quarter, his repeat efforts, his tenacity and his attack on the ball encapsulated the way the boys played all day.  Brilliant Charlie!

Our L’s all had rippers as well.  Lucas always manages to put himself in the right spot, marking with surety and strength. His spin and kick out of trouble in the third showed awareness too. Lewis is full of courage and is a commanding presence on the backline.  You have to love seeing his busting runs.  And Luca?  Well Luca puts in EVERY SINGLE WEEK with smart ball use and determination at the footy.

Lachlan stood tall all day in defence, using smarts and strength to keep his opponent off the ball. Manny attacking the ball with his usual vigour and strength helped launch us beyond the centre many times; our backline was looking terrific.

Joseph continues to get involved in the game and stay involved for longer.  Some terrific marking saw him have a shot at goal, narrowly missing.  Keep it up Joseph!

In the last quarter there were some stand out efforts.  Well done to Zeke, clearing a path for a teammate to get to the ball, to Connor for his smother, to Ethan’s resolute, strong defence, Sam’s smart kicking to position.  All of this paved the way for Everett to kick his second goal for the day and Connor to send through our final major.  Awesome guys!

This was a TEAM effort, EVERY boy played his part, EVERY parent swelled with pride, EVERYONE was stoked for Duncan & Dave.  Great, gutsy, brilliant team win boys.  We’re all excited for you.  Keep it going, keep that structure, keep looking out for your teammates & keep having fun.  Go Roys!!


Fitzroy Under 11 Red V St. Mary’s Sunday June 15

You know what’s not good for footy?  Being a constitutional monarchy.  You have to miss a week of the glorious game because Queenie has a birthday.  Pah! Bring on the republic and footy 24/7.

Anyway here we are, back to our ‘home ground’, Sir Hubert (actually Herbert) Olney Reserve.  I’ve done a bit of digging about old Bert, a manufacturer, politician and philanthropist, fond of the saying, ‘It can be done.’  By crikey are we playing at the right place or what??!  If Fitzroy Under 11 believe anything, it’s that IT CAN BE DONE.

Of course it takes effort and persistence and courage to get it done and we’ve got that in spades.

Against St. Mary’s we managed to do all that and more.  Our first quarter was solid with outstanding contributions from Charlie in the centre along with the hard running and excellent positioning of Connor and Jaafar.

Ethan was in just about everything, combining well with teammates and laying terrific shepherds.  Everett and Lachlan, as they always do, were holding strong on the backline, despite a lot of pressure with Ev making a couple of his trademark busting runs off half back.  Michael was doing his usual hard contesting work in the forward line, throwing himself into everything.

St. Mary’s were strong but we kept putting ourselves in and going for the ball.  Joseph continues to grow in the backline, making some great spoils and contests and Lachie again was working hard to stop goals.

Lucas was doing well, getting the ball forward from the centre and Alexander Shields was creating options with his run to position.  Luca took a terrific courageous mark, and as always was in and under the whole game.  His work combining with Joseph a stand out in the second term.

Of course Zeke ran like a gazelle, he ran so hard down a wing he had to come off because the soles of his feet were burning!!  So too our other speedsters like Jaafar and Charlie, who both got more of the ball this quarter and used it well.

It was this hard work, along with unselfish team play of Connor that saw the Roys first goal on the board. Connor’s strong mark and handball over the top saw Max run into goal to score the major.  Great work boys!

The third quarter saw Soren pick up a lot of touches and he began the quarter with three excellent consecutive efforts to get the ball out of the centre for us.  Terrific stuff!  Manny was chasing and never giving up across half-back, his pressure a constant feature.  Albert picked up a few deft touches that again showed his skills.

Charlie was running and assisting teammates and when Jaafar picked up the ball and ran; we knew we were headed for the big sticks.  His great kick saw Ethan making excellent position on the goal line to help the ball through with a great little toe poke.  Let’s call it the Ethan/Jaafar goal!  It was a beauty!

Our effort and persistence was way up in this quarter.  Great things like Max, Zeke and Jaafar combining to keep the ball locked in our forward line showed our determination. Lucas tried hard too and was always strong in the contest.

Joshua was having a blinder of a match.  From the outset, he hunted the ball, was in and under and helping teammates with skill and daring.  He was just about everywhere!  A terrific game from Josh.

Lewis, Josh and Luca were great in and around the ball.  Lewis putting in some massive efforts to contest and keep the ball going our way.  He combined several times with other teammates and our football rose to a new level by the end of this term.

In the last quarter the boys all tried hard and the ball was often up in our defence.  Lachie, Alex and Lewis all showed great poise and determination to hold St. Mary’s up several times.

Again, we couldn’t quite get over the line, but that was more to do with our structure than lack of skills and determination.  Like the coaches say, if we stick to our man and try to win the ball, we’ll go a long way to winning more matches.

A special mention to the fantastic Maisie who stepped in to play for us as we had a few boys away.  She was a running, tackling machine.  Afraid of no one and plenty of times got her hands on the ball for us and got us moving.  Thanks Maisie, a terrific effort, much appreciated.

Until next time when the sun is shining and the ball is bouncing our way, GO ROYS!!

Sunday May 31 Fitzroy Under 11 v Bulleen Templestowe

Fitzroy is a proud football club.  Formed in 1883, it was a foundation member of the VFL/AFL.  Some of its past players represent some of the games greatest – Haydn Bunton was a triple Brownlow medallist and inducted into the AFL’s Hall of Fame as a legend.

Kevin Murray won a Brownlow in 1969 and is a member of the AFL’s Team of the Century and Paul Roos, Sydney premiership coach and current Demons coach was one of the finest Fitzroy players of the modern era.

Although the Fitzroy name is no longer in the AFL, the club lives on in the Brisbane Lions, where the jumper, the song and the spirit thrive still today.

Whenever you pull on the colours – maroon and blue – you become part of that history, and last Sunday Fitzroy players of old would have swelled with pride to see their Under 11’s wear that glorious jumper with such distinction.

You boys were tireless and fearless and persistent all day.  You ran and chased and tackled; you backed up, shepherded and flew; you put your bodies in, showed terrific skills and can hold your head up high.

Sometimes though, as the Old Royboys knew so well, not everything can go your way.  We lost to Bulleen Templestowe in a nail biter and a heart breaker, but the courage and sportsmanship you showed is what the game is all about.

You should be very proud of yourselves and remember what teamwork, consistent effort and determination can achieve.  Great game boys and a special mention to some of our best players on the day:

Max, Albert, Jack, Ethan, Luca, Charlie, Amos, Joseph, Jafaar, Soren, Alexander N, Everett, Manny, Michael, Lucas, Connor, Lachlan and Aidan.

Oh, that appears to be all of you!  That’s because everyone did their bit for the team, a fine effort especially considering we were missing a few players this week so had no rotations. Great stuff!

It’s probably not fair to single out individual players, but as we do mention our goal kickers every week, let’s congratulate Ethan, Connor and Jafaar on scoring the majors.  Well done boys.

We have the bye this week, so you can put your feet up and soak extra long in the Radox bath until June 15 when we play St Mary’s at home.  Until then, Go Roys, you good things!

Round 6,Sunday May 25 Fitzroy Under 11 Red v Whitehorse Colts

Whoever said football was fun didn’t have to travel east every second weekend, devoid of proper coffee and send their child out to meet Leviathans posing as 10 year-old boys.  Those Whitehorse kids seemed inordinately large, but good for them.  Must be something in the chicken.

The Roy Boys ran out with their usual enthusiasm and positivity.  We kicked off brilliantly with Jafaar starting as he went on for the rest of the day – head over the ball, winning clearances and running.  His lovely goal was our first and only for the day, but who cares?! Blow the siren, it was a ripper!

It was great to get Manny back in the side.  We’ve missed his hard run and determination not to be passed on the backline and it was terrific to see his courage at the contest.  Welcome back Manny!

Alexander Shields had a terrific quarter and probably his best game of the year.  He was in everything and showed a willingness to work hard.  Well done Alexander.

Connor, Amos and Soren also had a very fine start to the game, in and around the ball and using strength and dash to link up with their teammates.

Aidan Hyde’s fine defensive work kicked off the second quarter well and although Whitehorse was starting to run away from us, the boys buckled down beautifully to their task, especially against some tough physical pressure.

They never shirked the issue and Everett again attacked the ball with vigour and skill, many times sweeping the ball off half-back.  Luca was doing his usual stuff, getting to the contest, working hard, backing his teammates.  A great game again.  Max also had a pretty nice quarter, with excellent running to position making him an option both forward and back.

Sam continued to show great skills and tireless effort and combined well in this quarter with Michael in the forward line to give us a scoring chance.  Alexander Nikolajuk was working his way into the game with repeat efforts and run and had a fine quarter.

Connor provided his usual target all over the ground to help keep us in the game.  Zeke, Jafaar and Amos were full of run and creativity, as usual.

Lewis Jones at half-back was a star all day.  His reading of the play, mopping up and smooth delivery a pleasure to watch.  Great stuff Lewis!

In the third term, the McKenzie boys, no relation(!), were tearing things up.  Ethan’s fine mark and kick got us rolling and Soren’s efforts in the contest were outstanding.  Around about here Jack Stanley positively strolled around the boundary from a back pocket keeping the ball in front of him, warding off about 25 Whitehorse players, to get us a throw in on the wing.  A brilliant effort from Jack, in one of his best games of the year.

Joshua is demonstrating his desire to get involved and for the second week in a row did some beaut little things to keep the ball moving.  His handball to advantage was clever and clear headed.  Keep it going Josh!

Everett continued to shine in this quarter and Alexander N locked the ball up to keep possession from the opposition.

Lucas Gigliotti is a bit of quiet achiever, every week going about his business steadily and impressively.  His reliable marking and decision making was terrific again particularly in the last quarter.  Lachie was trying hard on the full back line, but the amount of play he had to contend with was enormous.  He held his head up and battled well all day.

Albert again showed flair.  This week a fine piece of vision saw him mark out a teammate and deliver.  It feels like he might burst a game open one day soon!!

Michael is relentless in the forward line – leading, running and trying his heart out.  Keep it up Michael, good stuff!

Max’s courage in the centre backing back into an opponent to contest the ball made a mother proud (and terrified!).  Connor again held strong this quarter and some of our mighty runners, Lewis, Jafaar, Amos and Zeke kept going all day long.  The Lucas, Connor, Sam combination was one example of many that also demonstrated our growing understanding of team play.

Every week there’s a lot to like and every week you boys do us and yourselves proud.  You’ll crack it for another win soon.  Head’s up, Go Roys!!




Round 4,Sunday May 11 v Balwyn

Apparently the name Balwyn comes from the Gaelic bal and the Saxon wyn and means The Home of the Vine. It would have to be one of the funniest names ever, considering Balwyn is possibly drier than Coober Pedy in late February.

What’s even more amusing is that for all the dryness, the centre circle at Balwyn Park was the first genuine gluepot some of our boys had ever seen.  It warmed the heart to see a footy ground with an old school mud pit, and really nothing screams ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ more than sending your son onto the field in the blinding whiteness of away shorts.

What a cracking start to the first quarter. Jack to Amos, Zeke to Connor, Max and Lucas helping each other in the forward pocket.  Great work and the pressure the forwards put on Balwyn’s backs meant we hemmed the ball in and created chances to score.

Eventually Balwyn worked it away and the second half of the quarter our defence got a good work out.  Everett came racing off half back several times showing dash and style and Lachie was steadfast and organised.

Quarter two saw our new recruit Aidan Hyde show persistence and determination in the centre with two excellent efforts.  Charlie Crosby was again getting to the ball and one demon tackle must have had the Balwyn player thinking he was in the grip of a vice!

Ethan McKenzie was doing some excellent work in defence, one of his kicks a beauty off the half back line.  Around about here Lewis Jones started warming to his task with some creative work as well as doing some great one percenters, his spoil a highlight.

Luca was putting his body in, Albert was bobbing up, Alexander Nikolajuk’s effort to get the ball out and keep it moving was great and the double act of Zeke and Charlie is becoming a joy to watch, the boys showing equal measures of flair and hardness at the ball.

Amos’ chase was magnificent, Sam stood tall and again put in four quarters of consistent effort and despite running close to Balwyn all day, we were down at half time by several goals.

In what is becoming a weekly occurrence, Jafaar Rachidi opened up the third quarter with one of his blistering runs.  Connor stood up yet again with some Herculean marking and kicked our only goal for the day.  A terrific effort.

Ethan took a solid, strong mark, Lewis was trying his heart out and Amos and Jafaar again showed teamwork to gladden the coach’s hearts.

We always felt like we were in this game and come the last quarter after Coach Duncan gave a disturbingly accurate impersonation of Team Manager Cath at the break, urging the boys to give ‘110%’, the Roys were up for it.

Lewis was again in the thick of it at the start and Jack provided some great support. Zeke and Charlie did the old one/two so seamlessly you’d think you were watching a ‘How To’ video.

Joseph Paiano took a towering defensive mark showing some good reading of the play.  Everett took to the ruck with enthusiasm as well as a touch of acrobatics.  Great to watch.  Soren McKenzie’s mark in the last quarter showed a player of some poise and courage and Lachie again proved his worth down back.  Michael tried hard all day, as did Alexander Shields.  Keep it up boys.

Despite many great individual efforts and some really encouraging teamwork, the Balwyn Tigers won well.  A fine effort by them and well done to their boys, but the Roys aren’t going anywhere, we’ll be back bigger and better next week.  Until then, Go Roys!!  And thank you very much Cath for the Mother’s Day flowers.  Lovely.

Round 3 v Glen Iris, Alfred Cres, Sunday May 4

How can you not love Melbourne?  One day you’re wearing a sleeveless Capri onesie, the next, that sleeping bag doona-type thing that comes with an electric blanket inserted.On Sunday you could have tossed a coin and gone with either, such was the capricious nature of the day – there was sun, there was rain, there was wind there was sun again, there was rain.  Ok, so maybe not so much with the sun, but classic Melbourne weather weirdness nonetheless.

Fitzroy Under 11 Red turned up raring to go – shorts on the bottom half, thermal Fitzroy hoodies up top.  It would have been fair enough if they wanted to play the game in a duffle coat and ugg boots, but they ran out in their proud strip looking fearsome….and a bit cold.

It might go some of the way to explaining how the Glen Iris Masterchefs got the jump on us in the first quarter.  The boys gave their all, as always, but found it difficult to counter a hard running Glen Iris who were using the ball well and getting numbers to the contest.

We had some great defensive efforts, something that Fitzroy is becoming known for – it’s terrific tackling and hard-nosed determination.  Take a bow Lucas Gigliotti, Jack Stanley and Luca Taylor Morice for some great hard work in the clinches.

It was still pretty chilly come the second quarter and the boys were really putting in despite a very annoying wind which seemed to swing around at will and made pushing forward difficult.  Zeke, Lachie and Manny all started to work into the game with some desperate efforts, strong marking and skill in the congestion.

At halftime we still hadn’t troubled the scorer and Glen Iris were playing extremely well.  Coaches Dave and Duncan reminded the boys that spreading out and looking for a teammate in space when we had the ball was what the boys needed to do more of.

In the third quarter it looked a lot like those legs had warmed up and that Fitzroy spirit started to shine through.  Lachie Gill was awesome in defence and all over the ground – a tackling, spoiling, marking machine.  Great work Lach.  Amos Jericho deserves a special mention for his work in the pocket when, with three players bearing down on him, he forced a contest and desperately tried to keep possession from the opposition. It was a real demonstration of the value of holding down a position and the coaches were very pleased with his effort.

Inspirational acts continued. Sam was again tireless, Charlie continued to display his ability to get to the ball and Connor put in another consistent and impressive game.

Max Daphne managed to mark, run off his man and kick a lovely goal that lifted his teammates and rewarded all the boys for their hard work all day.

You’d think being quite a few goals down, with that unpredictable wind and after three quarters of persistent effort, the Royboys might fold in the last quarter.  Not this mob.  In an absolutely brilliant display of toughness and determination the boys gritted their teeth and kept what had until then been a free flowing Glen Iris scoreless.  It was a remarkable last term that saw all the boys play their best footy for the day.

Everett was running hard, Jafaar bounced his way out of the centre several times and Lachie just kept on doing the team thing.  Fabulous stuff. Glen Iris proved a worthy and skilled opposition and we couldn’t overcome the deficit but that last quarter, which we won, should remind the boys of what they can do with teamwork and a great determined effort.

If I haven’t mentioned your name this week boys its not because you didn’t play well or contribute to the team.  Everyone played his part and some weeks I just can’t fit everyone in.

Well done Under 11, let’s bring that last quarter into this weeks match and beyond.  Go Roys!

Round 2 v Park Orchards Sharks Sunday April 27

According to recent figures from the Real Estate Institute of Victoria, Fitzroy is now the ‘Toorak of the North.’ It seems as though some kind of theme is emerging, because there was some blue ribbon, top end of town, champagne football played by our boys on Sunday.  The scene at Albert Crescent was brilliant and bright come the 11.30 game time.  The sun was beaming, the sky was blue and the newly minted silvertails of Fitzroy were up.

It was a terrific first quarter with Park Orchards making the early running, scoring several behinds before we got into our groove. It wasn’t long though until the Royboys started to fire.  Some terrific repeat defensive work from Lewis Jones set the tone and the coaches would have been delighted with Albert Goodwin doing the team thing to put on some great shepherds.

Zeke Joyce-Robertson scored our first goal and it gave the boys a real lift after all their hard work upfield.  Connor Lester displayed some terrific foot skills and following on from last game Manny Moraitis was putting in great defensive efforts. Michael Burzomi had a blinder of a first quarter, putting his body in and getting the ball forward several times.  Everett O’Donnell booted a well-deserved goal to cap off a terrific opening term.

In the second it was more of the same – tackling, pressure, talking and teamwork were the features of a quarter that saw some of our best skills on display.  Again, defensively we were terrific, Lachie Gill was everywhere spoiling, rucking and tackling ferociously.  Zeke’s tackle was a highlight and Max Daphne gave an ambitious ‘don’t argue’ before just getting his kick away.

Jack Stanley yet again displayed his superior terrier-like tackling skills.  When Stanley clamps you, you stay clamped!  It was great to see Charlie Crosby’s persistence, eyes on the ball and commitment to the contest in this quarter.  Ethan McKenzie’s attack on the ball coming out of defence was courageous and skilful.

The Sharks were starting to warm up and having taken the lead shortly before half time, they were looking threatening.  Little did they know that Connor Lester decided to stop being Connor Lester in this quarter and instead become the ‘Immoveable Object’. They couldn’t get past him!  He repelled attacks, sent the ball forward and inspired his teammates with his refusal to let the Sharks past.  Great stuff Connor!  With Jafaar Rachidi getting some important touches, Lewis continuing to bob up and Lachie’s continued tackling pressure, the Roys were soon hitting the scoreboard again.  A great goal by Charlie was excellent reward for everyone’s hard work.  Alexander Shields interception and second effort was a highlight for the term, and Sam Taneski, as he had done all day, provided a target and slotted another major.

Things were getting tense on the boundary line – could we post our first win for the season?  For some boys in the team a win would be their first after several years of toiling away in the maroon and blue.  We crossed our fingers and hoped the boys could come through.  We needn’t have worried, Amos Jericho and Lewis Jones showed skill and commitment early on and set the scene for a terrific last quarter from all the boys.

Alexander Nikolajuk’s goal was a ripper and gave his teammates plenty of confidence.  Joshua Salathe’s work in the pocket, combining with Connor and Amos, showed skill and smarts.

It was the little things as much as the big that sealed the final result for the boys.  Soren McKenzie’s fantastic chase on his opponent to force a kick out on the full demonstrated the boys never give up attitude and Zeke’s run from pocket to pocket was inspirational. Lucas Gigliotti and Luca Taylor Morice should be proud of their efforts – some excellent run, attack on the ball and teamwork from these boys was notable.

In the end we posted our first win of the season.  Coach Duncan rang Coach Dave, who was talking to aeroplanes, to let him hear the boys belt out the song.  What a win boys!  What spirit and what great fun!  Your parents and friends are enjoying the way you go about your footy.  Great stuff.  Keep enjoying yourselves.  Go Roys!!!!

Round 1 St MARY’S Sunday 6th April

For residents of the inner north, bound by Melway map 30 and occasionally 44, it is hard to believe that Greensborough exists. So it was that parents and luridly coloured children rode in cars with trepidation beyond the latte belt to a place where there are trees.

If Greensborough hadn’t existed, someone would have had to invent it.  What a lovely spot!  The sun was shining, the ground was in good, if hard, nick and there was a river nearby for the players younger siblings to fall into.  What a start to the season!

In a tough initiation to their first match, Fitzroy Under 11 (3) were met with some big strong bodies of an impressive St. Mary’s line-up.  Undeterred we ran, bumped, tackled and harassed.  The boys were up and about by the end of the quarter, with Connor Lester slotting a terrific goal before the quarter time siren. Well done Connor on being our first goal scorer for the year.

Some excellent defensive efforts deserve a mention.  Our captain for the day, Manual Moraitis led his backline with some hard, persistent work.  Lachie Gill tackled well and Sam Taneski was tireless in putting his body in and over the ball.

In the second quarter the boys managed to get it up to our forward line where Jafaar Rachidi was starting to work into the game.  Luca Taylor Morice showed himself to be a player of the future with some smart thinking and good skills.  We faded a bit though as St. Mary’s started to get their game going, but there were some stand-out efforts.  Jack Stanley’s trademark tackling was ferocious, Lucas Gigliotti was putting in and Zeke Joyce-Robertson was getting his hands on the ball.

The third quarter saw St. Mary’s run away from us with several goals and some good pressure.  Everett O’Donnell took some great marks to try to stem the flow and Lewis Jones showed some courage and determination with a terrific mark too. Amos Jericho demonstrated poise and class with a terrific evasive run.

Excellent coaching by Dave and Duncan, reiterating the importance of The Wall and a fearsome rev up by our Team Manager Cath, saw us completely dominate St. Mary’s in the final quarter.

Jafaar Richidi was on fire with some centre busting runs and smooth delivery to teammates up forward.  Zeke Joyce-Robertson was everywhere and finally with reward for hard effort from all the boys Ethan McKenzie put through a very fine goal.  Connor Lester’s presence was felt too, with excellent persistence and determination and Michael Burzomi’s tackle on the goal line was a stand-out.

We hit the post so much in the last quarter it was in danger of snapping in two.  Bad luck boys!  Some outstanding teamwork meant that St. Mary’s barely saw the ball in their half all quarter.  Brilliant stuff!  After more persistence and effort Max Daphne under some pressure snapped truly for another major.

St Mary’s held onto win by several goals, a great effort by them, but as coaches Duncan and Dave said, with a bit more practice and understanding of some of the team rules, we’ll go a long way to winning our share of games this year. I won’t be able to mention everyone’s name every week, but ALL the boys put in and tried hard.

Great first up effort Under 11!

button Go Roys

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