U15 – 3 – 2011

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  • Howard Scheid,  mobile: 0415 382 201
  • Richard Grummett,  Bus Ph:98543600; or 9813 4928

Team Manager:- Peter Robert, mobile:  0432 318 449

THE U15-Blue team


  • Wednesday, 5pm-6.30pm, W T Petersen Oval, Fitzroy
  • Friday, 5pm – 6.30pm, W T Petersen Oval, Fitzroy

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YJFL U15 BLUE (or U15-4)

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Presentation Day: 4th September, we are on at 3.00pm


WELL DONE MICK on 100 games


ROUND 15 Fitzroy vs Bulleen-Templestowe

Last game for the 2011 season, and the third meeting of the Roys and the Bullants: the score is one all. Bulleen/ Temp need to win today, to get into the finals and Fitzroy has nothing to lose.

<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–> After running through a magnificent banner (thanks Virginia), the Roys were ready to play their last game. Bulleen quickly got two goals on the board, and then Lucas scored a goal for the Roys. Bulleen just kept getting the ball down their end and at the end of the quarter, despite courageous defending by the Roys, they were 6 goals down.

<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–> Second quarter and Lucas was on fire, defending superbly and being awarded two free kick for his efforts. Unfortunately, Bulleen were in the right place at the right time and just too strong for the Roys. At the half time break the Roys were one goal straight to Bulleen’s 15 goals 4 points.

<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–> The Roys started the second half with more determination, quickly adding two points and then Mick kicked the Roys second goal. Sam tried his hardest, but only a point. The Roys were greatly improved this quarter, leaving Bulleen stunned. Poor Steph took a nasty knock and was stretchered off the ground. The Roys kept fighting, Nick took a great mark and kicked it down the ground to Sam, who again could only get a point, but it didn’t matter the Roys had outscored the Bullants. What a quarter!

<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–> The final quarter for the year, and the Roys continued to play hard, but unfortunately the Roys were not going to finish the season with a win. The boys walked off the ground with their heads held high, singing the club song for the last time this year.

Congratulations and thank-you boys, for an entertaining season. Thank-you Howard, and Richard for all the hard work you have put in with the boys.

There is only one last thing to say for the 2011 season…

GO ROYS!!!!!

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Fitzroy 1-0-6 1-0-6 2-7-19 2-10-22

Bulleen/ T 7-2-44 15-4-94 15-6-96 17-11-115

Round 14

St Damians vs Fitzroy – 31st July

A beautiful sunny afternoon, St. Damian’s are always tough opponents, and today was going to be no exception With the winter bugs and flu hitting the team, the Roys could only field a team of 17, and yet again would not have a bench.








St. Damian’s started strongly with the first goal, and then Mick quickly responded with a goal for the Roys. Nick took a great mark, and Hudson worked hard in ruck, with Elia missing due to illness. St. Damian’s managed to get another two goals on the board. Steph showed great skill shepherding, and Nick leapt to tap through a certain goal for only a point. It was then Lewis’ turn to tap through another point for St. Damian’s. At quarter time the Roys had worked hard to keep the goal scoring by St. Damian’s to a minimum.

Second quarter started and Floyd, kicked the first score for the quarter, a point. Josh took a super mark and got the ball to Floyd who was awarded a free kick. The Roys were tackling hard, but fairly and were awarded many free kicks. Radox baths would be needed today after the game! Johnny kicked a booming kick to Steph. The Roys were playing a great quarter. Aleks, Josh, Hudson, Michael and Floyd all have a superb quarter. Then Michael with a great run down the ground got the ball to Floyd who kicked the Roy’s second goal for the game. At the half time break the scores were 39 to 14, the Roys were 25 points down.

After the half time break, the Roys kept playing hard, but were outscored and outplayed by the opposition. St Damians proved their top four position by eventually wearing down the Roys.

The Final Score:

Fitzroy 2-3-15

St. Damian’s 16-20-116

<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–> Just one more game for the season, next week against Bulleen/Templestowe.

GO ROYS !!!!!

_____________________________________ <!–[endif]–>

Round 13

Fitzroy vs Ashburton – 24th July








Fitzroy vs Kew Rovers – 17th July













PARKSIDE VS. FITZROY -Sunday 3rd July 2011

<!–[if !supportEmptyParas]–> Another cold, dreary, overcast Sunday afternoon, today at Pitcher Park for the match of the day Fitzroy vs. Parkside. Being the first Sunday of the school holidays, the Roys fronted up with just 18 players; no bench warmers. The game started well for the Roys, Finn kicking the first point, quickly followed by a goal by Johnny. Elia was in there rucking well as was Nick, getting the ball down to the Roys. Finn then got a goal on the board. Back in the center square and the ball gets to Steph who pass the ball the Josh who shots another goal for the Roys. Two points to Parkside, and two points to the Roy and a goal to Finn. The goal umpires were being kept very busy. Two beautiful marks by Connor and Elia- the Roys were on fire. The scoring continued by both sides, Jesse scoring a great goal after being given a free kick for a high tackle. This quarter, the Roys had worked hard to establish a handy lead; 25 points.

Parkside had the wind advantage for the second quarter and they used it effectively, but the Roys had their share of the scoring too, with another goal to Finn and two more to the Roys, outstanding play by Johnny and a great mark to Max. The Roys went into the half time break 7 points up and with an injury to Floyd; the Roys were down to 17 men.

After half-time discussion with the umpires and the rulebook read, it was concluded that both teams would field 17 players for the rest of the game.

The Roys with the wind advantage for the third quarter, they used the advantage to add 5 goals to the board, Sam kicking the first of these goals. Pep took over the role of rucking, while Jesse kicked the second goal of the second half after two, fifty metre penalties were awarded against his opponent. Roys could do no wrong with beautiful marks by both Elia and Aleks. The Roys finished the quarter with goals to Lucas, Sam and Steph. The Roys were ahead by 50 points.

Kicking against the wind, the goal tally slowed down but nether the less, 3 more goals were added to the score, Aleks and Darcy scoring two of them,

Parkside took full advantage of the wind and didn’t give up and outscored the Roys by one point in the final quarter kicking three goals, three points to the Roys, three goals, two points. The Roys had won convincingly. Well Done Roys.



Parkside 1-3- 9 5- 4-25 5- 6-26 8- 8- 56

Fitzroy 5-4-34 8- 4-52 13-7-85 16- 9-105

Round Ten –Sunday 26th June 2011


With extremely blustery conditions, adding goals to the board whilst using the wind advantage, was going to be very important today.

First quarter, saw Johnny taking a beautiful mark in the windy conditions and then not long after Johnny was there again, kicking the Roy’s first goal. The Roys were guarding Richmond’s goals ferociously; superb in defence. Then Sam kicked the second goal for the quarter.

Floyd took an excellent mark in the last line of defence to keep Richmond goalless in the first quarter. The Roys had kicked two great goals, but should they have kicked more with the wind advantage?

Michael and Johnny were working hard to clear the ball and get it down the field, then for the rest of the quarter Max H dominated, showing great courage and determination resulting in a rare was free kick awarded the Roy’s way. The umpiring was very technical (far too complicated for the writer of this match report to report on!), and Richmond were awarded a couple of free kicks which gave them a kick start, and with the wind advantage Richmond dominated the second quarter, leaving the Roys scoreless..

After the half time break, the Roys with the wind advantage added a point to the scoreboard. Floyd with a great soccer dive in the goal square saved a certain Richmond goal. Martin and Steph playing well got the ball down to the Roys goals and the Roys scored a goal. Max H again was defending and working hard to get the ball, before the end of the quarter the Roys had added another goal and a point to their score. Had the Roys done enough with the wind advantage?

During the last quarter, Richmond kept getting the ball down to their goal square. Luckily for the Roys, Richmond’s scoring had not been accurate and the Roys defence, rushing points through rather than risking Richmond scoring a goal. Max H again a starred in defence. There were some very determined attempts by the Roys, with Rory strong in the centre getting the ball out to Jesse. Jesse later made a breakthrough kicking the fifth goal for the Roys. But unfortunately it wasn’t going to be the Roys day, the visitors had won.

Thank-you to Rory and Martin, for helping out this week.

Better luck next week boys, GO ROYS.

Fitzroy 2-0-12 2-0-12 4-2-26 5-2-32

Richmond 0-1-01 4-4-28 5-9-39 6-17-53

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Round Nine 19th June 2011

Doncaster vs Fitzroy at Doncaster

With the “Scheid Bros. Disco” in full swing again b4 our latest danger game, the coach cunningly put the ascendant young Lions into a relaxed but purposeful frame of mind again while the Donny Cats next door wondered if they’d turned up early to their after-match social function b4 the contest had even started. Result:Doncaster: confused; Fitzroy: focussed. (Apparently an Alice Cooper medley is being recorded for next week’s City of Yarra showdown).

We began very well slamming on 5 goals to 1 in the 1st qtr with some quick bursts down the flanks and over-lapping HB’s out wide to running players like Nashy and Jesse. Steph was as hard at it as ever in the centre but bobbed up near the goal-square to register a major or two. Donny also had to keep an eye on the wily Hammo while the returning Elia, though very much welcome back, was not needed much early on, despite being stationed at CHF. Floyddy and Timmo took control down back and it was clear that Finn’s recent good form and bursts of elusive pace would be on show again.

The 2nd qtr saw Donny play with more drive and confidence as they moved the ball with sureness more often into their fwdline. A long bomb on the siren saw them go into the half-time break with their tails up despite still being 3 goals down.

In the 1st 10 minutes after the main break the tide continued to turn ominously in their favour . For a while there were more Fitzroy “spectators” on the field than off it as Doncaster brushed past us with far too much ease despite the Lions knowing this was the “premiership” qtr (and hopefully a %builder).

A typically strong 1 grab mark and goal by Steph near the goal square signalled the end of this concerning period after Donny had crept to within 2 goals and we piled on several quick and impressive majors to put the game out of reach. A limping Tommy T. came on and kicked a clever goal as, finally did Floyd after being switched to FF and a few wayward shots which frustrated him as much as anyone. Jesse kept on running hard and (usually) kicking truly and the Power boys, who gave their best performances of the year, kicked accurately and long and, crucially, released the ball earlier thus avoiding being tackled or dispossessed.

Nassios was inspiring when he got down and dirty when fighting for the ball on the ground even though he was mostly playing in the ruck. He also took a fine Peter Knights-like uncontested mark late in the game . Johnny D. Really fired up after half-time and Sam B. won frees and had more impact when he decided to get in and under the packs as the game wore on. Dicko often made great position at FF but will be a more complete and damaging player when he hangs onto the ball when marking rather than trying to hatch it !!!

Pep and Carter were good down back and Carter nullified early their gun player (who starred in last year’s grand Final) like a seasoned veteran.Peter Roberts (the Mad Hatter) negotiated cleverly with the ump at 3qtr-time to ensure Tommy T could play, Finn’s dad covered a lot more ground than the other ring-in trainer and John Wilson , as usual and with no fuss, covered even more ground around the boundary than probably any of the players.

It’s time (as a famous leader once said) to keep improving and upset Richmond’s apple-cart and if we talk (roar) much more on the field and centre the ball more often when near the goals (but deep in the forward pockets), the Lions will prove this coming Sunday who really are the Kings

of the Jungle.

Thanks to those that switched jumpers to help Doncaster field a newar teaam. These boys, Joey, Max H, Lewis, and Carter showed what sprotmanship is, by each of them playing competively a qtr for Doncaster to once again solve their problems. It is a big sacrifice and one which we all appreciate. Hopefully it won’t have to happen again any time soon.


Round Eight – 5th June 2011

Fitzroy v. Bulleen-Templestowe at Bulleen

A beautiful, sunny but windy day at Bulleen and a replay of our first game of the season; same opposition, same oval, but hopefully a different result… but we would have to wait and see.

After the first center bounce the ball was quickly down in Bulleen’s goal square, resulting in a point. Before the crowd knew it, the Roys had masterfully got the ball down the other end of the ground resulting in a beautiful goal to Finn. Floyd decided he was going to dominate in this first quarter with strong marking and chasing of the footy. Floyd, after a nice mark, got the ball to Michael T who kicked a point. The Roys were all showing great courage and determination. Aleks kicked a point, and then another point, the swirling wind was assisting us this quarter, but it would not go through the middle posts. Fraser was awarded a free kick, he got the ball to Harrison, who drove the ball down the ground, but unfortunately another point – at least we were adding to the score. Bulleen then got the ball down their end to kick their second goal. Johnny responded by kicking an amazing goal, bouncing miraculously through the goal posts, WHAT A GOAL!!!!! The Roys ended the first quarter two points up, what a great start to the game.

Bulleen would now have the wind assistance this quarter, and they kicked the first goal, of the quarter. The Roys responded with two rushed points and a point to Josh, Sam took a great mark and his kick floated across the front of goal. The Roys, although fighting hard, could not get a goal on the board. Fantastic running by Michael T and Jesse, and Jesse and Nick throwing themselves on the ball., but it was great spoiling by Josh and Harrison that helped to get the ball to the Roys end. Unfortunately, even with strong defensive work by Carter and Pep, the half time siren sounded before the Roys could get that much needed goal. At half time the Roys were 14 points down.

The Roys opened the second half with a free kick to Steph who got the ball to Mick, who passed it to Michael T who kicked a beautiful goal. Then it was Steph’s turn to kick a goal and the Roys were only two points down- they were fighting back. The Roys kicked another point, Steph, Johnny and Jesse were running and tackling, the Roys were showing what they can do. This time it was Aleks lining up in front of the goal and he put it through, then for some reason (an off the ball incident by Bulleen??), the Roys were awarded a free kick immediately after Alek’s goal and Michael T, at point blank range, kicked another goal for the Roys. Points continued to be added to the scoreboard, when Bulleen got a point it was Floyd’s beautiful long kick-in that got the Roy’s back in attack. Lucas and Nick courageously tackled in every pile up that occurred. The quarter was one where Lewis shone and epitomized what all thought,  “What a quarter! Your best all season.” Richard.

Without Elia this week the Roys had to rotate their makeshift ruckmen, Nick, Harrison, Floyd and Mick, who all performed well in very hard windy conditions. Johnny’s tackling resulted in the ball getting to Harrison who kicked the Roy’s seventh goal. Michael T’s long kick in the dying minutes in the third quarter, hit the post, but the Roy’s had won the quarter and were now 20 points up after being 14 points down at the start of the quarter. The backs, led by Pep, had an easier quarter, but the next quarter was to test the teams new found resolve.

Richard’s three quarter time talk asked the Roys “ Do we go on? Will we go down with a famous victory?” The boys were keen to win; they tapped through Bulleen’s first attempt at a goal for a point. Thinh took a strong mark and kicked the ball up to the Roy’s end. Connor, and Max H continued to push into the ball zone assisting the defence. Another point this time to the Roys, till finally Finn dodging and weaving got the ball to Mick who kicked a goal. It was Alek’s turn to take a great mark and kick a booming kick down to the Roys end, but the strong tackling by both teams made scoring very difficult. Steph and Johnny continued to shine for the Roys both taking beautiful marks, and Michael adding another point to the score, the game was getting close and Bulleen were only two goals behind, Darcy back on the ground for a run took a great mark, unfortunately a point.

Everyone in the team had all worked hard and at the final siren the Roys were victorious by 10 points – all that was left for the Roys to do was to sing a rousing rendition of the club team song.

What a nail biter! Congratulations boys and coaches! Thank-you to Harrison and Fraser, for helping out for the Blues this week, and a special “Blues” welcome to Max H.. The spectators (and coaching staff) are lucky to have Queen’s Birthday bye next week; we need it to recover from such an exciting game!


Final Score

Bulleen/Templestowe 7 10 52

Fitzroy 8 14 62


Round Seven – 29th May 2011

Fitzroy v. St. Damians at Brunswick Street Oval

Today the Roys were celebrating the 100th game of Mick Power, and after running through Mick’s magnificent banner the Blues were ready to start. St. Damian’s quickly put their first goal on the board. Back in the centre and great rucking by Elia down to Steph, who got the ball to Aleks, who scored a point for the Roys. With the ball down the Roys end, the Roys kicked another point, then another point this time to Floyd. St Damians fought back to score another goal and a point. Elia again in ruck, got the ball moving in the Roys direction and the Roys put their first goal on the board. Lucas worked hard in defence and by the time the siren sounded for the end of the first quarter, the Roys had scored 1 goal, 3 points to St Damian’s 7 goals. 2 points.

The Roys started the second quarter strongly, with Aleks taking a fantastic mark in defence, and then delivered the ball to Johnny to get the ball away from St. Damian’s goals. But the ball was back again and St. Damian’s scored another goal. St. Damian’s kept attacking but Aleks fearlessly defended the goal square. If St. Damian’s kicked a goal, it was Elia back in the center square, tapping the ball down to the Roys. Floyd with the ball this time and a booming kick down the ground, but unfortunately no score this time. Then disaster, Darcy had injured his leg and was carried off the ground. With no one on the bench we just had to fight hard and make sure no one else got injured. The Roys keep going, Nick kicked the next point. The ball then was down the other end again. Steph and Finn going in hard and stopping St. Damians whenever they could and Johnny joined in smothering the ball.

At the half time break the Roys were 73 points down.

At the half time break it was asked “… were we trying hard enough, did we have the Fitzroy spirit?” Without a bench it was going to be a tough slog to make up the 73 point deficit. A very lope-sided score, but we weren’t giving up. Nick got the ball to Michael whose long kick hit the post, better luck was to follow soon after with a goal to the Roys. Great tackling by the Roys and then another goal, the coloured snakes were doing their job! Howard shouted out “Believe in your team”, and there we were at the three-quarter time break, kicking 2 goals to St. Damian’s 4 goals. A great quarter for the Roys adding 2 goals, while slowing the opposition’s scoring down.

The pressure was enormous, and although we had no chance of kicking the 15 goals we needed to win the game, the Roys kept trying. An off-ball incident saw Elia slung onto the fence and the Roys were down another man, with no bench the Roys played on one man down. The Roys marked, spoiled and tried to stop St. Damian’s in their tracks, an example of this was Lewis marking in the opposition goal square to spoil a certain goal.

At the final siren, the scores showed the Roys lost by 116 points. The Roys had walked into this game knowing it was going to be hard with St. Damian’s second on the ladder, with 5 wins and 1 loss to their name, but not this hard. The Roys battled adversity, two injuries, no bench, which was disappointing when on the same day we saw one the clubs other U15’ teams manned up with 5 on the bench It’s a tough game and made tougher sometimes by issues that are beyond the boys control. Keep up the fighting efforts Blues, Howard and Richard, this is a team that does not give up.

Congratulations Mick

Final Score

Fitzroy 3 5 23

St Damian’s 21 13 139

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Round 6

ASHBURTON VS. FITZROY -Sunday 22nd May 2011

A windy, overcast Sunday afternoon with a sprinkling of rain and we are ready for the match of the day; Ashburton versus Fitzroy Blues.

The game started with some very scrambly play, then Ashburton kicked the ball towards their goal and hit the post; a point. Then Hudson got his hand to a certain goal and kept Ashburton from scoring their first goal. The scores kept on being added to Ashburton’s score, but the Roys were working hard Steph and Lucas marking, chasing and tackling fearlessly. Then suddenly Elia got the ball to our ‘goal sneak’ Alek and a goal for the Roys. Unfortunately, Ashburton quickly replied with a goal and then another, and then a point. Michael T took a strong mark, but then the ball was back to the wind assisted Ashburton goal, for another 2 goals and 2 points. Steph was again in the play with a beautiful mark, but the Roys were only going to put a single goal on the board for the first quarter of the game. “We need to man-up” was Richard the Coach’s quarter time message.

Second quarter and Fitzroy were kicking with the wind. The Roy’s started strong with the ball in their goal square, a point was added to the score. With a lot hard work and determination by the Roys, Michael T kicked the second goal of the game. The Roys were now on fire and then another goal this time to Jesse. Ashburton then add a goal and point to their score and then out of nowhere our 190cm tall Elia kicked a goal, the Roys were making good use of the wind. Aleks found the center big sticks and Roys were catching up. Another goal and a point to Ashburton, then a great tap down by Connor to Floyd… only a point. “If only we could get a goal before the siren,” murmured Richard the Coach, and there it was a free kick to Michael T and a goal, just seconds before the siren. Only 14 points the difference.

The playing conditions where much better after the half-time break, the wind had dropped, hopefully this would help the Roys. Ashburton continued added to their score, Floyd took a great mark in defence and stopped another certain goal. Elia kicked the ball to Hudson who took a fantastic mark and kicked a goal. Elia and Steph continued to tackle hard, Lucas finding the ball and moving it on down the ground. Then Floyd stopped another certain goal from going through Ashburton’s goal. The siren sounded the Roy’s were now 39 points down,

Fourth quarter, the Roys should have had the wind, but it had all but died down. Ashburton started added to their score. A free kick to Elia and a booming kick to Michael T. but unfortunately didn’t get a score on board. A fantastic punt kick down the ground by Carter got the ball moving down to the Roy’s goal square. Only a point, but the Roy’s were not giving up. Lucas took a super mark and then a goal to Steph.

The siren sounded, the Roys had been defeated but could hold their heads high, were had played well against the ladder leader’s Ashburton.

Go Roys!

Ashburton 5-6-36 7-11-53 11-18-84 15-21-111

Fitzroy 1-0-6 6-3-39 7 -3-45 8-4- 52


Round Five –  15th May 2011

Fitzroy Blues versus Kew Rovers W


The young Lions began well against a Kew Rovers side bolstered with recruits from several other YJFL eastern suburbs’ clubs, Xavier College and at least 1 gun player supplied by Gold.

Steph stormed out of the centre early but unfortunately bounced at the wrong moment and our initial forward foray was foiled. However , soon Josh Dixon marked strongly near FF but his surprisingly hurried kick hit the post. 2 goals followed including a great reverse torpedo from Huddo a long way out on the far Harp Rd. flank.

Floyddy and Timmo led their team-mates in doing their bravest and best to lead a counter-attack against a seriously tall, talented and face-lifted fwd-line and held K.R. to 3 goals.

The 2nd qtr was a real arm-wrestle with Floyddy pulling in a medley of heroic-saving marks. Although we didn’t score a single goal, the defiant 6 pack (down back) held on grimly to limit Kew Rovers to just 6 behinds. At half-time we were still in with a chance.  Tommy T. arrived from soccer but couldn’t strengthen our Fwdline due to an injury sustained just an hour earlier.

With K.R. worried enough to bring in Gary Lyon as ring -in coach and then have about 6 parents stationed around the ground barking out instructions to their players in earshot, Kew Rovers had to play a decent qtr sooner or later.

Despite our best efforts, they finally did in the 3rd qtr, kicking about 6 goals this time and putting the game effectively out of reach. In the last qtr, we were more composed and competitive,  as the on-ballers , including the lion-hearted Elia, the keen as mustard Power boys (one of whom sat in semi-conscious frustration on the bench) and wily Alex Hammo drove us forward quickly on several occasions, assisted by Finn and Connor linking up well with their team-mates at vital moments on the wing.

Footy is a great game but it is about much more than just winning so we shouldn’t be too down-hearted by our loss. Even though the passionate coaches weren’t exactly on top of the world after the game , a few important and colourful home truths were revealed to the boys which is all part of their development towards manhood and a dramatic but essential part of being in a team of teenagers sitting in temporarily dejected silence after a big game doesn’t go our way.

If we continue to recruit as well as fast-track (within reason) the development of this promising bunch of boys – many of whom are enthusiastic novices – we will continue to have a very memorable season.


Round Four –  8th May 2011

Fitzroy Blues versus Parkside



Round Four –  1st May 2011

Fitzroy Blues versus Richmond

Back to Sunday Footy after a two week break. The boys have been training hard, but have we got what it takes to beat Richmond. Richmond is always a strong opponent, but Assistant Coach Richard thinks the Roys can do it… “We can do this, we can do this.”

Richmond came out running, kicking the first goal and two points, the ball seemed to be stuck down Richmond’s end. Hudson took a great mark in the last line of defence to stop another score to Richmond, and then the ball was down the Church Street end of the ground, and Pep broke through and kicked the first goal for the Roys. By the quarter time siren the Roys were 20 points down, the scoreboard not reflecting what had been an even game fought quarter.

Richard informed us that the Roys were now kicking to the scoring end of the ground. Unfortunately, Richmond opened the second quarter with 2 goals, despite Connor fighting very hard in defence. A valiant effort by Steph and Nick resulted in only a point being added to the Roys score. Again Richmond attacked with another 3 goals and 2 points to their score, before Steph kicked a point for the Roys. Then the break through the Roys needed, a beautiful goal to Thinh. Richmond hit back quickly with another goal, the Roys kept throwing themselves on the ball smothering anything near the Richmond goal. By the half time siren the Roys had added 1 goal 2 points to their score, with a 53-point deficit, the Roys had a big job ahead of them.

The Roys came out after the half-time break fighting with a super goal to Johnny D. Michael T and Sam B great in defence, and suddenly Steph kicked a goal for the Roys. The Roys still had to kick some goals, they were working hard to keep the ball away from Richmond’s goals. Elia worked hard clearing and running the ball down towards the Roys goal, but it was extremely difficult to get scores on the board for either team. The Roys had outscored Richmond in the third quarter; 2 goals 1 point, to Richmond’s 4 points, keeping Richmond goalless. A BIG effort.

Fourth quarter, the Roys continued to play hard, but could only manage to add one more point to their score. The Roys played a great game, and the final score 93 to 29 points did not reflect what a tough game was fought by the Roys. Congratulations boys, it was a learning experience. It was also a learning experience for the coaches and coaching staff, who learnt a new rule, not once but twice, that our runner should not be in Richmond’s forward 50 zone during the game!

Richmond 4-3-27 10-8-68 10-12-72 13-15-93

Fitzroy 1-1-7 2-3-15 4-4-28 4-5-29


Round Two –  10th April 2011

Fitzroy Blues versus Doncaster

“After being clearly beaten by a bigger, stronger Bull-Temp. side in Round 1 we bounced back with avengeance in round 2 on our “holy” home ground. Doncaster came out all guns blazing obviously intent on erasing the memories of last year’s Grand Final defeat.
In the 1st qtr. they looked the goods leading by 3 goals to one at one stage but dour defense led by Floyd and the Powers and a couple of posters on their part plus 2 more great goals by us late in the qtr against the wind saw Doncaster clinging to only a 1 point lead at qtr. time.
At the break, the Roys were challenged to make a decision. Were we satisfied that we’d done enough or did we really want to turn it on ? We wisely chose the latter and some of our desperate desire and quick ball movement to moving targets  was electrifying in our 5 goal 2nd qtr.
Without underhand tactics, we won more than 50% of the contested ball and Floyddy,  Nass and Huddo kicked multiple goals. Steph was hard at it , tackling well and breaking away fast from the centre as was Jesse W. Elia too set things up often with well-directed taps from ball-ups (a.k.a. stoppages) and fired up the team around the ground. Johnny Diffey played a ripper of a qtr. One of his efforts involved a run of nearly 100 metres during which he trapped the ball on the HB-line, evaded an opponent or two and then raced into the forward -line. As with a few other members of the team, only his kicking skills need to improve.
With Atticus and Steph loose but disciplined in defence and reading the play well in the crucial 3rd qtr, Donny were struggling to find avenues to goal. However newboy Tinh settled quickly in attack for us at the other end and marked strongly to kick his 1st goal for Fitzroy just as Sam had in the 1st qtr. Our only big problem was an unwillingness to clear to the boundary often enough when the ball was close to Donny’s goals and the pressure was really on. But we’ll get better at that.
In the last qtr we went back on the attack as Doncaster continued to lose touch. Michael Timlin led by example and took some well-judged marks in defence as well as playing on the wing and in attack at times. Johnny Hijak impressed at both ends of the ground while Connor S, showed real pace at times and used his increasingly powerful body well to clear a path for team-mates to get to the ball in heavy traffic. Sam Hodder chipped in was some classy play and a goal or two while Carter and Tom are settling in well. Joey was a bit late for the start but really put his body on the line at a vital moment.
The result was a score over 100 and a good turnaround from Rd. 1 but it’s too early to tell how good we’ll be this year. Working hard at training which will now be on twice a week from 5pm sharp on Wednesdays and Fridays at Brunswick St,  will soon allow us to tell – as will this week’s game against Richmond who are in the top 4.


Round One – 3rd April 2011

Fitzroy v. Bulleen/Templestowe at Bulleen

The AFL season started last weekend, but the real footy started today, with the Roys Under 15 Blues playing their first game of the season under the watchful eyes co-coaches of Howard and Richard.

The game started with the ball in the hands of Tom, to Stefan, both new players to the team and the first score of the year went to Stef, a point. Both the Roys and the Bullants fought competitively to get possession of the ball with the Bullants scoring the first goal, then another goal. The Roys followed with a further two points the first to Atticus and then another to Stef. Before the quarter time siren the Bullants added another 2 goals and 2 points to the score. The Roys although fighting hard were 23 points down at the first change.

The first score of the quarter was a point to the Bullants, then a point to the Roys by Tom. Then the Bullants added another two goals to the score. A very hard game was being played, but it was all the Bullants way. Then, a point to the Roys, and a goal and a point to the Bullants. The Roys were working hard, Atticus taking a great mark in defence to stop another score. Elia marking strongly, but the Roys still could not get the illusive goal on the scoreboard. Another three points went onto the Roys score before Floyd took a magnificent mark and goaled for the Roys. The Roys had added 10 points to the Bullants 21 points, we needed those coloured snakes at the half time break.

Third quarter started with the Roys, 34 points behind. The Bullants quickly kicked the first goal of the second half, but the Roys were not deterred, with a rushed point, then the ball to Mick to Darcy to Mick and the Roy’s second goal for the game. Another point to the Bullants, then a tough tussle in the Roy’s goal square and a point to Floyd. Another goal to the Bullants, followed by a rushed point to the Roys. The third quarter ended with the Roys facing a big job in the final quarter, 45 points down …… could the Roys catch up?

A strong Bullants’ team started the final quarter strongly, adding the first two points and goal to the board. The Roys kept trying, with a great long kick in by Floyd to Tom and a great mark. The Bullants were just too fast in the final quarter. Then Michael T had a break through… a goal to the Roys, but it wasn’t to be the Roys day. The Bullants added another three points and a goal to their score before the final siren.

A great first effort boys and coaches, better luck next week. GO ROYS.

Final score:

Fitzroy Blue 00 03 03 01 07 13 02 12 24 03 12 30
Bulleen Templestowe 04 02 26 07 05 47 10 08 68 12 14 86


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