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This page is intended to provide Fitzroy coaches with some resources (eg Drills, Rotation Tables etc) but also to be a forum where coaches can share information they think might be helpful to others in the same situation. Every coach, even those with years of experience, will encounter issues that are new to them. This page will be somewhere for coaches to find discussion of ways that other coaches have approached such problems. It is hoped that those who have plenty of experience might be prepared to share some of their tips, thoughts and ideas with others. If you have anything to offer please let us know at .

Coaching junior footy is terrific fun but can produce awkward, frustrating or even dangerous situations. We are all volunteers and any information that helps make the job a bit easier is worth considering. Please use the information provided here in the spirit that it is offered – with the intention of helping coaches do their job a little bit better and therefore help kids enjoy their footy as much as possible.

The joy of coaching

An article that appeared in the “The Age” a while ago provides an insight into how a coach can really make a difference in a child’s life. It details a parents’ emotions when their son, who has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, tries to play his favourite game – our  great game, Aussie rules. As the article states at one point: “The lessons he learns on the  football field aren’t just about the game and the friends he makes there. They’re lessons about working as a team, coping with disappointment, setting realistic expectations and behaving with respect for others around him that he carries into life. And the field is a controlled environment where we can observe him solving problems, discuss and refine his approach afterwards, and shout encouragement from the sidelines.” These concepts apply to all kids, whatever their issues, and support from their coach is a key factor in all of it.

Read the whole article at: “The gift of the guernsey” , The Age 15/5/2010


“Coaching junior footy is terrific fun”…no matter what the weather

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