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Having a prepared listing of your rotations will make match day much simpler. You can print our the team list for each quarter and hand a copy to your assistant to prepare the board for the next quarter. Once you get a rotation that you like, you can save it and use that tempate again whenever suits. Listed below are a few basic templates which might be useful. Remember that once you download a copy for yourself you can then create varaitions to suit your own purposes.

Each file includes instructions on their use on the first worksheet, a proforma for entering the players names on the second worksheet and the team line-ups on the third worksheet. Clicking on the links below will open the files in Google Docs. Select “File”, “Download as” then “Excel”. Then save the file to your local hard drive. If you have any problems using these templates please contact .

24 Minimum Changes – 6 on the bench means everyone plays 3 quarters. Keeps kids in the same positions as much as possible.

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