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About the Club


The Fitzroy Junior Football Club’s purpose is to assist our players to strive to their full potential  as people and footballers.

Our financial and operational planning will be focussed on enhancing the experience at our club for both players and parents, ensuring our players are supplied the best resources possible, to maximise their development.


•Fitzroy Junior Football Club will always hold fairness and sportsmanship above on field success. The safety and well being of our players is paramount to our culture
•We aim to support and develop all our players in their formative years.
•We want all of our players lives to be positively enriched through their experience of playing with the Roys.
•We aim to be a well managed, sustainable club so that we can continue to provide the best available resources to our coaches and players.
•Our club will always rely heavily on the contribution of volunteers to fill many positions. Our volunteers will always be held in the highest esteem and their positions respected by all members.

A Short Club History

The Fitzroy Junior Football Club (FJFC) was created in 1993. Before its formal creation, Fitzroy Football Club had been holding football clinics at the Edinburgh Gardens back oval for several years.

The Fitzroy Football Club donated a set of jumpers, and the FJFC joined the Hawthorn District Junior Football Club League (now the Yarra Junior Football League).

The original 1993 team competed in the Under 11 age group although only one child was in that age group. Some were under 10 but most were under 9. In their first season the team kicked just 1 goal 4 behinds - for the whole season!

The FJFC has progressed from those humble beginnings to being a co-tenant at the Brunswick Street ground with the Fitzroy Football Club,who play in the Victorian Amateur Football Association competition.

The Club Song

Tune: "La Marseillaise"

Download can MPG version >>>


We are the boys from old Fitzroy,
We wear the colours maroon and blue.
We will always fight for victory,
And we'll always see it through.

Win or lose, we do or die,
In defeat we'll always try.
The club we hold so dear,

Premiers we'll be this year.

Ground Locations

W.T. Peterson Community Oval, Brunswick Street, Nth Fitzroy
(Melways ref. 2C C2)

School Oval, Alfred Crescent, North Fitzroy
(Melways ref. 2C D2)

Ramsden Reserve, Ramsden Street, Clifton Hill
(Melways ref. 2D C3)

Victoria Park, Abbotsford
(Melways ref. 44 E3)

Premiership Teams

2014 - U10 Blue, U12 Red, U13 Black, U15 Division 1 & Colts Division 4
2013 - U12 Brown, U15-4, Colts 1

2012 - Colts Division 4, U14 Brown, U11 Blue
2011 - Colts 1, Under 12 Blue and Under 10 Black
2010 - Under 12 Brown and Under 14 Blue
2009 - Under 12 Blue
2008 - Under 15-1
2007 - Colts, Section 1
2005 - Under 10 Blue
2004 - Under 11 Gold, Under 12 Blue
2003 - Under 11 Brown, Under 12 Green


FJFC Honour Board

James Doughney Club Champion of the Year Award

The James Doughney Club Champion of the Year award recognises outstanding contribution and talent, taking into consideration on and off field conduct and inter-league representation. Nominees must have played with the FJFC for at least four seasons, displayed on-field leadership and a commitment to fair play, and not been found guilty or suspended in the year of nomination by the FJFC, YJFL or any development squad.


James Doughney (pronounced Dorney) has a passionate commitment to the all-round development of players. When a FJFC coach and administrator, he continually emphasised the importance of fair play, team play and striving to do the best you can at all times. A coach for four seasons (U10s, 11s and 13s), Jamie also served at different times as Club Treasurer, Secretary and Player Advocate.

2015 - Campbell Moorfield (Colts) & Maddy Guerin (Youth Girls)
2014 - Michael Ercolano (Colts) & Ellie McKenzie (U12 Gold)
2013 - Lewis Pavlich - Colts
2012 - Luke Edwards - Colts
2011 - Jacob McCormack - Colts
2010 - Hugh Curnow - U15
2009 - Dominic Pound-Palmieri
2008 - Brock McLennan - U15
2007 - Chris Polidoras - Colts
2006 - Viv Michie - U14
2005 - Harry Croft - Colts
2004 - Shannon Young - U 15
2003 - Guneyt Ozusen - Colts
2002 - Milos Zika - Colts

Colts Under 17 Player of the Year Award

Created in 2002, this award recognises 'something special' contributed to the team by an individual player in their final year of junior football. It can be awarded to any player, regardless of their length of time with the FJFC.

2015 - Joshua Robinson
2014 - Robbie Belchamber
2013 - Aiden Lambert
2012 - Nicholas Meehan
2011 - Dylan Vella-Horne
2010 - Eddie Gibbons
2009 - Sean Dillane
2008 - Julian Turner
2007 - Rory Angiolella
2006 - Tom Cheshire
2005 - Cameron Louis-Gleeson and Ibrahim Merhi
2004 - Byron Minnis
2003 - Stephen Bombaci
2002 - Michael Louis-Gleeson

Alan Moor Champion Team of the Year Perpetual Shield

The Alan Moor award recognises the most successful team of the season, according to the team or teams' placement at the end of the season.

Alan Moore was the Club's first President (1992-1998) and his involvement with the Fitzroy Football Club was pivotal to the establishment of the junior club.

2015 - U12 Gold, U13 Red and U14 Black
2014 - U10 Blue, U12 Red, U13 Black, U15 Division 1 and Colts Division 4
2013 - U12 Brown, U15-4, andColts 1
2012 - Colts 4, U14 Brown andU11 Blue
2011 - Colts 1, Under 12 Blue and Under 10 Black
2010 - U12 Brown and U14 Blue
2009 - U12 Blue
2008 - U15 - 1
2007 - Colts 1
2006 - Colts 4, U14 Green, U14 Brown and U12 Gold
2005 - U10 Blue
2004 - U11 Gold and U12 Blue
2003 - U11 Brown and U12 Green
2002 - Colts

Fitzroy Football Club (FFC) Champions Jumper

The Fitzroy Football Club was established in 1883 and competed in the VFA until 1896. It was a founding member of the VFL and AFL. The club survives with more members than ever and maintains its role as the principal sponsor of the FJFC and the Fitzroy Reds, both teams being based at the Brunswick Street Oval. The winner of this award doesn't have to be the best or most awarded player. The winner must simply be passionate about playing footy and wish to go on to senior football as a professional or amateur.

2015 - Rory Patterson & Calypso Poole
2014 - Eddie Harley & Lucy Walsh
2013 - Martin Deasey
2012 - Jacob Fraser
2011 - Diarmuid Cooney-O'Donoghue
2010 - Jack Iacono
2009 - Dylan Platcas
2008 - Jonathan Anderson
2007 - Martyn Beacham
2006 - Jesse Dimond
2005 - Chris Wills
2004 - Paul Manoli
2003 - Michael Gleeson
2002 - Chris Meighan

Brisbane-Fitzroy Historical Society Club Person of the Year Award (Formerly the Michael Wright Club Person of the Year Award)


This award recognises outstanding contribution to the ongoing development of the FJFC, community-based football and young people. Nomination usually reflects several years of service to the club in either administration or coaching and a commitment to the club values of participation, fitness and fun.

2015 - Dean Robinson
2014 - Craig Mitchell
2013 - Joe Donnoli , Sophie Arnold
2012 - David Miller
2011 - Sean McMahon
2010 - Lachlan McDonald, Robert Caplikas, Tony Gillberg
2009 - Sally and Chris Grace
2008 - Richard Ponsford
2007 - Gabrielle Murphy
2006 - Michael Pickering
2005 - Lisa Gye
2004 - Not Awarded
2003 - Avril McQueen
2002 - Janiene Hart

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