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Under 13 - 1 2009





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Match Report 9/8/09 – Fitzroy v. St. Marys


Would this be the day that our boy's finally knock off St.Mary's for the first time in 5 years or would the hoodoo remain? A beautiful day greeted us as we all arrived for the last match of the season.


Quarter 1.


It started off as a tough contest with Pavlich, Leech and Costanzo getting early touches however we fail to take advantage and breakdown around half forward.

Leech takes a strong mark on half back drills a pass to Morgan in the centre who kicks to Costanzo who handballs to Mcdonald who kicks to a contest. Ball up then Dorrat Thorpe uses his pace, kicks to Terrens who handballs to Pavlich. Ballup, Kinens tap Terrens pass to Castillo who goes backs and drills our first. The boy's look sharp and are playing good running footy like the saints ( I would say hawks but that was last year) Terrens slams the ball into centre half where Castillo attacks the ball with clean hands off loads to Costanzo for a sausage roll. There's expectation in the air, however St.Mary's fight back well in the last part of the quarter and put our defence (Donnolli and co) under enormous pressure. It's game on. 12 points to 9.


Quarter 2.


Mcdonald, Wells, Terrens and Brock doing a lot of running and Terrens continues to shine. Terrens to Mcdonald to Hodder – good pressure results in boundary throw in. Morgan receives and delivers a great pass to Leech who goes back from 40 and comes up short there's pressure a plenty as St.Mary;s kicks out on the full. A quick pass to Morgan who goes back and misses to the left side for a point. It's fierce and Kinens is off to hospital with a suspected collarbone ( his disappearance very similar to Lachlan's bike mystery). Terrens is playing like a man possessed a great spoil and the ball is tired up. Taylor Morrison, Wells, Robinson all contesting well allowing Pavlich onto his favoured left who delivers to Cromb who then bombs to the goal square to Caplikas who marks and goals. Rosa then bursts through the centre delivers to Terrens who off loads to Cromb – Goal. Things are looking good until St.Mary's with good ball movement slot a couple to even things up again. There's a bit of niggle in this game which is good to see. Two sides having a red hot go. Great pressure as play oscillates between both half forward lines until Pavlich kicks a mongrel that lands with Castillo who kicks truly. 31 points to 21


Half time address – Coach Rod demands our players make better use of the footy, look for Cromb in the forward line and for Taylor Morrison to sneak a gaol. Terrens you are starring today – all the boys applaud.


Quarter 3.


The intensity is there with Morgan, Robinson, Dorrat Thorpe all getting early touches however we are finding it hard to convert our opportunities. St. Mary's aided by some loose checking snag a goal that tightens things up. Heaps of contested ball but we can't seem to penetrate deep into our forward line as St.Mary's run's hard using the overlap to create   another goal. There beginning to run as ragged and boot another to take the lead. Our boys need to lift. Donolli, Potocnik and co are fighting hard in the back line. Perri and Davis fight hard to keep the ball in our forward line. Finally a contested ball in the forward line where Castillo hands of to Taylor Morrison who handballs to Wells who runs in and kicks a much needed goal. 38 points to 39.


So it all comes down to the last quarter in what so far has been a nerve racking but exciting game of football.


Quarter 4.


Rosa, Wells, Lambert and Costanzo combine for a point – scores are level. St.Mary's kick a point and take the lead. To early to call this one. Then form the centre Lambert to Costanzo to Cromb – Goal!!! 5 points up. The forwards have lifted and are trying their hardest to keep the ball in our forward line. St. Mary's bring the ball into their forward line and running into goal when Potocnik delivers a great spoil and boots us out of the scoring zone. Thompson in a desperate act bashes the ball out of a contest to Morgan who delivers to Mcdonald and Morgan follows up to ensure the ball runs out of bounds on the Grandstand wing. The parents are getting nervous and hoping that this will be a Fitzroy victory for once. The pressure mounts as both sides throw everything at eachother. Pavlich lays a solid tackle resulting in a dropping the ball decision. Dorrat Thorpe attacks the ball from centre half back and dashes out of defence, boots long to a contest. Eventually Costanzo to Cromb results in a rushed behind. St.Mary's move the ball crisply into their forward line only to be stopped by Pavlich who bangs to Castillo and Wells who make sure the ball finishes in the hands of goal sneak Caplikas who converts to give us an unbeatable lead. It's time to celebrate a long over due win.


5,4,3,2,1 Siren the boy's from the bench run to embrace their team mates this win obviously means a lot. The boys are wrapped as to are all the parents. Finally the monkey is off the back. Final score 52 points to 40 points.


In the rooms the boy's demand coach Rod joins the circle for a rousing rendition of the club song,


Well done Roys. Terrens voted B.O.G