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Under 12-1 2009

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Game 15

Greythorn 1.0 3.2 3.3 7.3 45
Fitzroy 0.2 1.3 4.6 4.6 30

For their final match of the season the U12 Golds presented themselves at the exposed hill top at Greythorn on a fine and windy day. Noah was captain for the day, won the toss, and elected to kick to the southern end. Ten veterans from the 2006 debutants had their 50th game commemorated with a (yielding) run through.

Noah was in the ruck in the first quarter and consistently winning the taps with his great leap and extended ?hang time?. Early on Gus was prominent taking 3 great pack marks. Declan also bobbed up for a great relieving mark at centre half back. Noah effected a good smother, then followed on to gather and hand ball to Charles, whose kick was marked and kicked forward by Chas. The ball came off the pack and was gathered by Aidan whose shot on goal registered a behind. Against the run of play Greythorn scored a goal. Eddie was being stalwart at full back with a great clearance, then followed his kick down the ground to win the ball at half back and hand ball to Lucien. George won the ball on the half forward flank and hand balled to Otis whose shot on goal was rushed. Fitzroy had applied a lot of forward pressure this quarter but with little to show.

It was Fitzroy?s turn to contend with the wind in their faces, with Sapphire in the ruck, and early on in the quarter did a good job to keep the ball bottled up in the dead pocket. Sapphire and Lucien combined to deliver the ball to centre half forward. Harry J. was awarded a free kick in the hot spot but his kick on goal was touched. Aidan was creating a wall in defense but Greythorn had two shots on goal, one that hit the post, and one from a free kick in the goal square that registered a major. Dan was awarded a free kick and goaled on the end of passes from Gus, Chas and Lucien. Greythorn registered a behind, and then from a ball up from a failed kick in scrambled a goal. Aiden took a great mark at centre half back, and was ridden into the ground by his opponent earning a further 15 metre penalty, but Fitzroy were unable to profit.

The third quarter was the ?Roy boys last for the season with the wind at their backs and the coach asked for a big effort. Chas was in the ruck with Aidan and Lucien. Angus won a free kick and a chain of marks to Lucien, Gus, and Aidan delivered the ball to Gus in the goal square who goaled. Angus received the ball at centre half forward and an exploratory kick forward bounced through for a behind. George gathered the ball on the half forward flank and, with Angus and Gabe ,conveyed the ball to Harry J. who goaled. Dan took a gutsy mark, kicked to Chas, whose kick to hot spot was marked and converted by Noah. However Greythorn moved the ball smartly into their forward zone, and a chain of 3 passes to unmarked players netted a goal. Noah registered a behind on the end of a free kick to Dan, and a mark and pass by Gus.

Noah was back in ruck in the last quarter. Greythorn pressed the ball forward and a failure to clear resulted in an inevitable goal. Andrej won the ball at half back, kicked forward and then followed on to win and dispose of the ball again. A failure to man up in defense helped Greythorn goal and take the lead. Louis was on the ball and in the thick of this quarter, including taking a tap from a throw in. Two further goals to Greythorn put it beyond Fitzroy?s reach but they fought it out to end, including a great tackle by Lucien who pounced after the umpire had called for a Greythorn player to play on.

Our boys won?t be playing next week, but get out and support one of the other FJFC teams in the finals. Go ?Roys!

?Chicken Smallhorn? (the ghost of Fitzroy past)