U10 – 4 – 2011

Welcome players, families & friends to the Under 10 (Black) webpage for 2011! Keep this page bookmarked, and visit often to see what is happening with our team!!

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Congratulations to the Under 10 Black (4) team on your Premiership victory – you have been a constant source of inspiration throughout the year.

Don’t forget – Presentation Day this Sunday (Sept 4th) at the Brunswick St Oval rooms at 11am.

Well done – already looking forward to 2012!

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Practice Match vs Ivanhoe
Round 1 vs Richmond
Round 3 vs Kew Rovers
Round 4 vs Heidelberg
Round 5 vs St Mary’s
Round 6 vs Ashburton
Round 8 vs Bulleen-Templestowe
Round 9 vs Parkside
Round 10 vs Richmond
Round 12 vs Canterbury
Round 13 vs Fitzroy (2)
Round 14 vs St Mary’s
Round 15 vs Ashburton
Semi-Final vs Ashburton(a)
Semi-Final vs Ashburton(b)
Preliminary Final vs Kew Rovers
Grand Final vs Richmond

(all photos with thanks to Annette, Jeremy & Mark/Leshaye)

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1 – Toby
2 – Ellie
3 – Rupert
6 – Sam A/E
7 – Heath
8 – Sam D
10 – Jai
11 – Louis
12 – Finn H
13 – Finn C
14 – Ben
15 – Cedric
16 – Oscar
17 – Luke
18 – Rory
19 – Harry
20 – Patrick
24 – Matthew
25 – Sadie
26 – James
27 – Max H
29 – Josh
30 – Connor
31 – Max D
32 – Cristian
33 – Angus

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(GRAND FINAL vs Richmond)
Well our U10 Fitzroy 4 team have delivered in spades by winning the Premiership from 4th position. In an amazing 6 week run, the team has fought very hard to firstly consolidate their spot in the top 4 and then they have simply got better each week during the finals series to win their 1st semi final by the barest of margins, one point, against Ashburton. They continued their great run to beat Kew Rovers in last week’s preliminary final and finally in the Grand Final they have over run the highly fancied Richmond team to take out the 2011 U10 Black Premiership.
In what was undoubtedly the key strength of this team, the Roys had many fine players across the entire team with every player giving their all  and contributing to their team’s impressive overall performance. The Roys defence were again impenetrable with the Richmond team continually denied many scoring opportunities by the tightly controlled unit of Jai, Connor, Patch, Toby, Luke, Angus & Cedric.
The midfield unit of Sam, Oscar, Heath, Harry, Christian, James, Ben and Ellie were tireless with their hard running and tackling and kept pushing the ball forward to their teammates in the forward line to give them countless opportunities. The team kicked 6 goals and were unlucky not to have kicked several more..the goals were shared among Harry (4), Finn H (1) & Max H (1).
The team celebrated their great victory in fine style and continued their celebrations well into the night (well for some parents at least anyway…) back at the Fitzroy Bowling Club. Coach Ramshaw stood out on stage as he prepared to give his premiership speech and he looked every bit the proud parent of 26 marvelous little footballers. He gave a speech thanking all the players, parents and support team of Coach Gray Barton and Team Manager Ian Campbell. He also pointed out the proud fact that this team was the only U10 team that played any girls at all, let alone 2 in their team. Sadie & Ellie proved to be wonderful teammates and integral to this team’s ultimate success.
Stay tuned for one more social event for this team if you can squeeze it into your social calendar The Grand Final was filmed and commentary was provided by the inimitable Cameron Doyle and yours truly and the plan is to host a Pizza’n’Pie night and gather all the players and families together to watch the Grand Final victory in style….further details re dates and venue to follow.
Till next season….hope to see y’all back again in 2012 as we embark on the daunting back-to-back challenge!!
Final Scores: Fitzroy 6.3.39 def Richmond 4.1.25

(Preliminary Final vs Kew Rovers)
Cinderella run continues with U10 Fitzroy 4  into their 1st Grand Final
Hard as it is to believe that our little ankle biters have definitely arrived in the Big Time by making a Grand Final in for most players their 1st season of football. In a wonderful display of hard running, ferocious tackling and sheer determination, the Roys simply outplayed the gallant Kew Rovers. The Roys started the game at high intensity and did not take their foot off the pedal until the final siren sounded to signal the end of the match.
It was a marvellous team effort with goals spread among many players, Finn H, Rory, James, Harry & Heath. The defense proved again how much they have all improved this season to become the impenetrable force with players such as Patch, Jai, Connor, Angus, Toby and Cedric continually repelling Kew’s forward attacks allowing through just the one miserly goal in for their opposition. And the onballers, led by Sam A-E & the birthday boy Heath, were simply unstoppable as they ran, tackled, chased, harassed and kept up the pressure all day on their opposition.
And now we get to play Richmond in the Grannie, which will obviously be our last match of the season and which is a fitting way to finish the season after we played Richmond in the 1st match of the season. Since that 1st match, which now seems like a lifetime ago, the improvement in all the players & the team has been amazing so full credit must go to Coach Ramshaw & Coach Gray.
So let’s all enjoy Grand Final week, get some extra supplies of cotton wool to wrap the kids in (we don’t want any more broken fingers), early nights to bed, eat your veggies this week kids and also try and be very nice to your parents this week as their nerves will undoubtedly be jangling all week and they may be likely to go off at the slightest sound.
Good luck to The Roys
Final Score: Fitzroy 5.3.33 def Kew Rovers 1.3.9

(Semi-Final vs Ashburton)
Well, we certainly got the close one as they say in classic commentaries of days past. In a low scoring, bruising encounter with no quarter asked and none given by either side, Ashburton & Fitzroy 4 fought out a nail biting thriller out in Citizens Reserve, Richmond. The Roys came out at the start of the match determined to show they meant business and had much of the play in the 1st quarter with the ball constantly in the Roys forward half…there were several near misses and the large Fitzroy crowd breathed a collective sigh when Oscar kicked truly to put the 1st major on the scoreboard. The 2nd quarter mirrored the 1st quarter except this time the roles were reversed with the ball permanently camped in the Ashburton forward half and Ashy managed to kick 2 goals and took a handy 8 point lead going into the long break.
The Roys recharged their batteries with some snakes and oranges whilst Coach Ramshaw stayed calm and got the team to re-focus on their roles and what each player had to do to get themselves back into the game. Ashy came out in the 2nd half with the same intensity that they had shown in the 2nd quarter and used their strength to advance their lead with some attacking moves into their forward half which eventually resulted in another goal for the Ashburton team. At this point, it did look a bit grim for The Roys with many of the supporters in the Fitzroy crowd forced to bite their fingernails down to the quick. However in an amazing never say die effort, the Roys rebounded strongly bringing the ball back into the forward half with one of those forward thrusts eventually resulting in a mark and goal to Harry.
At the 3rd quarter siren, the Roys were still 8 points down facing the end that had largely been the non scoring end and yet there was still a defiant mood amongst the team as if they believed that today was not going to be their last day. The Roys came out with all guns blazing and the ball spent nearly all the time in their forward half and after many near misses, Heath finally jagged a goal that sent the team and its supporters into raptures. With the supporters screaming themselves hoarse and Gray out on his feet with exhaustion from the countless messages to the team saying it is almost time, the sweetest sound of them all finally arrived when the siren sounded to signal the end of the match and the Roys had won by one solitary point!!
What a match and full credit must also go to Ashy for putting a fantastic effort giving their all as well. Ashburton’s Coach was generous in his praise of our team telling the team that they deserved to win because they had now beaten his team 2 weeks in a row and he awarded one of our players, the inspirational Ellie, a Mars Bar for her fine efforts and endeavour. In what also should be noted for some wonderful examples of sportsmanship, there were a couple of incidents today when players were collected heavily but fairly and the opposing player was the 1st one to reach out their hand to see if their opponent was OK.
So rest up this week to ensure that we are all in fine shape for next Sunday’s preliminary final as this journey continues for at least another week…
Final Score: Fitzroy 3.10.28 def Ashburton 3.9.27

(Round 14 vs St Mary’s)
In a bright sunny day played on a boggy oval , the Roys took the field led by their Captain, Sadie, against spirited opposition from St. Mary’s.  The match was closely fought from the start and the Roys needed to dig deep to withstand the efforts of their opponents and many players took inspiration by the courageous example set by Jai, who despite being continually pressured by his opponent answered in the best way possible by taking several tough contested marks to help repel the forward thrusts from St. Mary’s.
There were many other fine efforts from players right across the whole field and they included Sam Doyle’s effort in putting his head over the ball to earn a tough free kick which resulted in an important goal assist to the lively James E. Another player who bobbed up to play the role of the opportunistic small forward a la Eddie Betts was Finn Corr who kicked 2 goals and had a hand in assisting several others. The goalkickers were spread across many players and they included Finn C & Harry B with 2 goals and 1 goal each from Heath, Max H, Oscar, James and Louis.
And now, drumbeat please….for those of you who have not caught with the news from the YJFL website…our brethren Fitzroy 2 team did their fellow Roys…ie our team, a huge favour by defeating the fast finishing Parkside Devils by 11 points. Therefore it is now mathematically impossible for this team to miss out on playing in the finals, irrespective of the upcoming result from our next match vs Ashburton. And it looks likely that this Sunday’s match vs Ashburton will be a dress rehearsal for the 1st semi final, which will be played against the same team the week after.
So a hearty congratulations to all the players superbly led by John, Gray & Ian for developing a great team who will now get to experience finals footy in , for many, their 1st season of football. What a contrast from the start of the season when wins were as rare as Collingwood losses to now getting everything clicking together and all players contributing equally, resulting in 6 wins from the last 8 matches! Well done Roys….keep up the great work…
Final score: Fitzroy (4)  9.6.60 def   St. Mary’s  3.0.18

(Round 13 vs Fitzroy 2)
In what is  difficult to work out which was the ultimate sporting highlight for the weekend: was it Cadel Evans magnifique victory in le tour or was it our Roys 4 who managed their own magnifique victory against Fitzroy 2. And in what got our sub-editors pulsating with excitement, Coach Ramshaw selected as the 2 co-captains: Ben & Christian. Hence our heading above however in this case Christian & Ben & their teammates overturned the normal outcome which used to occur in the Colosseum and the Lions (# 2)were actually vanquished.
In a real old-fashioned slugfest fought out in boggy conditions, our Roys were gallant all day and eventually over powered the determined Fitzroy 2 team. Sam continued his fine form in 2011 playing the role as the mobile ruckman & kicked 4 goals and Max Hughes chimed in with a clever goal as well. There were many other fine performances right across every line from Angus continually repelling the marauding Roys 2, especially in the 2nd half, Heath gut running hard to present himself to many contests all over the ground, Ellie showing the real meaning of Girl Power with some fine evasive skills that would make Cyril Rioli proud, Matthew H getting cleaned up in a bone crunching tackle & picking himself up as if to say ..”you call that a bump..”, James E sticking to his opponent all day like super glue and Christian continually bobbing up all over the ground.
Coach Ramshaw gave out his weekly awards to Rory & Max Doyle for their fine efforts and endeavour. As a special treat, the team now get a week off training to go Don Boscos for some pizza and games on Wednesday. Next week’s match is against  St. Mary’s at home, which should be another tough match and still vitally important for the team to win with only 2 points separating our Roys and the fast finishing Parkside Devils for 4th position and the glory of Finals in 2011…..anyway au revoir till next week & I am back to watch the other Aussie champ: King Cadel…………
Final score: Fitzroy (4) – 5.3.33 def Fitzroy (2) – 2.1.13.

(Round 12 vs Canterbury)
In an entertaining encounter played out in the leafy suburbs
off Mont Albert Road, Fitzroy 4 U10’s managed to turn around their recent
losses and conjure up another victory this time at the hands of the
Canterbury Cobras. The team was led all day by their 2 co-captains: Jai P. and Pat S.
Pat came back from a solid bump in the 1st quarter to inspire his teammates
with 2 goals in the 2nd quarter to help set up a lead which in the end
proved far too difficult for the Cobras team to whittle down.
Coach Ramshaw gave out his weekly awards of the highly sought after football
cards to Rupert Rush for his continued efforts in listening and following up
on the coaches instructions and also gave one to Josh Watson who had just
returned from an extended break in Europe and who played as if he must have
had a football accompany him on his European Vacation.
Coach Ramshaw then turned his attention to the upcoming match next week
which is against Fitzroy 2 U10’s. In a small symbolic victory of luck, this
Fitzroy 4 team is awarded the home match so they get to wear their home
strip whilst Fitzroy 2 have to wear an away jersey. To add even more spice
to this game, the fixture pits 4th vs 5th and with only 3 matches to go
before the finals, the outcome of this match could well determine which team
goes onto the finals in 2011. So we all look forward to another gripping
encounter to be played out at the Lion’s Den next Sunday.
Final Scores: Fitzroy 5.8.38 def Canterbury 3.1.19

(Round 9 vs Parkside)
Sunday’s match of Fitzroy 4 v Parkside at Pitcher Park lived up to all its expectations in a match of high drama and excitement. In a low scoring encounter, Fitzroy got away early with a handy goal by Harry B and the team scored several points too whilst keeping the determined Parkside unit scoreless in the 1st half. However the Parkside Devils came out in the 2nd half with an extra spring in their step and took the game right up to the Roys. The Devils scored a goal early in the 3rd term and their confidence seemed to grow another level. Fortunately for the Roys, Oscar B. kicked a long bomb near the end of the 3rd quarter that restored a handy lead for the Roys.
In the last quarter, Parkside kicked another goal to reduce the score to just 4 points and amidst screams of “ring the siren” from the many Fitzroy supporters, the Roys held on valiantly to record a hard fought and in the end, a much deserved victory. The team was led all day by their 2 co-captains: Rupert R & Harry B.
Coach Ramshaw gave out the coaches weekly awards to the 2 rucks for their tireless efforts all over the ground: Sam A-E & Oscar B. And a special award, which was a book on Fitzroy FC kindly donated by Westgarth Books, was presented to Christian P for his continued fine efforts.
Final score: Fitzroy 2.6.17 def Parkside 2.2.14.

(Round 8 vs Bulleen-Templestowe)
In an entertaining match played at the Lion’s Den in Alfred Crescent, Fitzroy U10’s continued their mid-season resurgent form & defeated the feisty Bulleen Templestowe team.
The Roys came out in the 1st quarter with all guns blazing and Finn Hall played the role of opportunistic forward to perfection scoring a very handy 2 goals in the 1st term and James Ercolano chimed in with an impressive banana kick from a very acute angle. Both those boys along with Harry Buttifant, who contributed 5 goals, finished off their teammates strong work in continually bombarding the Fitzroy forward line and making life very difficult for the under manned Bulleen Templestowe defence.
The team was capably led and inspired all day by their 2 co-captains: Sam Ackland-Evans and Max Hughes, who both ran hard all day and set up many goal scoring opportunities for the developing Fitzroy unit. With the mid season bye approaching, Coach Ramshaw looked pleased with how his charges have developed in recent weeks and has now shelved all plans to send off a couple of the players to Arizona for some altitude conditioning as not required now!
Coach Ramshaw gave out his weekly awards to 2 boys for their improvement and fine efforts in selflessly following the coaches instructions to the letter and they were Sam Doyle and Matthew Henry. This win has now provided this Fitzroy team a handy one game buffer over the 5th team and given some semblance of consolidation in the final 4, which would have been inconceivable a month ago! Ah, a month is a long time in footy..
Final Scores: Fitzroy 10.8.68 def Bulleen-Templestowe 4.6.30

(Round 7 vs Brunswick)
Hope we all enjoyed the sweet smell of success with the Fitzroy U10’s team producing another fine performance on Sunday against their inner city rivals, the Brunswick Dragons. The Roys hit the ground running on Sunday and were peppering the goals early on in the match and despite some initial concern with the electronic scoreboard showing the incorrect scores, the Roys got their concentration back to ensure that their overall class and determination prevailed.
There were many fine games played right across every line in what was a great team effort. Coach Ramshaw awarded his prizes for the players who led from the front and played their roles to perfection and they were Toby Stafford and Finn Hall and the opposition also generously acknowledged one of our players for his fine efforts and that was Sam Ackland-Evans.
It should also be noted that the team was led and inspired capably by their 2 co-captains: Louis Barton & Max Doyle. With Max about to depart onto the good ol USA for 6 weeks, it was a memorable way to leave his mark!
Final Scores: Fitzroy 12.19.91 def Brunswick 1.1.7

(Round 5 vs St Mary’s)
Well, we finally did it & scored our 1st win. It started out as a scrappy, tight low-scoring contest with little between the 2 teams in the 1st half but in what must have been a blistering half time speech by Coach Ramshaw, the team came out in the 3rd quarter & kicked away from the floundering St. Mary’s.
Inspired by the team’s burly full forward, the irascible Connor Irwin who kicked 2 magical goals in the 3rd term, the team displayed renewed confidence and poise and during the 3rd team set up an unassailable lead. As the team huddled together during the 3rd quarter break, with all the players & supporters aware they were on the cusp of their 1st ever victory, Coach Ramshaw pleaded for one big last effort in the last term and to continue with their wonderful endeavours.
And sure enough, the team delivered the Coach’s instructions to the letter and set up a much loved 1st win by the Fitzroy U10’s Black team. And it was led admirably all day by the day’s 2 co –captains: our 2 gallant girls Sadie & Ellie.
Final score – Fitzroy 7.7.49 def St Mary’s 3.3.21

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