Tackers D


  • Coach: Darren Oliver
  • Assistant Coaches: Richard Armstrong, Cameron Aughterson
  • Team Manager: Mark van den Enden
  • Trainer: Matt Hornsby


1. Asher Carter

2. Sam Mellody

3. Lachie  Haydon

4. Thierry Aughterson

5. Ashby Kingston-Armstrong

6. Pablo Gooi

7. Leroy Hinds

8. Darcy Hornsby

9. Elias Demant Rundgren

10. Leroy Dunn

11. David Oliver

12. Sebastian Dimase

13. Xavier David Hanna

14. Will Thyer

15. Daniel Shephard

16. Angus van den Enden

17. Harley Mileto

20. Henry Phelan



Wednesday 4pm-5 pm, Alfred Crescent (unless otherwise notified)

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ROUND 15 vs Ivanhoe B, Alfred Crescent

You could not have scripted a better final game with the Roy boys saving their best performance of the year for a perfect Winter’s day.

Team and coaches 1 (1)

Co-captains Xavier and Will fired the boys up with their pre-match addresses and the Roys played some excellent attacking football from the first bounce. The midfield created plenty of chances with the ubiquitous Sam having a great day in attack with the help of his fellow forwards.

Importantly, when Ivanhoe kicked rallied in the second quarter the Roys’ defence held firm meaning every player made a big contribution to a fantastic four-quarter performance.

Sebastian deservedly won the Lions medal after showing some great dash in attack and making a late bid for goal of the year with a weaving run and snap. Darcy’s ultra-consistent work and trademark determination earned him the Ivanhoe Medal. Well done boys!

Medal winners

The final game was a great culmination of all the work Coaches Oliver, Armstrong and Aughterson have put in throughout the season. The level of skill from first game to last has increased remarkably and, importantly, the boys have learned to play all three zones well.

It’s been a pleasure watching the team evolve throughout the season. Particularly pleasing was how the boys played some terrific football while consistently showing respect for their coaches, the umpire and the opposition.

Best of all everyone had fun and enjoyed each other’s company. Fantastic season Roys!

One percenter of the week: Everyone. There wasn’t a single player who didn’t contribute in a significant way to a successful first season. The injured Harley’s appearances on the sidelines were greatly appreciated. Hopefully he’ll be part of another great year for the Roys in 2016.

Team celebration 2 (1)


ROUND 14 v Banyule, Beverly Rd. Oval.

Driving into the home of the Banyule Bears optimistic eyes turned to the dry east oval. Instead, however, the boys were to get a taste of old-fashioned suburban ground mudlarking and they took to it like, ummm, mudwrestlers to mud?

The remarkable part of the game was how well both teams coped with the bog track keeping the ball moving and scoring some terrific goals. We might have had our Goal of the Season – a terrific pick up and turn by Xavier who passed to Will who marked and put it through.

Resident mud runner Sam yet again impressed the opposition with his relentless attack on ball and opponent and now has more medals than General MacArthur (Wiki him boys – and possibly some younger parents.)

From zone to zone this was easily the best team effort of the season with every player making a vital contribution during the game. Even Leroy H. who played the second half covered in more mud than the jockeys after the 1976 Melbourne Cup (Wiki that too if you need).

The boys are also learning to respond to the opposition’s tactics by manning up loose men and blocking the space they are trying to create. As a result even the most talented Banyule Bears weren’t given much room to move – or, in the conditions, wallow – before they were closed down.

One percenter of the week: Darcy has been Mr Consistency this season and played another terrific game in the midfield. The way he either gets to a contest or works to help the man with the ball is exemplary. Great stuff Darc!

ROUND 13 v Fitzroy  B, Alfred Crescent.

The team had been looking forward to the Fitzroy derby all season and, fittingly, came up with one of their best performances.

In the way the boys chased the ball and their opponents, moved the ball from end to end and kicked some very nice goals, you could see their hard work over the season coming together.








Captains Leroy D and Leroy H both set a good example with some clever play in midfield and attack, while Will’s strong efforts in defence were outstanding and rightfully earned him the Roys Medal. He was assisted in the backline by some very strong tackling by Pablo, Ashby and Sam.

Pablo in defence

Daniel breaking away

Well done also to Daniel whose typically bullocking performance in the ruck and midfield was rewarded with the (other) Roys certificate. Daniel also proved there’s nothing like the embarrassing sight of your Dad on the ground to get you back on your feet and running after a heavy knock!

Importantly a really tight and fiercely contested game was also played in tremendous spirit – vital given the boys on both teams will no doubt be teammates in the future as they move through the age groups. The joint singing(s) of the theme song were terrific.

Well done also to goal umpire James Thyer who not only looks at home in a lab coat, but whose flagwork is almost as good as his brushwork.

One percenter of the week: Elias is becoming a natural in the forward line with his strong leading, safe hands and accurate goal kicking. His efforts helped keep the game tight right to the end.

Elias kicking for goal James the umpire



Derby celebration


ROUND 12 v Heidelberg, Warringal Park

This was easily the boys’ biggest challenge of the season. A freezing, wet morning with only 12 players back from holidays against the very big – and very mature – Tigers.Warm up








So to see the team work so hard against the odds until late in the last quarter when they were almost literally frozen to the bone was very encouraging.

Captain Lachie led the way with a ripping first quarter, while his fellow defender Xavier fully deserved the Roys Medal for a wholehearted effort as he continually repelled Heidelberg attacks.

LachieX and Sam









Sam’s excellent efforts in holding the ball in the forward line during the first half, and winning hard balls in the middle in the second, caught the eye of the Bergers who gave him their medal. Sam led a hardworking midfield that provided more opportunities for the (snap frozen) forwards as the game went on.

Understandably there were a few times, particularly late in the match, when players lost concentration and failed to hold their positions or pick up their opponents. But with experience – and more long sleeves jerseys – they’ll learn to run out even the toughest games.

Under the circumstances the only disappointment was Veteran Flagman Pete Haydon whose exemplary early season goal umpiring gave way to a rather perfunctory effort this time. Definitely no (W) against Pete’s name in the form guide.

Ump Pete









One percenter: Dead heat between Asher Carter and Kate Cordukes. Asher created some great chances in attack and has a real nose for goal, while Kate was the only parent without a match-day role to watch the game from the sodden sidelines. Well done both!

ROUNDS 9 and 10 v Parkside R and St Mary’s W

Two home games in a row and the boys have continued to show remarkable improvement against some very competitive opposition.

Parkside Devils were a talented attacking team who presented a real challenge to the boys’ concentration and commitment – especially the ability of the backline to remain focussed for the whole game.

Playing in the backline is the hardest aspect of the game and sometimes doesn’t have the glamour of the midfield or attack. But Coach Oliver is making sure all the boys take their turn in defence because the skills learnt there apply equally all over the ground.

Captain David did an excellent job leading the team and Xavier won the Lionheart Medal after another athletic performance.

Capt Dave

Xavier with his medal













One percenter of the week: Lachie was very steady in a backline that saw a lot of action.

It’s great to see how he is gradually adding defensive skills like chasing and tackling to his excellent attacking play. Well done!





Against St Mary’s the Lions put up a terrific  Capt Samperformance in an entertaining game with the teams trading goals throughout the match.

Captain Sam led the defence with some typically tenacious play and key forwards Daniel and Elias provided great targets every time the midfielders moved the ball forward.

Well done to David who won the Lionheart Medal after taking a series of steadying marks in defence and Thierry won the St Mary’s Medal after his typical run through the midfield and booming left foot kicks caught the eye of the opposition.

One percenter of the week: Leroy H. gathered plenty of possessions in the midfield with his ability to either get the clearance from the ball-up or tackle the opposition midfielder when beaten to the ball a highlight. Good game!



For the first time the Roys played on a full-sized ground and against a tough opponent in slippery conditions the boys relished the open spaces.

Not only did the midfielders do a great job of winning possession, a feature of the Roys play was the number of times they moved the ball down the ground with great passages of play.

The big ground meant it sometimes took a long time to come into the boys’ zones. But by concentrating hard and keeping their positions they were ready to get to the contest when it arrived.

Pablo did a great job as captain taking a number of strong marks in a midfield that did well
against some talented opposition while Leroy H. won some nice clearances. Sebastian also caught the opposition’s eye with his constant attack on the ball and won St Mary’s Medal.

Special mention to Jed Mellody, the first graduate from the Fitzroy Junior Football Club Goal Umpiring Academy, who did an exceptional job between the posts making some close calls.










One Percenter of the week: Great work by Ashby who was rightly rewarded with the Roys’ Medal after burrowing in and gaining some valuable possessions in the midfield and attack. Ashby’s been one of the great improvers this season thanks to his hard work and positive attitude.

FullSizeRender (4)










hRound 7 – Round Robin

This Week there are only photos- no match report.

Captain Ashby




















Finally a bright sunny Sunday morning and the boys made full use of the perfect conditions with a great performance against Brunswick West.

As coach Oliver observed after the game, this was a great example of a champion team doing well against a team of champions with the Roys’ outstanding teamwork the highlight of a game against a talented opponent.Before the match

Led by Captain Henry who had a terrific game, the number of times the boys moved the ball from defence to attack with accurate passing was exceptional.

All over the field the Roys also put pressure on their opponents and constantly caused turnovers. Pablo did a wonderful job in that area with his ferocious tackling earning him the respect of the opposition who awarded him their medal.

Leroy Dunn thoroughly deserved this week’s Lionheart Award after his four quarter performance. He won a series of one-on-one contests in the midfield and moved the ball into attack where the forwards worked well together. Great first quarter

One Percenter of the week: David took some very strong marks in defence, particularly early in the game when Brunswick West was threatening to score. He set a great example for his fellow defenders by keeping his eyes on the ball and backing his judgement.


The team in action













Maybe the Roy Boys were eager to impress their Mums. But from the clatter of boots on the concrete floor in the sheds and the loud voices during the warm-up you could tell the whole team was on its toes this week.

Led out by Captain Angus, right from the start the midfielders attacked the ball ferociously and set up plenty of chances for the forward line where our resident mudlarks Sam and Asher again relished the wet conditions.

Captain Angus








Some of the marking and ball handling in the wet conditions was exceptional and the way the whole team is listening to Coach Oliver and his assistants, following their instructions with enthusiasm and encouraging each other is fantastic to see.

Will in the ruck







Thierry kicking fwd







The defenders didn’t see much action in the first three quarters but maintained their concentration well staying with their men and holding their positions in case Macleod broke the midfield wall. Well done also to the boys who filled in for Macleod and used the opportunity to test themselves against their mates.

Despite a late call-up, goal umpire Martin Hanna displayed excellent dexterity between the posts handling the early onslaught of goals without spilling a drop of coffee. Leading possession winner was Mother’s Day raffle winner Belinda Hornsby whose generous offloads were greatly appreciated.







One percenter of the week: A great game from Daniel who found plenty of the ball and set up play with some terrific passes. A great example of finding time and space to create chances for the team. Top job Daniel!

Team song











It was another excellent game between two evenly matched teams with the Roys and Ivanhoe trading goals for most of an entertaining 40 minutes.

Again all the boys contributed in their positions and are learning new skills as defenders, forwards and midfielders. This is very important in modern football where you can find yourself anywhere on the ground at any time.

One of the most difficult things to learn is to concentrate for the entire game – even when you don’t have the ball or it is at the other end of the field for a long time. Making sure they stick with their men, stay in the right position and keep focussed on the play is something the boys can work on in the next few games.

Captain Darcy set a very high standard with his pre-match preparation and on-field leadership. He was part of a midfield that tackled and chased hard all day.

A late goal by Elias not only capped off another good team performance, it allowed for a final entertaining demonstration of retro-style goal umpiring by veteran flagman Pete Haydon.

One percenter of the week: Angus has done a great job taking on the difficult ruck role. His strong body work created plenty of chances for his fellow midfielders. Well done!

3 quarter time





Last goal



















Team song














Wet weather football can be tough. And not just on the shivering parents.

But on a rainy morning this was an exceptional game with both teams revelling in the slippery conditions and playing some terrific footy. The highlight was how the boys kept their focus on the ball and attacked it continually even when it wasn’t easy to control.

There was also some great discipline with the boys following the no-kicking-off-the-ground rule when it was often tempting to sink the slipper.

Led by Captain Sebastian, some of the skills were outstanding on a difficult day. The relentless running and tackling of the midfield was a highlight, the Roys defence was tight and the forwards worked hard against a disciplined Banyule defence.

Congratulations to our Anzac Medallist Sam who set a terrific example with his hard work and running in the midfield. Not only did he get plenty of the footy, his excellent tackling technique often robbed the Yules of the ball.

Well done also to our debutants Henry and Daniel. Both worked really hard and will be excellent additions to the squad.

One percenter of the week: Midfield dynamo Asher took a few heavy hits throwing himself into the play but kept working hard the whole game. A great four quarter effort.


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