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  • Coach: Craig Tate
  • Assistant Coaches: Steve Harvey & Ben Dooley
  • Team Manager: Melinda Grant (0438 948 942)

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THURSDAY 4.00 – 5.30pm at Ramsden Street Ground, Clifton Hill link to Fixture & Results

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Round 5 – Ashburton (again)


Last Sunday I watched two games of footy. One was a gutsy, skilful affair where the players from both sides went in hard, ran with the ball and put in four full quarters of effort.  The other was St Kilda versus Gold Coast.  Let’s focus on the highlights from the first game – the mighty Fitzroy Under 10 Blue up against a spirited Ashburton …


1st Quarter

It’s bit of a windy day.  It’s not too bad over by the clubrooms but it’s very swirly over on the Alfred Crescent wing, either that or the trees are doing the electric boogaloo.  Charlie wins the first ruck but the ball is stolen by Ashburton (stop thief!) and they quickly go into attack.  But watch out here comes the 10:05am Dane Express from half backline to the forward line!  He has three bounces and kicks the balls deep into the forward line where Will F swoops and snaps a great goal!  Great start boys!  From this point the boys “get the ascendency” (gosh I hate that phrase) and really dominate the ball.  Ollie K is having a field day in the centre getting the ball and laying some hard tackles – one against a kid that was almost twice his size.  Back to the play – Charlie gets the ball out of the centre and Finley takes a strong pack mark.  The ball goes long again where Will F crumbs the ball – feeds it to Kyan (yum yum) who has a snap that just misses for a point.  Ashburton get the ball halfway down the ground before Zane intercepts, kicks to Zek, who passes to Will T who also has a shot that just misses.  Carlo, Baxter and Ferdy are looking very cold in the backline at this point – but great to see them holding their positions.  Fitzroy start bombing the Ashburton backline – a clever tap from Finley to Connor who has a shot that falls short; Ollie K to Will F to Connor whose shot this time is just punched away on the goal line; a loose ball in the forward line is beautifully gathered by Zane who slots through a classy goal.

Ashburton pull up their socks and score a quick goal.  The momentum shifts their way and the backline is up to the job. Yianni shows his usual desperation tackling hard and locking down play.  A classy string of disposals from Carlo to Zane to Kyan sees the ball back forward but Ashburton rebound.  A hard running Ashburton player is almost pulled out of his socks by a tough tackle by Sami.  Ashburton hit the post just before the siren sounds.

After the siren Craig congratulated the boys for playing so well into the wind and signalled out Finn W and Will T holding their positions.  Great start!


2nd Quarter

Oooooooo this is a good quarter.  Charlie continues his strong ruck work and we’re off with a full spinnaker with the wind.  The ball quickly gets locked down and Zek rucks the throw up doing a great two handed tap putting the ball into space.  Finley gathers gets the ball to Max who passes to Will T who gets the ball to Zek who has run down the ground with play.  Zek’s snap is marked just on the goal line.  Ashburton push back into the centre but the ball is vacuumed up by Connor who kicks long to Finn W who marks strongly.  Finn W’s shot drifts across the face of the sticks into the pocket where Finley gathers and snaps Fitzroy’s third goal.  Back out of the middle Kyan goes long to Connor who gets crunched in a pack and hits the turf where he momentarily contemplates his options.  Meanwhile, the ball is ricocheting around inside a pack when Zac cleverly gets the ball to Charlie who goes to Connor (where did he come from?) who kicks a goal!!  Back in the centre the ball is quickly shut down by another fantastic Ollie K tackle.  Ashburton push into their forward line but Fitzroy refuses to give an inch (or 2.54 centimetres) – Ferdy, Yianni, Sami, Charlie, Zane, Sam K all hoist up their respective mawashis and channel their inner Sumo.  Great stuff to watch.  Together they lock it down, but once they get possession they open up the play going forward.  Amazing, truly amazing.  Ashburton finally break through the Sumo Defensive Line (or SDL) and get a well-earned goal.

Back in the centre, Charlie rucks to Dane who kicks to Kyan who passes to Will T who marks in front of goal.  Mr T calmly goes back, threads the ball through the goals and acknowledges the admiring throng on the boundary line.  This time Charlie roves his own ruck work and kicks a whumping long ball downfield – Dane and Kyan are neck-and-neck in a 50 metre dash for the ball before an Ashburton player spoils the race by kicking the ball back over their heads (I really wanted to see who would win!).  Anyway, back in defence Nick has stolen the ball back and passes to Kyan, over to Sami who goes back Kyan who puts the ball into the centre.  If this was a movie, this would be a moment where the slow motion starts – Dane gathers the ball and sprints out of the centre towards an open forward line, Connor does a great shepherd to let him through (remember – in slow-mo), two bounces and Dane kicks a magnificent running goal.  Back to normal pace and queue siren.

Craig is one happy coach praising the boys for sticking to the team plan and creating space in the forward line.  Craig also acknowledges Ollie K’s two tough tackles and Yianni’s endeavour in the backline.


3rd Quarter

The boys are back into the wind and Ollie K is loving life in the middle.  Zac lays a great tackle on Ashburton player that returns the ball to its rightful owners.  Finn P takes a strong mark and immediately runs down field – something he does quite a lot during the quarter!  Dane gets the ball to Max who kicks deep into the forward line.  An Ashburton player desperately trying to get the ball gives it a toe poke and is pinged by the ump.  Our boy Zane is on the spot and takes the kick to notch up his second goal for the match.  The ball is quickly back in the forward line and pounced on by Will F whose snap is tapped on the goal line.  Ashburton quickly push downfield into their forward line but Carlo stops the play kicks a lovely long ball out of defence.  Zek does a great smother to stop another forward advance and gets the ball to Finley who goes to Kyan – the boy with more moves than a sock full of worms – who does two snazzy baulks and snaps a great goal!  At the tail end of the quarter there is a great play where Charlie takes a strong grab in defence, passes to Carlo who goes to Ollie K, who weaves his way through the centre to Zane who has a shot that just falls short.  Spectacular stuff for the eyeballs to watch!  Siren.


4th Quarter

This quarter its Zek’s turn in the ruck and he wins the first contest.  But Ashburton are determined to stamp their mark on the game and start an impressive attack on the backline.  Ferdy does a tough dive to repel one forward push.  Sam K and Finn W dominate the ball when it goes into defence and Baxter gets tough in the packs laying some great tackles. The quarter turns into a game of Pong with the ball being played between the respective half-forward lines.  Zek gathers the ball on the run and it sends it forward … it comes back.  Tristen gathers the ball on the run and kicks forward … and it comes back …. Carlo lays a desperate tackle to move the ball forward … and it comes back.  Max gets sick of Pong and takes a strong make at centre-half forward and kicks a beautiful long kick into the forward line where Zane has a snap that just falls short.  Coming out of the backline again Tristen is running hard with the ball and kicks long.  Max is in a great groove in the forward line and is getting a lot of the ball, kicking long every time.  Similarly on the wing Sam K is also dominating at one time somehow gathering and cleanly disposing the ball all while being tackled! Astounding!  Back in the backline Sami and Nick have also found their rhythm – in one lovely play Sami gets the ball out of a knotted pack, Ashburton try and get the ball but Nick’s tackle gets the ball to Kyan and they’re off!

Although we’re now deep into the last quarter, the boys are still running hard.  Dane gets the ball to Nick who kicks to Finn W who kicks to Zac who kicks to Yianni who gets the ball to Finn W who has a shot that just misses for a point.  The ball goes back into play where Zek scoops up the ball and runs down field where his shot also just misses for a point.  In the dying moments Baxter gathers the ball and is collared for his trouble – free kick.  Baxter kicks to Kyan who goes long into the goal square where Yianni roves and kicks a goal! And the crowd goes crazy!  Siren

Another great day at the office.  Well done boys



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 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e8r4wfqhgj081op/fgyXDbSYFS   this link allows all parents to view team images from our matches.


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